30,100 speaks volumes, will Randy wake up

Ten minutes ago I could not bothered to write anything after today’s game.

However I looked at the attendance again, I thought about the empty plastic all over Villa Park and that said it all more than I could do. On a bank holiday we had less than 29,000 turn up to Villa Park and the guess you could make for next season for some games could be less than 25,000.

Weimann’s goal was fantastic today, a bright spot on a game that bored everyone around me to tears. Mcleish is not to blame for today alone, thats Stoke for you but at no point did you think we would win. When Huth scored, I just laughed at the goal for minutes, I mean when you play them and concede a free kick in an attacking place the one thing YOU HAVE TO DO is to mark Huth, what happened, it was laughable.

We will not go down, others are far worse but I make ni apology for saying now, I believe we safe MCLEISH OUT. The guy is way out of his depth, he is a joke in the fans eyes, he has barmy calls and he has to go.

For me today MOTM was Eric Lichaj, proving once again he is far superior of Mcleish’s buy and should ALWAYS play.

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41 comments on “30,100 speaks volumes, will Randy wake up

  1. Most of this is tosh other than Trevor Fishers piece which is spot on and should be delivered in person to the FA, BBC etc..

    • Thanks for this. I am in fact going to follow this up with the BBC, as the film from the Stoke game must be kept as evidence that the two Stoke players were manhandling Collins, and link it to the other issues with the FA- Balettolli not being punished for the tackle on Song, the two offside goals that won the chelsea game, and the Ashley Young incident, getting a man sent off when offside and tripping over his own toes.

      As the media are now realising, there is something wrong with the refs and the easter weekend was perhaps a turning point. But only if we have an effective campaign. I coujld do with support. Ian, you know the email addresses of people on this site. Can you offer to co-ordinate stories and help if people wrote to you?

      Trevor FIsher.

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