Join Beefy’s walk for Leukaemia in your AVFC shirt

Great call on H&V HERE to join a great charity cause now close to all our hearts.


‘Eastie’ on H&V heard Botham on Sky coverage on the cricket plug this and it is a great opportunity for Villa fans to join and support a cause I am sure we all know about now.

The walk is from Clent Hills to Birmingham for 4 miles and ÂŁ15 to enter. It is on April 17th (unfortunately can not go as work commitments) and how about hundreds of fans in Villa shirts walking if you can make it.

Ian Botham’s LINK

5 comments on “Join Beefy’s walk for Leukaemia in your AVFC shirt

  1. I’m doing the walk with my 7 month old this year. I was diagnosed with Leukaemia 4 years ago and thanks to the drugs and brilliant care I’m still here and doing good!

    I know what Petrov is going through. I was 32 when I was diagnosed. Although I’m a Norwich fan I’ll happily wear a Villa shirt for the walk if I get some Villa sponsors in.

    My link is here: http://www.justgiving.com/krisgriffin1

    All my best wishes and thanks,


    • Nice to hear Kris, I hear the recovery rates are very high. I’ll drop a donation into your account.
      On another note, if I do the walk with beefy, can I smoke drugs with him??? LOL!!!

    • Kris, if you get in touch with me I would be delighted to do a piece on you and spread the word around.

  2. Thanks gents. Jeff I was diagnosed at the Chronic stage with a white blood count at 193 (it should be between 7-12). Petrov’s condition has moved on to an acute phase but this is reversable/treatable.

    The cure comes from a Bone Marrow (or stem cell) transplant but this proceedure is risky. The majority of treatment these days comes in the form of an anti-cancer drug. There are 3 currently on the market: imatinib, dasatinib and nilotinib. I started on imatinib and was on it for about 3.5 years. It kept the Leukaemia under control but didn’t ever put it in a level of remission my consultant was happy with. I was then put on the second generation drug called dasatinib and with 6 months had achieved a high level of remission called Major Molecular Response. This essentially means there weren’t many Leukaemia cells to detect at molecular level. Under normal analysis – nothing!

    I’ve not spent a day in hospital or been sick (as such) – had a few side effects from the first drug but nothing that would stop me. The second drug has been a dream.

    These drugs are a miracle. They target the bad cells and reverse the damaging/killing process. They are a form of chemo but without a lot of the horrible side effects.

    Recovery rates are high. In Birmingham we have a centre for Leukaemia headed by a chap called Professor Charlie Craddock. Utterly amazing people and I owe them (and Charlie) EVERYTHING. They are saving lives every day and Stiliyan has every chance of living a long and healthy life. I was told that this is a good cancer to have…if you are going to have one at all🙂

    I work full time, have a little boy called Luca, aged 7 months and don’t really worry about much. I feel good and I feel lucky.

    He has everything going for him.

    That donation would be very much appreciated.

    IanRobo – many thanks – I’ll submit a form with my contact details on through the website.

    Best wishes,


  3. A great way to support Stan and the many others affected by this illness . Shame it’s a weekday but I’ll be doing my best to be there .

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