Martinez should replace Mcleish at the end of the season

Following on from last nights results there is some panic around I sense.

However for me nothing changed last night. We are still 6 points from relegation with a set of games we should gain points from. In order to over take us Bolton and Blackburn need to gain 7 points from 6 games and that is with us losing all 6 remaining, that will not happen. However I can understand totally the worry of some but as we are safe (in my mind) now is the time to think about Mcleish going.

I keep being told by fans he is here to stay, I keep getting told if Holman signed what does that say. However also a football reality is that if we do not get to 40 points (why do you think Mcleish mentioned it, 40 not needed for safety) then a sacking SHOULD happen. In fact as I made clear after the game on Monday if he does not go then I will not renew my Season Ticket and I urge all Villa fans to do the same.

So I look to hopefully a Mcleish free future, so when James Nursey tweets

Gather #AVFC focusing on Bosmans for next season and have set a cap of 40k a week for any new signings. Think the top Bosmans will want more

Then as I have said any dreams or hopes of big spending are that. We need to look at a new manager who can deal in this market. A manager who knows the foreign market all over Europe, a manager who can change our style, system and mentality.

I look towards Roberto Martinez.

Look at what he did at Swansea (he set up where they are now) and his achievements at Wigan should not be under estimated. Yes last summer when linked, like many I went WTF but as this post PROVES I rated him (LINK). Still at this time he could be perfect for us. The rumour is that Whelan agreed last summer for him to stay at Wigan for one more season if this summer he could go n a ‘free’. Therefore he would cost us nothing to get, we would only have to pay off Mcleish (If we had to) and money is saved.

Martinez I believe would be brilliant with the younger players as he would play a style that suits them. He rarely plays players out of position and has a good tactical brian as we saw against Man U. He has also shown he can motivate players and remains a calming influence.

As a man he is widely respected through football and after Mcleish would get an awful lot of leeway from villa fans, if appointed before the end of May I would renew straight away. He of course knows the area from his time at Walsall and I understand likes the area. He would be much better at the PR than Mcleish is and able to communicate ot the fans better.

We need younger blood as manager, we need the fresh ideas Randy seemed to want when appointing Mcleish, there is nothing to lose by appointing him.


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106 comments on “Martinez should replace Mcleish at the end of the season

  1. Dean sandues for villa job why not? Deano deano

  2. Dream-on gentlemen; Lerner will not sack AMcL. There’s too much ‘face’ to lose.
    Even if we survive this season [&I’m nowhere near as sure as Ian…] we’re doomed to a repeat next term.

    The only glimmer of hope that I see is McLeish gets so fed-up with taking all of the flak that he eventually decides to walk – but on £2m a year most of us would keep taking the shit a little longer, especially when he’s unlikely to ever see that sort of money again.

    • I really am not sure that we are anywhere near safe this season, we will get a proper hiding on Sunday, and that could do real damage to us, where is the next win coming from, because it won’t come on Sunday, and I don’t see another home win with the possible exception of Bolton, it’s grim, the clubs below us might save us as a result of their own run-in’s, but what a joke, and Ardent is right, we will not get away with it again next time with this clown at the helm.

      • I think you’re completely out of order, sasa c, when you talk about us getting “a proper hiding” on Sunday. I can see McLeish drawing once again on the motivational skills and tactical nous which have already made him a legend in his own mind at Villa Park, and engineering yet another outstanding victory. It shouldn’t come as a surprise when it happens, either; he’s already achieved this a staggering seven times already this season.

        • davidg, I 100% apologise, I have forgotton how good AM is, he is a tactical genius and there is no way that he accept anything less than a brilliant display come Sunday, I can only hope he replicates the brilliance of Spurs at the Lane!
          All the best.

          • That’s more like it, mate. You’ve finally been forced to overcome your instincts and acknowledge genius when you see it. I confidently predict that we’ll stroll it by a comfortable two or three margin at the Theatre of Dreams. Welcome to the ever-growing ranks of the Alex McLeish Appreciation Society.

          • davidg, it wasn’t forced, i read your post and all of a sudden blood appeared on my hands and feet, I even got a pain in my side complimented by a headache…I was blind, now I see…those two titles he won at SHA were superb, two titles in three years….what a guy.

  3. leave mcleish alone when he gets hes own players in iam sure we will be great once again he as had nothink to work with and fergie couldnt even get this lot to play good football they just cant do it however we going to need money to do it. last year newcastle appointedpardew gave him a 5 year deal they allblame the chairman an the manager now look now he has brought hes own players in challenging for top 4.

    • Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…please stop! My sides are hurting!
      Give McLoser a chance! Best joke I’ve heard in the past 12 months!!! Brilliant!

    • Good old VD have you been marooned on a desert island for season 2011/12?????

  4. I’ve been listening an reading now for a while and I’ve seen this club win the European Cup and get relegated. and the one thing that strikes me is that it you want success you have to have stability.If you want to get relegated then continue to get rid of your manager either at the begining of the season or at the end. this will guarantee termoil and the type of season we have had, this year and the last. The new guy comes in and wants to look at what we have got, when the fans know we need to change a few things. So lets sack the manager and get relegated because thats what will happen. McLeish needs time to build his team, most of you lots problem is that he came from the blue, so what, who cares. My point is grow up get real and support the team, if you don’t like it take your money elswhere.

    • For God’s sake I guarantee you no one gives a shit that he came from Blues. When MON took over the squad was well worse than it is now and he managed to finish a VERY respectable 11th. The difference is he knew how to motivate players which is something Mctard has no clue how to do. I don’t want to see who McLeish would bring in if this past summers’ transfers were anything to go on. Hutton is worthless, N’Zogbia is suited to the exact opposite of McLeish’s style of play, Jenas is the most injury prone player in the Prem, and as good as Given is, his defensive communication has been a large part of our problems defending corners this season. So please don’t make such an ignorant statement like the fact he is a former bluenose. The fans aren’t idiots there’s more to it than that.

  5. If Bolton beat us we are in big trouble!

    As for Martinez, I would take him. But then again, I would literally take ANY manager in the world over Mcleish!

  6. We were in trouble the moment eck was appointed lol

  7. martinez seems to be able to motivate his players, but only when they are backs to the wall trying to avoid relegation. They were dominant against united last night, which shows you the best of martinez – by why can’t he get his team to play like that the first 70% of the season? That’s worrying to me. BTW would be all for having him over mccleish, just wanted to point out the stark contrast between wigan’s performance last night, against how they perform for the majority of a season.

  8. I just don’t get this Martinez love in we’re getting after one great, but utterly freak result against this years league champions, who themselves have been very hit & miss all season. United (most likely) winning again just shows how shite the league is from top to bottom, which is scary cos we’re near the bottom of it.

    Why trade McClueless of the hoofball for Señor Clueless of the nice, yet ineffective football? I just don’t get the thinking there.

  9. Someone give gregroy and little a call

  10. I think that Martinez would be a good long term signing and was a little disappointed we didn’t get him last Summer.

    The foundations that he built at Swansea, and the job he does at Wigan (let’s be honest, they’re a League Two supported side clinging to Premiership status) are commendable.

    Like most, I have a feeling that McLeish will remain. Let’s hope another year on, the young lads have developed a bit more and we keep Benty fit all season.

    There’s another couple of seasons of balancing the books for me. Sad but true.

    • I truly cant see Benty wanting to be here throughout next season Vaze. Anyway, if he has any suitors out there, and you can bet that he does, once they start waving the cash, Randy Lerner will snap their hands off.

      • Liverpool would suit Bent.

        They’d have been two or three up long before the late winner if the chances had fallen to Bent that Carroll had.

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