Best Wishes and get well soon Trevor Francis

The last few weeks for footballers going sick is shocking.

So can I extend best wishes to Trevor Francis and hope he recovers quickly and healthy.

Despite the obvious rivalries and what we have said about Trevor over the years then of course this transcends this. I am sure all Villa fans of the right mind will say the same.

16 comments on “Best Wishes and get well soon Trevor Francis

  1. best wishes trev fully

  2. Good luck, Trevor; all the best.

  3. Super-Super-Superboy, Superboy…..

    I was there as a sixteen year old he hit all four goals against Cardiff City at The Sty, a 4-0 Blues success.

    In the Tilton, with one other lifetime Villan, and our two Blues mates.

    We’d gone to scoff at this young kid who was grabbing the headlines (well two of us had), to put him down as a poor man’s Brian Little.

    We left the ground afterwards, knowing that he was the real deal.

    • It was Bolton he scored four against. But that’s irrelevant used to be a neighbour of ours in the 70s him and Helen his wife were really nice people. Shame he never played for us lol. Get well soon superboy

  4. Bloody hell, I didn’t know anything about this until I read it here.
    I can’t stand the bloke when it comes to the game, but he was a bloody good football player.
    Of course, I wish him well.

  5. Respect to a great footballer even if he did play for the dark side. Rivalries apart – get well soon and thoughts for his family.

  6. Best of luck Trevor, get well soon.

  7. Get well soon Trevor, great player even if you were a nose.

  8. Get well soon.

  9. Ian totally agree get well Trevor

  10. Get well soon Trevor

  11. 1st million pound player nottingham forest took martin oneills place in the european cup final lol get well soon.

  12. There seems to be a spate of bad news in the sport at the moment,

  13. I was on the Holte when he scored a hat trick as QPR player manager , not long after the 3rd he subbed himself and was applauded by the Villa crowd! It’s true ,he waved and got a hand ,and although I didn’t appreciate it at the time take a look at the 3rd on Youtube, absolute quality.
    Best wishes to Trev for a full recovery. UTV .

  14. I, too, was there when he scored that QPR hattrick – how old was he then? Mid-thirties? A fantastic footballer, no doubt about that. Get well soon Trevor…I want to hear you back behind the mic commenting on a resurgent Villa asap.

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