Cameron wants Mcleish Out

Right I make no apologies for this but this is a good bit of fun.

Dont we need cheering up so on VT villaajax posted THIS

Regular Villa fan of course (ha ha ha)

Seriously though we need to sort all this out. It is clear that Mcleish is staying at this point and few of us want this. Do the players seem to be playing for the manager ? Fans are no fools, we understand it is a young team but there is just that something missing. If playing for Mcleish we would see that extra 5% for him, to prove us all wrong, to prove they really want him to stay.

Again Mcleish has mentioned his target of 6 points from the next 5, ask yourselves why 40 is so damm important, it is not about escaping relegation, 40 would not be needed, maybe 35 ?

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54 comments on “Cameron wants Mcleish Out

  1. Yea mon should rub are noses in it because a lot of are fans didn’t like his style of football and wanted him out!! Them we got houlier who was shaping up the team to play good football but fan still wasn’t happy!! But now with got this ginger wolly who doesn’t have a clue how to pick or organise team or even knows how to play attacking football!! Now where stuck with him because fan wasn’t happy with previous 2 managers

    • Lets be honest you just spouted a lot of BS then, how can getting rid of MON be the fans fault ?? He wasn’t going to be given the cash he wanted or have Milner stay so he went, nothing to do with the fans, With Houllier he was an unpopular manager from the start with not sticking to the defence minded tactics that MON installed and tried to change too quickly using a season as pre season then admitting he cannot use his tactics with the defenders we currently have and in so many words saying you cannot teach them to pass. Anyway i liked Houllier, he gave the youth a chance and we was starting to see the some fantastic attacking football at times, you could nearly compare us to Arsenal with some of our slick passing, He would of stayed in the job if he didn’t have more heart problems. I would still love Houllier to become director of football to really talent spot for us.

      McLeish does need to go though, or the whole defence needs to go because he cannot teach them how to defend even though he was a defender and is a defensive minded manager. MON was able to have a solid back line using that defence why not McLeish ?? for me it just points out that he isn’t the man for the job if he can’t even make us hard to beat. I would even say give McDonald another chance since we had 9 academy products on the field yesterday against Man Utd at Old Trafford. That speak volumes itself how much of a mess we are in but with this new youthful look i think they all love McDonald and we are constantly winning the reserve league so the guy knows how to win and how to use the youth properly.

  2. Yawn. Bring on the Mc (insert any lame insult here) comments.

  3. We have 3 of the most important games in recent memory. How about forgetting about bitching about Eck until the end of the season. How about Villa fans taking some responsibility and support these young Villa players, make them feel great and wanted and hopefully they will keep our great club in the Prem. UTV

    • How about Randy Lerner admit his massive mistake and Sack this fucking loser that is dragging our once great club in the mud with his negative Football and useless Managerial skills? How about that you fucking sheep!!!!

    • Are you for real?? What a load of bullshit your comment is. Hampton short for Hampton Wick?

    • “Former Birmingham boss McLeish has now won just 15 Premier League games out of 70 over the last two seasons” Daily Mirror Saturday 14/04/2012. Now 71 games and you think that is acceptable Hampton? And don’t give me the better fan get behind your team bullshit, it just don’t wash.

    • I agree we should roar the young lions to safety, then we should get McLeish out, my first thoughts were to spend 90 minutes singing Martin O’Niell on saturday like the old days then I thought what about doing a good old protest??? Not one where we walk for a mile then take our seats and watch the game what about if we are safe come the spuds game every one turns up to the game and listens to the game on local radio (fingers crossed it’s on) from outside the ground where we can support the team but Randy and Faulkner know we are not happy a proper protest which could actually achieve the desired result.

  4. relegations, here we come…

  5. Mclown is giving Billy (two teams down in the same season) McNeill a run for his money as Villa’s worst all time manager. Only four games to go and then Mclowns had 41 the same as McNeil and with five games to go if Mclown manages to lose the next four (not a task beyond this clown) he will surpass Mcneils enviable record of 17 losses in 41 games.

  6. lol good stuff.

  7. AM has got 12 pts from the last 14 matches – since the turn of the year. So, 6pts from 5 games is quite ambitious.

  8. Serial number – 87520708
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    Fucking depressing but is it what needs to happen ? Is it nearing impossible to rebuild in the premier league?

  9. The media seem terrified to go against McLeish I am losing respect for these people, it is obvious as the day that he is the worst manager in premiership history. |Do the board actually give a shit about the fans point of view, they fucking well will when they the stats for season ticket renewals. The Stoke game was warning lets hope they listen

  10. Ha, good fun. With the news of Kello only at the club on a trail and the supposed backfiring of Holman (could be great business, but not a name to open wallets) and season ticket renewals. I am some what optimistic the board are slowly beginning to distance themselves from AM. While I am less confident they will be able to appoint a manager we can all agree on. I do feel some what hopefully they will make the right decision and part ways with AM come summer.

    • ‘backfiring’ of Holman, have I missed something ?

      • no no, my apologizes- Holman and season ticket renewals was meant to be one comment. My understanding of his arrival was to excite the fan base and increase early season ticket renewals. As of right now it seems the clubs attempts to get people excited about next year have backfired. Who knows, Holman could be great for us and a fantastic bit of business, but I just never saw him as the sort of name to open wallets at the ticket office.

  11. We do have a young team playing, but they should be full of ambition and hunger, but this fool hasn’t a clue how to bring them on.

    Playing them out of position seems to be his prefered option, it was criminal to put Weimann wide left yesterday, where his job was mainly to help out stopping thier wide player, he’s a central striker ffs, that’s his strength.

    He has already ripped the heart out of Barry Bannan with his insistance on playing him on the right, has the fool not seen him play in a central wandering role for Scotland? He excells there, he’s not a f*****g winger!

    Gary Gardner is an up and coming central attacking midfielder, so where was he played yesterday by the tactically inept manager? In front of the back four in a defensive midfield role, where he was annonymous, a wasted talent.

    These youngsters are being dragged down to the level of one of the poorest, and uninspiring managers I’ve ever seen, why on earth Faulkner and Lerner are blind to that, I’ll never know, there again, neither know anything about football (soccer).

    • I’ll tell you why – because Lerner and Faulkner are as inept as McLeish at doing what they are paid to do. How the hell did it come to this?

  12. Where’s JPA when you need him?

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