Mcleish and the worse home record in 138 years

After consecutive defeats earlier in the season Mcleish looked like heading towards a 138 year record, he avoided it.

However for me the measure of how good you are or not at home is the amount of home win. For any team the par score has to be 10 wins in an 18 game season and that is average, anything above 12 very good and anything below 8 – bad.

So where are we

P 16 W 4 D 5 L 7 F 18 A 22 PTS 17

So John Lerwill investigated further and came up with just how poor we have been in the Premier league at home.

The least number of wins in the last 120 years are both in the Premier League!!

6 in 2005/06 (19 home matches)

P 19 W 6 D 6 L 7 F 20 A 20 PTS 24

6 in 1994/95 (21 home matches)

P 21 W 6 D 9 L 6 F 27 A 24 PTS 27

There were also the following two, but only 11 home matches were played in those days:

5 in 1890/91
6 in 1889/90

So to avoid the least wins EVER at home then Mcleish has to win 2 of the last three at home, not impossible of course.

However in terms of total points he has to win all three to stop an unenviable record. Home form is crucial for any team and manager and in 2005/6 O’Leary was sacked and in 1994/95 of course Brian Little took over half way through a season.

Whichever way you look at it, it is a shocking record and no wonder crowds have slumped.

(I do expect some press to pick up these figures and run them at home, a credit would be nice to John !!)

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91 comments on “Mcleish and the worse home record in 138 years

  1. I don’t think that we all need to get worked up just because Wigan and QPR have won again tonight. Let’s not worry our pretty little heads about it. Sure, the teams below us are showing some real guts and spirit for the fight, while we’re displaying the backbone of a jellyfish and the buoyancy of the Titanic. Sure, we’re now right in the relegation mire, but hey ho; our Beloved Leader Lerner and his board of zombies appear to regard this as an acceptable state of affairs, so that’s all right then.

    • They say that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit davidg, but your posting has proved that observation to be totally incorrect.

      You sum my feelings up perfectly. From one Villan to another, Well Said Sir.

    • Look on the bright side at least you’ll get 23 home games for your £295!

      • Yeah, and the way things are going, we won’t have to worry about having to play Small Heath for a while longer, either!

      • Do you reckon we would more than 4 of those in the champ with McTwat in charge?

        Feeling really negactive at the mo, expecting an embarrassed Man U to absolutely stuff us.

  2. Its over villa fans we know this would happen when in aug to all thoses fans who did not protest in aug hope ur happy with urselfs

    • “We knew this would happen…”.
      Wish I had a fiver for every time I’ve read those words, 96; I’d now be a fairly wealthy man! That’s what makes the whole business re McLeish so utterly, painfully, embarrassingly, pitifully awful. EVERYBODY knew the mess McLeish would get us into, except, it seems, Randy bloody Lerner and his sycophants. What precise combination of blind stupidity, utter recklessness and sheer bloodymindedness drove his thought processes at the time we’ll never know, but I’d love to know what his thoughts on the appointment now are.

  3. Don’t panic Captain Mannering.

    We are not going down this season (Thank you Robbie Keane).

    McLeish is an appalling, negative manager who is completely unable to recognise his own deficiencies and takes no responsibility for anything that goes wrong. An absolutely classic characteristic of all poor managers in any profession. We will be bottom at Christmas. He will then be sacked.

    If by some miracle we are not fighting against relegation then we will all have been proved wrong. McLeish will actually have been proven to be an excellent manager and we will go from strength to strength (not going to happen)

    No need to panic. 2013 = new manager.

    The problem is who will be appointed.

    • And that indeed is a problem Dave M.

      Who Lerner and and the rather useless Faulkner will line us up with next, is a prospect that will keep Villans everywhere awake at night.

  4. We should demend a meeting with lerner, fans groups should put pressure on him to come out his hole, us villa fans need to be united on this

    • Yesterday i was thinking the only way to get into the heart of the problems was to get into the heart and mind of Mr Lerner by way of him meeting the fans and being honest enough to answer straight forward and relevant questions , will it happen ? i think not he would not have the bottle to man up , after all he employed AMC to do his “transitional plan” to which there would appear to be no answers other than more heartache for the Villa faithful.
      There must be change at the top before it ends in abject misery for some time to come.

      • Mate that change had to come whoever was in charge.The transitional period due to overspending and i dont have to tell you who overspent.This period of change is inevitable to any club who overspends with no return on the moneys spent.We have won not 1 trophy and spent in exess easy of 150 million since 2006 up untill now.maybe intertoto if you want to include mickey mouse.Thats why no decent manager would touch us with out money your reputation as a trophy winning manager at risk so its a no brainer no reputation no more decent top team work.Thats why mcleish was employed he saw it as a step up even with the restrictions.

  5. Dave M, I wish I had your confidence and belief that McLeish will be shown the door come mid-May.

    I firmly believe that as long as he keeps us up, then he’ll be at the helm again for 2012-13.

    Mind you, the prospect of him keeping us up diminishes with every three pointer that the likes of Wigan and QPR collect. Only needs for Blackburn to start winning, and for Bolton Wanderers to roll us over at Villa Park, and we could head to Carrow Road on the final day in deep, deep doo-doo, needing a victory to ensure survival.

    No Villan in their right mind would confidently expect us to stay up under those circumstances.

    The sooner this club is rid of Lerner, Faulkner, and McLeish and co, the better. Trouble is, probably only relegation into the championship will set such wheels in motion.

  6. It’s incredible isn’t it that no matter how much we protest at Villa Park and boo the team the home record doesn’t seem to improve. It’s almost as if this doesn’t actually help the team to perform – how amazing. I thought the QPR fans were marvellous the way they got behind their team last night and the team certainly responded well to their encouragement. I can see McL being forced to leave at the end of season due to fan’s protests. Who will then want to manage a team where the players are over-paid and very average, the last 2 managers were rejected by the fans, the fans will only support the team if they like the manager…. Sounds like the job from hell to me – anyone desparate enough for this job? I reckon Steve Kean would give it a shot, or maybe Mick MCArthy, how about Megson – some shortlist eh?

    • Arthur, there’s a wealth of difference between the predicament of the clubs u mention and ours. Those guys all start the season in the hope of staying up at best. At least it gives them something to fight for. We, without being pompous, expect and deserve better. We expect effort, ambition, honesty, a modicum of skill, half decent tactics, communication from above (the board, not God), not quite guarranteed CL, but a push towards it at least!
      We’re not the fans from hell, although those that booed MON need to take a sharp look at themselves.
      We don’t want, don’t need a loser like McClown, but I take your point on who’s next – with Lerner and Fat Boys inept take on things, who decent is really going to come? And that’s a BIG worry!

    • Arthur I thought QPR were marvellous last night and I assure you sir if we had performances half as goood as that at VP we’d be right behind our team.

      • How you doin mate alright?Few unexpected reults lsat night then.

        • Sound JD, I think those results last night could drop us right in in proverbial shit. Wigan and QPR will have their tails up ,Wigan are a good side anyway and can play a bit and imo our only saving grace is Bolton, Blackburn and The Dingles are worse than us. Lets be honest can you see anything other than a right trouncing at Man U on Saturday? If Bolton do us at our place as they already have done once this season we’ll be well and truly in the shit.

          • I dont think anyone would of predicted a wigan win last night so i dont know.All i can say is i expect a backlash from utd to appease their loss to wigan.I always have the hope we will win but i am a realist to so i can see 2-0 utd win..As for bolton they have a break untill the 21st the play swansea on the 21st then us so they will be fresher i think.Its still the same points difference between us and the bottom three so i wouldnt fret yet.i left a list of the next games for the bottom 5.

          • Yea your probably right looking at the fixtures it looks like Bolton, Blackburn and The Dingles will be going down,we look like we have just enough.

          • I still cant bring myself to admit we still have a chance of being relegated ive seen 1 relegation as i am 40 but would hate it with a passion to be in the championship.I do know this Randy lerner will never overspend again or let another manager run riot with his and the clubs money.Do you think this change was coming whoever would of accepted the job based on the restrictions as villa do not have a bottomless pit of money.

          • With Villa’s present financial situation whoever took over would have run within harsh constraints but Lerner imo was taking the piss employing Mclown given his record and reputation for dull hoofball.I know your VM’s and the likes will probably pipe up with the “WHO WANTED IT” argument but to me that don’t hold piss, hughes was available (did you watch QPR last night?) He could have took a gamble on Lambert or perhaps ole gunnar solskjaer why not? No mate Mclowns appointment lacked any vision, passion or any football noggin and regardless of the financial situation no one could have been a worse choice from a footballing perspective.

    • Ha ha ! Crawl back under your rock !

  7. hi all heres the fixture list of upcoming games you would want to know

  8. Let me remind you what Faulkner said on Nov 24th 2011……

    “I think Europe sits there as a goal and this year that would be our goal. That’s what
    we want to try and achieve,” said Faulkner. “It’s not easy but I believe it’s doo-able this
    year. We’ve got a lot of ambition.”

    That unbelievable (except to Randy and McLeish) statement, was made when we were 8th in the league with 15 points, having played 12 games.

    We are now 15th, with 35 points, having played 32 games, so we have just 20 points more than then, after playing 20 more games.

    Faulkner should reflect on that statement, realise they have failed, take steps to sack the manager, then resign himself.

    There is no ambition at Villa, it has been replaced by transition, which means sod all to me and you. They have failed miserably and should admit it….that’s a laugh!

  9. Wow, that’s a shocking stat.

    *Pedant alert*
    Could you please change the title to read ‘worst’ rather than worse please?

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