The media myth, being an ex Bluesnose is not the problem

Thanks to a twitter nod I got to read a piece today in the Mail from Mat Kendrick.

This piece and when asked about Mcleish all you get is

We’ll wait and see

This is simply not good enough from Mat. We as fans do not want to wait Mcliesh’s track record is there for all to see. Mat says Randy put faith in him, we have to ask why when nothing to back it up.

In another discussion I was told that on Sky’s Sunday supplment that Martin Samuel reported the rubbish line that (and to paraphrase)

We hate Mcleish because he is an ex bloser

It is really sad that journo’s of Mat’s and Martin’s ilk can not see beyond the truth. It is not because he is an ex Blues manager that he is disliked. It is time to put on the record why he is disliked

    Real negative football and thinking
    Proven relegation manager
    Unable to motivate players
    Lies to the fans about players, and not very good at it
    Plays players so out of position it is embarrassing to see them struggle there

Is there any more, I am sure some will think of it and NONE of is about where he used to manager is it ? Maybe one day a jounro will realise all this and actually look at Mcleish properly but I doubt it. So it is up to the fans really and I make no apologies for writing another Mcleish post.

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76 comments on “The media myth, being an ex Bluesnose is not the problem

  1. But he didn’t and I don’t think it was so much that he came from small heath (although that didn’t help matters) but his piss poor record there and the shite negative defensive Hoofball that is his trademark.

    • Agreed BWS, I didn’t like that we got him from Small Heath but (as I said earlier in this thread) would we have cared as much if he had come from Birmingham on the back of a very good record and with the reputation of getting his side to produce champagne football?? Would we bollocks! There would have been some, of course, that would have grumbled but as soon as he started to produce results and entertaining football it would have been quickly forgotten.

      The only reason The Small Heath comments still come up is because he is a poor manager, with a poor record and it is a very easy thing to throw back at him. You may say that any other manager would be under less pressure or getting less criticism in the same position but I look back 12 months and GH was getting a load of stick for the results he wasn’t producing…..and let’s not forget that he had us playing much better football at least and wasn’t allowed the same easy ride from the media as this clown is getting.

  2. Doesnt it seem a bit of a coincidence that houllier was getting the same results to.Players have to share some responsability to for our piss poor season as the defence has been PISS poor so houllier and mcleish getting piss poor results, two different managers.Yes mcleish hasnt got a very good track record in the english premier league apart from the league cup he won with a team that is far from on a par with villa strange that.Must of been total luck to get to wembley with total utter bollox of football all the way to beat arsenal in the final.He is very cocncervative and needs to break free of this culture at villa as that is not our style.Give it your best shot if you go down go down fighting hard dont back down and please attack if your going to manage our club.Also score goals more than 1.how Players should motivate themselves they arnt babies and they are on enough money to be automatically motivated playing week in week out in the prem infront of thousands and getting paid stupid money is most mens dream I will say this his media skills need touching up dramatically along with his way of thinking to concervative to be at villa.I dont hate or dislike Alex mcleish as i dont know him personally and things havnt been easy for him either.he doesnt make the rules,pay the cheques and he was employed he didnt walk in to villa of his own accord.I want to see us challenge from the word go next season and if any similarities are present after the 1st 5 games i want him gone to.GOD BLESS ASTON VILLA.

    • “I will say this his media skills need touching up” Of all the things Mclown is and isn’t the one thing the snaky b**tard is is very media savvy.

      • Do you reckon we will get a sniff at Robbie Keane or has that ship sailed do you think??

        • Hi JD, a £40 grand a week ceiling might have something to do with him coming or not, great player though, nice if he did.

          • HI mate hope your well.It would be fantastic if Robbie came it would sort out the problem that we have with connecting the midfeild with the striker or the hole.In the stoke game we looked indisisive around that area play seemed to stall a bit has been a problem i have noticed recently.Robbie didnt rule anything out and did enjoy his short cameo at villa so who knows.i hope we arnt relying on holeman to fill that gap even though i saw him score a cracking volley on video footage the other day.Do youy think darren bent is going i heard someone on about it as a good option dunno about that lol.Do you know if makoun is being sold to.

          • I aint heard anything about Bent but Makoun well your guess is as good as mine, looking at Mclowns comments “The reason for letting Jean out was I looking for a different type of midfielder. I’m not saying he’s not got a future, it would be stupid to say that, but certainly I was looking at our midfield without Jean.” Read into that what you like but it certainly don’t look like we’ll see him in claret and blue again.

  3. his reception at home with blackburn he was greeting properly and got given a chance – he’s had his chance, he has fked up again and now should go it is simple as that its is amazing how much he gets away with “the its not in my control if we have worst home league form in billion years” is a sackable offence – I’m in sales and i MANAGE my accounts – if my account under performs GUESS WHAT??? i get asked hard questions as to why and whats going on – disgraceful manager

  4. Maybe the journos noticed the “fans” protests before a ball had been kicked? Just admit it – you don’t like him because he was a blue and the bluenoses wound you up about that- and you took the bait. I’m afraid the biggest factor this season in our failure has been the poor support from the fans which has destroyed player confidence. McLeish is not a poor manager and is not the problem, he inherited this team and has had minimal opportunity to improve it. Get behind him and the team.

    • At first that was a bit of it him being an x member of small heath fodder boys.Then the fact that mr mcleish got them relegated twice added fuel to the fire as villa fans new we were not in a good place and worry of relegation set in.The fact that he won a bit of silverware is a plus considering he won it with small heath fodder as they are a poor poor outfit if i do say so for every villa fan aliveLOL..To be fare he hasnt made alot of freinds with his style of football as it looks a bit old fashoined and out of date and not for aston villa as we are not out of date.These are all contributing factors plus the poor standing in the premier league doesnt help either.He is not a miracle worker and player performance has been below par so not all Alex mcleishes falt.As for the loyal fans of A.V.F.C who i am one love our club with our hearts and when it is not at its best will look to identify the problem make a decision and always stand up and say OI sort it out mr chaiman this is not right and that is what is going on.Support is always there for the villa team just not always the person in charge.

    • “Just admit it-you don’t like him because he was a blue”.
      Not sure who the “you” is meant to refer to here, ringiggs, but honestly, mate, how many times does it have to be said?
      Hardly anybody gives a shit that McLeish came from Blues. For all I care, he could have come from Mars. People despise Alex McLeish because from day one of his appointment, it was plain how it would be with him. Two relegations in three years made just about everyone fear the worst, and as things stand, just about everyone wasn’t wrong. MacLeish is hated because his philosophy and style of football is stupifyingly negative, unsophisticated to the point of crudeness, and horrifyingly boring to watch. Worst of all, it’s unsuccessful; two in three could soon become three in four the way things are going, because the teams around us are scrapping for their lives while McLeish doesn’t appear to have a clue how to arrest and reverse the freefall his approach has engendered. Fact is, if McLeish was any good at all, we’d all be pissing ourselves about how we’d stolen him from the City; it’d be a hoot. As it is, he’s hated purely and simply for what he is, a hopeless manager who’s sucked the lifeblood out of the first team.

  5. It’s simple – the table doesn’t lie and neither does the points tally….
    …..says it all really….

  6. Let me tell you all this.mcleish is going nowhere he is loved by all the players and has massiv respect around the training ground!gutted really as he’s shite.but he’s a sound bloke just not big enough for the villa

    • Karl that is the case why do they not play for him ?

      that is what I do not understand, tactics may be bad but we lack that extra you would expect if they respected him.

      • Didn’t the so-called England golden generation say the same about Sven? And look what happened there…………

    • Your right Karl mcleish def going nowhere for the foreseeable future. Don’t like the fact he is loved by the players means they are not scared of him and can do what they like. Bet man u players don’t like SAF. Trouble with us is we are a nice team with a nice manager. We cud do with a few nasty fuckers at the club. Nice guys finish last and that’s a fact.

  7. I no ian its so frustrating.I’m just going off what I have seen at bodymoor and what me old man says

  8. It doesn’t matter if the players like him and has nothing to do with anything.
    It’s about results and AM just isn’t delivering on the pitch.
    He quite simply has to go.

    But if the pre-requisite was to keep us up and slash costs, he’s probably doing a stunning job.

    Which, either way, tells us all we need to know about Mr Lerner.

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