Look at the bench as injuries hit, thats why we worry

When you saw the bench today you knew we were in trouble and lets look at who is out.

Hutton – 2/3 weeks out but not worries about him

Dunne – Out all season

Cuellar – Groin injury no details on how long

Clark – Back in training so should be back soon

Petrov – No more to be said, very sad

Bent – Out all season

Delph – Out all season

Jenas – Out all season

N’zogbia – Knee injury and out for another 3 weeks or so

So basically we have been stripped of all our experienced players and left with a few and of course the home grown players.

I really rate some of them but not at all the same time and not when the pressure of the situation is just made a thousand times worse by the horrific news about Petrov.

It is now why I am worried, no one needs to remind me about a year ago. A year ago we had Bent to save us and Blues had this situation. To get out of this simply the experienced pros left HAVE to get us out.

Therefore Gabby, Collins, Ireland, Warnock it is all up to you guys. Gabby you have to get back your goalscoring form, we NEED you to. Collins and Warnock YOU HAVE to marshall the defence and keep goals out. Ireland you HAVE to dominate midfield and create chances for Gabby.

If you fail to do this then we could be relegated, it is that serious now.

49 comments on “Look at the bench as injuries hit, thats why we worry

  1. Forget the bench, look at the starting 11, now thats why we worry!

  2. On a plus note a big well done to chelsea players for there t shirts.. and also there fans at one point sang one stylian petrov just there away support.. great and well done lads.. on football note the obvious has been in face for weeks but some fans have had head in sand lets not beat about we are in relegation battle simple as.. today for me Stephen Ireland again head and shoulders above everyone else..

  3. I’ve only just realised that we have only a few (so called senior players) Id probably count Clark in that bracket aswell but yh I agree with you Ian we need 110% out of all the players until the end of the season now

  4. Alex ‘Excuses’ McLeish moaning about injuries, here’s a point, even when everybody was fit we were still clueless & incapable of winning games thanks to his negative tactics. The man is totally lost.
    McLeish OUT.

    • thast what you get gareth mate when you have a manager who tries to be clever and accpets we wont beat top teams and try to get results of others.. blues went down same way are we to fllow suit i think by the end of the stoke game on 9th we will have good idea about whats needed but i duly think we are def in the mire all down to one man and one man alone but thats or another day……

    • I’ve just seen our remaining fixtures. We are going down. McLeish is a joke. He should never manage a top-flight football club ever again: incompetence personified.

      Respectful message to Mr Mcleish: If by some miracle, Aston Villa remain in the Premier League, please, please do the honourable thing and walk away, before you drag our great club down to your own competence levels.

      Message to Villa faithful – please fill the stadium and get behind the team. If we manage to stay up, then and only then, must we do everything we can to get McLeish out.


  5. Has gabby been out injured all season cos he’s done fuck all!I’d jump at 7 mill for him all day long

  6. Disappointed, but seeing Stan today reminded me that there’s more to life than just football.

  7. We played the semi finalist Champions league today

    Them kids are going to get better

    Stop fuckin moaning at least them boys showed some passion

    One down side – Heskey please go and take that Ginger Twat with you

    • fred your rigth iseen some great things from them kids today in final third passing and moving that some of the first team have not shown most of season…

  8. I really can’t see where next win is coming from even at full strength we were shit. Biggest loss for me is bent as his goals would be the difference like last season,the rest of them are all average crap at best. I think the only one thing in our favour is goal difference and that is only thing that mite keep us up in the end. How sad that fourth from bottom is seen as a gud season. On another note thought attendance was really poor today under 35,000 especially as it was Chelsea who have gud support. Think people have had enough of watching dross week in week out and who can blame them. Think if we stay up crowds will average well under 30,000 if mclown and Lerner are still here but as long as we stay in prem and he has tv money then he dosnt give a f**k.

    • Spot on, 100% spot on oohah, and sorry to say it, but Gabby is just not good enough, 7 mil, yes please.

      • I would still like gabby sasa but only as a squad player as in the right sort of team he could make an impact of the bench from time to time. Having said that we will never have the right team under this regime and gabby as much as we all love him needs a new challenge bit like the vassal scenario when he had a new lease of life at man city.

    • Sick of it, and just when I thought the situation could not get worse it does

  9. We are shit and are getting relegated, Lerner OUT he has ripped the heart out of the club

  10. About injury list: is Makoun injured or is there a chance to call him back. Whats about The Fonz?

  11. What about the ‘Fonz’, the lad is a complete pansey.

  12. Wev still got heskey power house so not all bad lol

  13. money talks in mr lerners language its firstwhat he undertands.. so he gets in the dressing room and offers themnew cars houses watches money holidays on boats anything to keep us in league because messers eck and grant dont have a clue.. it was not about football today but its glaring that 2 wins in 2012 and a slide in everything.. them season tickets may not be to bad pricing with all the extra games in championship…For me i would put sid and kev mac in charge maybe the change will inspire couple of results..because it wont be long before i am to my knees praying.. i never ever thought 18 months ago this is where would be..

    • I am for Sid to go in, at this time a club legend would pull us all together

      • He’s there now isn’t he? McLeish is clueless and his backroom staff are either just as clueless or haven’t got the bollocks to tell him he’s a twat. I watched Sid as a player but why do you think he’d reverse the slide? I’m afraid passion doesn’t guarantee survival.

        • You have a point, look at Shearer.

        • Sorry Morgan loved watching Sid as a player but no way is he management material bit like dalglish at Liverpool Sid will always be a legend and would hate to turn against him if he were manager. Upthevilla7 agree with ur comments but having Kevin mcditherer back would be desperate. Remember Newcastle away. Bet he still can’t make his mind up what he wants for breakfast and that was over a year ago!! As matt74 said they are here now and look at the mess we are in.

          • If McLeish was to leave, who would do a job for us, I say curbs but I know others would disagree, I thanks Sid because he knows these kids inside out

          • Think bloody typing is getting worse

          • Curbs not a bad shout Morgan I’d put in same class as pardew and look at job he’s doing for Newcastle. I no sid knows the kids so his knowledge would be useful if we had a new manager. But knowing the kids does not make a good manager. Look at dalglish much more experienced than sid and bought the league at Blackburn. He has been a complete flop ever since at Celtic, Newcastle and now Liverpool where he is held in the same esteem as we hold Sid. Even liverpools hardcore fans no he is wrong for the club and are torn between dalglish the great player but not so great manager and do resist calling for his head even thou they know if he were anyone else he’d been gone ages ago. I don’t want to be in that position with Sid.

          • i would get venables in, a proper football man, first of all those we need to hound this clown out of the club even though personally i think its to late, everyone keeps saying we were safe it has now gone from 11 points safe to 5 and after next weekend will b 2, as i can see mcleishs comments now, ‘realisticly we were never going to win away at liverpool’ look at there team come were aston villa we cant beat teams like that. no doubt between now and the end of the season he will blame stan for falling ill. then he will blame it on injures even though weve been shit all season

        • Matt i would say latter kev mac and cowans like the game played in right way. i meant just till end of season give maybe a lift. and curbishley no thank you. woold rather have hoddle who can get these kids playing football before your all on my case i mean instead of curbs

  14. Dunne will be back for end of the season ive been told, hutton should be back for Liverpool , clark should be fit for Liverpool to as he’ll be back in training for 2 weeks before then, hope Cuellar isn’t too serious, jenas and delph was never involved anyway! with or without these we doomed v liverpool and man utd. Stoke, Sunderland AND bolton are all must wins, if west brom think there safe on 36pts then 4pts will do me.

    • Fuck me big c now uv really depressed me saying Dunne will be back that’s all we fuckin need. Think we will stay up but only just and may be just on goal difference.

      • Sorry mate i knew u didnt like dunne i just think our youngsters will give us 110% which is ace but if your not good nough you will lose doesnt matter how much you give. Clark, weimann and gardner the only 3 for me who will make it..

        • Apology accepted big c lol. Just the very mention of the name Dunne makes me lose the will to live lol. Agree with ur comments on youngsters thou think a case for Lichaj cud be made also. Problem is our youngsters are quantity not quality. And as much as I hate to say it arguably the best youngster in the midlands Redmond is at the scum of all places. If our academy is that great then how the f**k did he end up going there. All the quality youngsters in the country like Redmond chamberlain Sturbridge etc play for other clubs. I don’t think our academy is as great as we all make out personally.

    • Think Clarks return could be vital if Cuellar is out. I’d add Clark to the list who will make it – agree on Gardner & Weimann.

  15. Mate trust me, Gabby sells too many shirts to be sold.He’s untouchable

  16. Very emotional today regarding Stan. I’ve gotta admit some of the tweets and messages have been terrible. ‘Condolances etc…, very clumsy wording’… Stan is gonna get through this. The recovery rate amongst kids is VERY high. Admitedly, for the over 60’s there is a problem, BUT for a 32 yr old professional sportsman whose condition was spotted VERY early, I’ve every faith in the big fella. Okay, it’s gonna take a while to beat it, but beat it you will.
    Stan, we can see how professional and respectful and dedicated you are, and a top bloke too, a Villa legend, and we’re not just being polite here!!!
    I for one am looking forward to seeing u back at VP one way or another in the not too distant future. We’re all with you. And we fucking mean it as well. X

  17. If we hadn’t been so negative we wouldn’t be worrying about injuries,we’d probably have enough points in the bag now,I was one who was prepared to give McLeish a chance,but he’s failed miserably !
    If we stay up this season we can be thankful that there is enough other dross around us !
    McLeish should be sacked regardless,at the seasons end,and perhaps the clueless Lerner should beg old ‘Deadly’ to give him a clue on who to replace him with,because he sure as hell has no idea,

  18. Every time I go through the BBC predictor, I always err on the side of realism\negativity, and still Villa always stay up, having only won one game and drawn some others. I think it’s thanks to the tough run in that others have, rather than any confidence in our own form, but I think we will scape in. More to the point will be, how much will this have shook the belief that McLeish is the right man in the eyes or Lerner and the board (they must know by now the majority of fans want him out, not just the vocal minority online in forums(in their eyes)). How many negative results do we have to get next season before questions are asked?
    I think with the money it would take to get rid of McLeish & staff and get a new boss in, the board will opt to give McLeish the summer and some of next season. I’d like them to come out openly and let us know what the board’s expectation for AVFC is for next season – at least then we’d know whether McLeish is living up to their expectations.


  19. If we stay up it wont be down to Mcleish, it will be down to other teams not being able to pick up points………….. This iis not good enough for a club of our size and Tradition.

    Good Luck Stan, we are all behind you as you start your road to recovery, all the best mate !!

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