Play for Pride, Play for Stan & Play for the fans

Under any normal season we would not expect a win at all would we ?

There is never a good time to face a Fergie team. Especially NOT in the end of a title race, especially NOT after a bad defeat. There is no doubt he will want to come out and show people the real MAN U and what a better time to do playing an injury ravaged Villa.

However sometimes the world moves in strange ways and sometimes other forces take hold. Maybe Mcleish after the stick this week will work a miracle, nah thought not !! However what we expect at a bare minimum is not surrender, no thinking there is an elite and for every person associated with AVFC to play 100% for the Claret and Blue. It is what Stan would want, it is what we would want.

Of course we have some players back so the team should be stronger than the last couple of games and I expect the team to be

Hutton, Collins, Cuellar, Warnock
N’zogbia, Herd, Clark, Ireland
Weimann Gabby

It is wrong Lichaj would be dropped but that is obvious as Hutton is so much better eh ? I expect us to lose 2-0 or so as Man U recently were winning by just enough. However all I want is some fight, some desire and a lot of heart.

EDIT 21:56 – Herd and Warnock are out so expect Lichaj to stay in at LB and Bannan to play instead of Herd. It is strange how these injuries keep cropping up time and time again.

17 comments on “Play for Pride, Play for Stan & Play for the fans

  1. Herd is injured, isn’t he?

  2. Cuellar [thigh], N’Zogbia [knee], Clark [knee] and Delfouneso [hip] have all recovered in time for the trip to Old Trafford.

    Chris Herd misses out due to the after-effects of his head injury against Stoke while Stephen Warnock is touch and go because of the ankle problem he picked up in the same game.

    Fabian Delph, who was originally thought to be out for the season, is closing in on a return to action, although the Manchester United clash will come too soon.

  3. Goal differance may be vital come the end of season. Play for Stan sack Mcleish

  4. OK thanks, will change

  5. there arent too many fans expecting a win on sun i would think.. we only hope for one.
    what we will expect is some fight and pirde and no repeat of the spurs debacle.
    if this happens i can accept the result whatever it may be.
    for me thou i think its a real chance to show some bravery and have a real go if we have the bottle for it because it wont be expected.
    afterall he who dares …
    if we could get the first goal we would stir a few nerves in them.
    having said all that dont see it happening., it would be a real change of approach.
    have predicted one win ,against bolton ,and 3 draws, against sunderland, wba and norwich , to see us to safety .

  6. strange? Hope your not trying to imply something, like dodgy training, as you like a good conspiracy
    But they were clearly injured in the last game, so not really strange but more part and parcel of the game
    BTW we will miss herd a lot, he is totally committed, brilliant header of the ball. Think the way he plays he is likely to pick up injuries though.
    Think Gardner will play, bannan outwide. Ireland in the centre, gabby and weimann, with one of them droppin short. Nzog on the wing.

  7. Whatever the side tomorow we will lose so who cares. Comfortable 2-3.0 to utd and mcleish will be ecstatic with that not to much damage to our gd and does his old mucker SAF a massive favour for appointing him manager of Aston villa!!

  8. I reckon we’ll get a point here.
    God knows why, I just feel it.
    That said, everytime I’ve backed us, it’s gone boobs up.
    Still got that feeling though.

    One each.
    And as much as it would pain me to see Citeh win the league, I’d love it if Man U didn’t.

    • I hope your crystal ball is in good working order and we do come away with a point and as a consequence put a f**king huge dent in their title hopes but I can’t see it happening.

  9. As long as blackburn lose i be happy how sad that what it comes down to new song for lerner to be played at villa green day american idoit sums him up nicey

  10. Remember ipswich 9 0 i got a bad feeling sun

  11. i wouldn’t play Bannan CM, i feel he’s too little, imagine him on the end of a Paul Scholes leg braker, we should play-

    Lichaj Cuellar Collins Baker
    N’Zog Clark Ireland Gabby
    Heskey Weimann

  12. Ian whenever players take to the pitch they should play for pride and for fans.. and we should not need to use stans illness as a reason to fire this lot up they are payed to do a job

  13. Scholes is a shrimp too, he gets left to run the show and gets too much space. I think if herd went man to man on him he could do a job but sadly he misses tomorrow.

  14. Yey blackburn and qpr have lost look how sad our season has got

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