Join Beefy’s walk for Leukaemia in your AVFC shirt

Great call on H&V HERE to join a great charity cause now close to all our hearts.


‘Eastie’ on H&V heard Botham on Sky coverage on the cricket plug this and it is a great opportunity for Villa fans to join and support a cause I am sure we all know about now.

The walk is from Clent Hills to Birmingham for 4 miles and £15 to enter. It is on April 17th (unfortunately can not go as work commitments) and how about hundreds of fans in Villa shirts walking if you can make it.

Ian Botham’s LINK

5 comments on “Join Beefy’s walk for Leukaemia in your AVFC shirt

  1. I’m doing the walk with my 7 month old this year. I was diagnosed with Leukaemia 4 years ago and thanks to the drugs and brilliant care I’m still here and doing good!

    I know what Petrov is going through. I was 32 when I was diagnosed. Although I’m a Norwich fan I’ll happily wear a Villa shirt for the walk if I get some Villa sponsors in.

    My link is here: http://www.justgiving.com/krisgriffin1

    All my best wishes and thanks,


    • Nice to hear Kris, I hear the recovery rates are very high. I’ll drop a donation into your account.
      On another note, if I do the walk with beefy, can I smoke drugs with him??? LOL!!!

    • Kris, if you get in touch with me I would be delighted to do a piece on you and spread the word around.

  2. Thanks gents. Jeff I was diagnosed at the Chronic stage with a white blood count at 193 (it should be between 7-12). Petrov’s condition has moved on to an acute phase but this is reversable/treatable.

    The cure comes from a Bone Marrow (or stem cell) transplant but this proceedure is risky. The majority of treatment these days comes in the form of an anti-cancer drug. There are 3 currently on the market: imatinib, dasatinib and nilotinib. I started on imatinib and was on it for about 3.5 years. It kept the Leukaemia under control but didn’t ever put it in a level of remission my consultant was happy with. I was then put on the second generation drug called dasatinib and with 6 months had achieved a high level of remission called Major Molecular Response. This essentially means there weren’t many Leukaemia cells to detect at molecular level. Under normal analysis – nothing!

    I’ve not spent a day in hospital or been sick (as such) – had a few side effects from the first drug but nothing that would stop me. The second drug has been a dream.

    These drugs are a miracle. They target the bad cells and reverse the damaging/killing process. They are a form of chemo but without a lot of the horrible side effects.

    Recovery rates are high. In Birmingham we have a centre for Leukaemia headed by a chap called Professor Charlie Craddock. Utterly amazing people and I owe them (and Charlie) EVERYTHING. They are saving lives every day and Stiliyan has every chance of living a long and healthy life. I was told that this is a good cancer to have…if you are going to have one at all:-)

    I work full time, have a little boy called Luca, aged 7 months and don’t really worry about much. I feel good and I feel lucky.

    He has everything going for him.

    That donation would be very much appreciated.

    IanRobo – many thanks – I’ll submit a form with my contact details on through the website.

    Best wishes,


  3. A great way to support Stan and the many others affected by this illness . Shame it’s a weekday but I’ll be doing my best to be there .

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