The media myth, being an ex Bluesnose is not the problem

Thanks to a twitter nod I got to read a piece today in the Mail from Mat Kendrick.

This piece and when asked about Mcleish all you get is

We’ll wait and see

This is simply not good enough from Mat. We as fans do not want to wait Mcliesh’s track record is there for all to see. Mat says Randy put faith in him, we have to ask why when nothing to back it up.

In another discussion I was told that on Sky’s Sunday supplment that Martin Samuel reported the rubbish line that (and to paraphrase)

We hate Mcleish because he is an ex bloser

It is really sad that journo’s of Mat’s and Martin’s ilk can not see beyond the truth. It is not because he is an ex Blues manager that he is disliked. It is time to put on the record why he is disliked

    Real negative football and thinking
    Proven relegation manager
    Unable to motivate players
    Lies to the fans about players, and not very good at it
    Plays players so out of position it is embarrassing to see them struggle there

Is there any more, I am sure some will think of it and NONE of is about where he used to manager is it ? Maybe one day a jounro will realise all this and actually look at Mcleish properly but I doubt it. So it is up to the fans really and I make no apologies for writing another Mcleish post.

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76 comments on “The media myth, being an ex Bluesnose is not the problem

  1. Didn’t mon play a few players out of position one or 2 hundred times and play negative football yet we never moaned about him. Which is probably why media think we don’t like mcleish coz hes a bluenose. There are a certain percentage of villa fans who will never accept AM even if he won us the league. So there is an element of truth. They also don’t want to upset SAF as it was his choice he should be our manager…sort of!!

    • Jez, lets go back to MON again, how boring. Yes he did play one or two but never as strange as Mcleish and he got the results.

      this is now and not under MON is it ?

      some have got to let go of him and stop referring back, the comparisons do you no good at all

      In many ways AM is a poor man’s MON but we need something different now

      • James nursery done a bit in the mirror, can’t find the link now but it starts of about because his ex blouse that no one likes him but can now see past that and it is in fact because he is really shit. Well along those lines anyeay. Look on his Twitter account and u will see it

      • Ok here’s something different Ian when we all got wind that AM was coming most of us slagged him of big time about his blues connections and that’s a fact. Yes he is a poor mans mon and plays negative dross but let’s face it if this had been any other manager we would have been a bit more forgiving. This is a fact that journalists have pivked up on. The guy has lost our two best players, has no real money to spend and stuck with mons dross overpriced players. He needs the summer to build his own squad with what little money he will get and if by Xmas things are the same then definately get rid.

        • the worry is giving him the time, look at the previous club

          when he came check my past posts I refused to mention it, as not THE issue

          • But there was a lot of comments on ur blog Ian slagging him being a bluenose. Every manager needs some time and the problem is who will replace him I no u mentioned Martinez and yes we wud play better football but look where Wigan are and no guarantee he wud come either.

          • sure and will not deny that but check what is said now and most is about style, tactics, etc

          • Yes but I still think its split 50/50. Will just have to agree to differ. I’m unsure about mcleishwish houllier cud of finishedjob tbh.

        • So you think McLeish is doing a good job then? The product that has been produced on the field under his watch has been complete garbage, with a set of decent players. If you think Swansea and Norwich have better squads than Villa, then you need to wake up. This season has been the worst I’ve seen in over 40 years (including the Bily McNeill year because we have much better players than we did then). If anyone thinks Alex McLeish will take our club forward then good luck to you, but I don’t see any indication that will ever happen. I live in California, and have a couple of Blues supporting friends who piss themselves every time they see me because we paid their club to take McLeish off them. Says it all really.

          Sad thing is they could get promoted this year while we get relegated, hope the McLeish supporters are prepared for that because it’s not far from reality, and they play much better football than us at the moment…

        • Sorry oohah I usually have a lot of time for your opinion but not on this one, you could give Mclown till the earth stopped turning and all the stars in the night sky went out it but it still wouldn’t be enough time for the useless prick to put a side together that could navigate their way over the half way line.

          • Fair enuf BWS all I’m trying to say is if we get a chance to get a better manager then fair enuf get rid of mcleish. My concern is that if we got rid of him who else would we get. I don’t buy into the argueme t that anyone is better than mcleish coz I wud hate to see Kevin mcditherer bk in charge or mcarthy/Bruce etc.

          • But why all the usual suspects time after time? There’s a reason why they’re unemployed! Perhaps Lerner and his trusty servant fat Paul need to think outside the box and say look at the likes of Lee Clark 48.88 win % @ Huddersfield Town or Ole Gunnar Solskjær 60.00 win % @ Molde FK and won the title in his first season or Dean Saunders as someone suggested yesterday. Everton took a gamble on David Moyes when they took him from Preston and I think you could safely say that payed off.

          • Because all the usual suspects are the only ones that will come here. Last season we cud have took a gamble on someone like pardew but no one fancied him especially supporters. Just have to face facts any up and coming manager dosnt see us as even a stepping stone. Other than fan base and history what’s the difference between us and Wigan. Martinez would only see it as I sideways move or a small step up at best. Yes 3 seasons ago it would be a step up for him but mon put paid to that wasting all Randy’s hard earned cash. If am did go we will not attract a better manager in terms of results with the squad we have yes we will play more attractive football like Wigan but look where they are. Also qpr arnt exactly setting the world alight under Hughes and he’s had decent money to spend. All I’m saying is be careful what we wish for.

          • But why are they? What’s your rationale behind that thinking? just better the devil you know? If so that’s just a total non argument. And so what if they use us a stepping stone? then surely logic says that would only be the case if they had successful, so were’s the problem there? And as for Mark Hughes at QPR they looked pretty impressive to me the other night, when was the last time any Mcolwn team battered a team 3-0 at home?
            Oh yea and against a team that well and truly took to the cleaners at our place. Be carefull what you wish for? Sorry but could things be any worse? I just don’t get your point oohah.

          • My point is BWS is that the 2 managers we were linked with and most would be happy with are are actuallybelow mclowns team in the league and thus more likely to go down than us. I was saying that managers DON’T even see us as a stepping stone anymore. And if ur happy with the fact there is nothing wrong in managers using us a stepping stone then that shows what a small club we are now.

          • Mclown as our manager shows that mate,what a sorry state of affairs it all is at the moment.

          • It is a sad state BWS. We are a club stuck in no mans land going no where fast.

  2. The link doesn’t work so I have no idea what you are on about.

  3. Mcleish has said in the past that he said to his players (when he was at Birmingham) “if you can’t win a game, you better not lose it”. So basically get a draw in any difficult games, Birmingham were in the top 3 for draws in their two seasons in the PL, and they got relegated twice, its no coincidence you have the most draws in the league, its because of this negative approach to games and his defensive football that you guys are where you are and are in a relegation scrap. After you guys came down here to the emirates he said “we can’t expect to go to places like arsenal and win”. What a defiast attitude! You guys beat us last year at the emirates so why not this year ?, blackburn beat man u away and they are harder than us. No one can defend mcleish, because of his negative approach and defensive football, which failed twice at Birmingham. You may be wondering why I’m saying this, but its because I’ve watched mcleish over the past few years and his tactics are always the same. Shit, defensive football, which didn’t work for Rangers, because they lost the league and when on their longest run of not winning games at home, it didn’t work for Scotland, Birmingham and its obviously not working at villa. Therefore you need to get rid of him soon or suffer the consequences, you guys have a squad good enough for the top half of the PL but with mcleish he’s taking you back.

    P.s I’m.hugely surprised the media haven’t picked up on all of this, they refuse to ask him difficult questions which I find rather strange of them. This is a big story waiting to blow wide open

    • Good to know that some looking in from the outside can see past the ex blue smoke screen and understand that we hate him because he is a shocking excuse for a manager.

      The easy ride he gets from the media now is really, really odd. I am certain he never had it this easy down the road and when you look at some of the other managers about, that the press seem to get a kick out of rubbing up the wrong way, then it is hard not to think that a lot of this isn’t happening by accident.

  4. 100% agree with what you have written Ian.

    Alan Brazil & Ronnie Irani on TalkSport are just as bad. A couple of weeks back I heard Irani say McLeish was doing a good job; how do these muppets work in the media?

    All the media are interested in is what hooker that prat at Man City is shagging & the rest of the Premier League teams below Liverpool should count themselves lucky to get a mention.

    Look at McLeish’s record you soppy idiots!

    The Birmingham Mail chap will never rock the McLeish boat; access to Villa will be ZERO if he did & they will not risk that.

    Randy Lerner – Jesus Christ boy! You seriously must be so pig headed; McLeish has to go in the summer.

    • there was a bloke on talk sport this morning saying how the players arent playing for mcleish, and u can see that in the results and performances, we have only picked up slightly due to wanting to plat for stan, GET WELL SOON STAN and i totally agree, if this hadn’t of happened to stan when it did the we would b hounding the bloke more than what he has had so far and i think he has got a way lightly so far

  5. BTW I will not deny a significant hate Mcleish for his blues connections but for the majority the points I mentioned are more important

  6. Fwiw, I do actually despise the fact that Lerner chose a manager from the dark side of the West Mids.
    We didn’t deserve that, simple.
    What the hell have they ever done that puts them anywhere near us?
    And most importantly, what did AM do at the Sty, that justified him coming to us?

    So yes, looking at it, it was about where he came from.
    And as much as I think it’s important, it really wouldn’t have mattered if he was actually any good.
    And that’s the really important part, imo.
    We chose a crap manager from what we deem to be a crap, totally inferior club.

    That’s the part that those outside of London, Pool and Manc will never understand.
    The Brum derby has never been seen in the same way by the press.
    Probably because the shit have never really given us any decent competition.

    • Duh, those IN London, Pool and Manc (and Tyneside)

      • The ex blue thing was a bitter pill to swallow at the time for sure, but……..

        Would we have cared that much if he had done at belting job there?

        If he came in and we were winning games and doing quite well how long before we began claiming him as one of our own?

        Would we be bothered now if he at the very least attempted to entertain us?

        I don’t think so and the biggest issue is that the guy shows not even the smallest signs that he is anything other than completely out of his depth and, of course, the mother of all c****

  7. leave mcleish alone when he gets hes own players in iam sure we will be great once again he as had nothink to work with and fergie couldnt even get this lot to play good football they just cant do it however we going to need money to do it. last year newcastle appointed pardew gave him a 5 year deal they allblame the chairman an the manager now look now he has brought hes own players in challenging for top 4. oh an mcleish is not negative i ask was he negative in the cup when he beat villa west ham an arsenal no was he negative when he got bham 10th no was he negative when he got blues promotion was he negative when he won the league with rangers the answer to these questions is no.

    • Share the drugs mate.
      So we don’t sit back after taking a one goal lead????

      Piss off nose.

    • With rangers its harder to lose than win, and the quality is poor, so he was destined to have some success with them, even with defensive football.
      The championship quality is poor and getting a recently relegated premier league team promoted isn’t hard.
      He was lucky against us in the cup final, it wasn’t down to good man management.
      The players he’s signed this season are shit like Hutton etc (apart from given), he’s not getting the best out of nzogbia.
      The football has been shit and defensive, you say he’s not defensive, what do you call the football played this season, Barcelona like?

    • Championship with blues promition and Scottish league same kind of quality at best. so nice one pal confirming that he is championship manager.. given and n zogbia. and what a pathetic comment about them not playing football you pass to team mate and move. was that a full season he had when blues finished tenth. best thing mate is get back to that queue in front of you all wanting to renew or buy season tickets. the staff at villa it reminds me of one flew over cuckoos nest till. the day will come some one stands up to them.

  8. There is no media conspiracy, noone cares enough about our club to bother. Randy just hired a crap manager because all the decent ones knew whoever become boss at the villa would have to sell their best players, whilst saddled with mediocre ones on massive wages which would stop any decent players being brought in. His football is dog awful, like most managers he talks pap, but is there any wonder why national commentators say we hate him cos he’s blues cos if they look at any chatroom, twitter etc from Summer till now, they will see a lot of ‘bluescum’ ”small heath this and that’. This was always gonna happen, Faulkner should go and take McLeish with him.

  9. For those that say we won’t forget his dirty past😉 I actually have forgotten all about Birmingham; he’s just a utterly shit manager & that’s all that fills my thoughts on him.

    If Avram Grant & Gary Megson had a love child – Alex McLeish!

    I might well be on my own but if someone offered me relegation & getting shot of McLeish – yes, f’ing please. One step back, two forward (Newcastle).I have actually renewed my Season Ticket, what the hell was I thinking? I did take the £295 deal though.

  10. mcleish dont want to sit back we get pushed back because our team ent good enough he didnt buy this team we have lost milner barry young dowing we havnt got the players to play flowing attacking football yet look at the stoke game gabby could of made it to but he put it out for a throwing an dont get me started how may bents missed that ent mcleish fault that the donkeys miss chances to finish teams off

    • Mike a pathetic post your either a Lerner employee or from small Heath. Why haven’t you mentioned the two relegations in three years?

      • why didnt you mention the good stuff he did every manager as good an bad points rome werent built in a day no manager could of come in angot villa 6th like mon coz them players have gone the hole team needs rebuliding

        • What good stuff? 3rd in the SPL with Rangers (the biggest club in Scotland), 2 relegations with Blues in 3 seasons? Did he take Scotland to the Euros, the World Cup… I guess not. Can you figure out the English language while you think about htis by the way?

      • I cannot believe I’m actually going to say this but…..eh hmm…..well said t………..nope can’t do it

  11. oh and how can people sing gabbys name hes a donkey never gets more than 12 a season and plays mostly all season get rid of the crap players not our manager lerner can apoint who he likes its hes club soon as you got the money to buy him out then you can appoint your manager i have renewied already mcleish will get it right

  12. And so, despite some trying to move the discussion past McLeish’s previous club, we still see so many people harping on about it! And you wonder why the media outside the Midlands think we’re so small-minded…

    As for the so-called ‘local’ journos, the days when there were any who really knew or cared about the clubs are long gone. Most of the print guys rely on nothing more than press-releases from the clubs to spoon-feed them with tidbits. There has been some serious and to-the-point criticism of McLeish’s tactics and selections from the sports team on the BBC Radio WM, ever since the start of the season, but by the time that the national media look at VP all they hear are the same old voices moaning about his Blues connections.

  13. Christ Mon he is like the girlfriend who left you and can not get over it.. listen Martin o Neil has walked or let his one year rolling contract expire before Fucking off.. Christ its nearly two years.. to the media dont do twitter and def do not by certain midland papers they speak Shit every article is not true reflection. i liked matts articles but this year its all spin hence why dont buy. can not wait till end of season. Then all the England believers will start. the golden generation for 10years. football has gone to pot money refs crowns fa fifa sky. oh and eck

  14. Im fed up of this we want our villa back, all these backstabbing jurnos they hate villa and want us to suffer hav they forgot who set up the first football league?

  15. Ian you’ve always sang his (kendricks) praises what happened have you finely seen the light? Have you now realised that good old Mat (every things Rosey at VP) Kendrick is to busy keeping his contacts down at VP to publish anything that may be perceived by the Lerner propaganda machine as subversive to their agenda? Isn’t this fella the Mails Villa reporter, has he not been down VP for every game? Does the bloke not have eyes in his head? No Mat, We don’t rock the boat around here do we?

  16. There is not one Villa fan that likes Mcleish. Well at least not one I know, or care to know. The fact he was a former Blues manager has nothing to do with the fact that he has already overseen 2 relegations from the premier league, made poor signings and has no idea how to manage a big club. The bloke is a complete disaster and if we dont get rid before the summer, then another season is out the window.

  17. we lost our 2 best players so its ok to be in a relegation battle? if spurs lost bale and van der vart would the media allow them to be in a relegation battle without all kind of a media storm?

    mcliesh still spent nearly £20m in the summer, more than most and probably more than the norwich and swansea squads cost put together!

    if we were having the kind of season Newcastle were (who have spent less than us and everyone was tipping to be where we were start of the season) then I would not care less where the manager was from!

    HE IS JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH!! For the record he also full of shit and the things he says in the press are a disgrace. Any other club would surely haul him in and askj him to explain his comments, like for example when before the Fulham game asked about the fact failing to win would mean our worst home run since 1921, Mcleish replies ‘that’s not something I can control’ – Really? what the hell are you doing here then?

    Finally for the record, unless we win 2 of our last 3 home games it will be our worst home record in our 138 year history, if that does not amount to a sackable offense I don’t know what does

  18. Ian, you forgot to add he is the 10th most highest paid coach or Manager in European football……. And all we get is PR shit about tightening the purse strings….

  19. They know that it isn’t about the blues connection. It is a conspiracy. They think they are helping a friend to keep his job. Or, like Matt Kendrick they want to keep there job by not upsetting Randy

  20. If we had signed McLeish from a title winning Rangers side that had made the last sixteen of the Champions League we would have offered him massive support, in hope as much as expectation.

    Because he came from them, his clear relief that he wasn’t booed at Fulham on the opening day was tangible.

    To say that it isn’t a factor is laughable. For some fans, it is still the only factor. Despite us having had a desperately poor season.

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