N’zogbia back & Mcleish blames gods, land of make believe

So we seemed to have a mini press conference yesterday and a lot of stuff given out.

We had two distinct statements being said and lets detail each one.

The first was the announcement that Charles N’Zogbia could make the Liverpool game. Well this is obviously a miracle of recovery by someone out with knee ligament trouble for a month. Of course any cynical reading of this that he was suspended for his twitter comments for two weeks would be very far off the mark. I mean Mcleish has no track record of lying about injuries does he🙂

I just wished they had been honest about N’Zogbia, admitted he was suspended for his comments but of course this would have put pressure on Mcleish. However that is the manager’s job to handle situations like this and instead of covering up, honesty is always the best. Sorry Mcleish but your comments yesterday have just shown you totally up.

Then we had this comment from him

“The gods are conspiring against us a bit and I think I’ve shot an albatross or something,” said McLeish.

“It’s a tough season and a tough challenge, but the season is not over yet.

“We have to look to get to at least 40 points. That is the target I’d be giving to the players and to get there as quickly as possible.”

I do not believe in the concept of letting you down. You make your own luck, you deserve your luck and luck always evens itself out. Gods are not conspiring against you Mcleish, you are, picking Gardner on the left wing is nonsense, was that a god’s fault ?

As for the 40 point comment, that is real interesting. Few believe we need 40 points for relegation so I do wonder what other mark could be needed to get 40. I could speculate on reasons but clearly if 40 is not reached I believe Mcleish feels like he could be under threat. So maybe in fact the players could just get 39 points and things could move ?

Frankly if all we get are 40 points then Mcleish should be sacked as soon as we are safe from relegation. For a club of our size 40 points is a disgusting level to aim for.

Is it me or are Mcleish’s comments getting stranger by the day ?

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59 comments on “N’zogbia back & Mcleish blames gods, land of make believe

  1. The villa is dead, if we go down i will put a banner on the villa gates with a big fat told you so lerner thanks a lot villa fans

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