A difficult day today but facts are that we are in trouble with Mcleish

This is the hardest match report I have had to write as I wished the R word would not appear but impossible not to include it.

Lets start off with Petrov. From where I am in L8 I could not see him but it is clear the warmth around the ground for him. I am very proud of our reaction to him and his current troubles. On 19 minutes I had tears in my eyes at the standing ovation and all we can say is get well SOON Stan.

However with all the injuries and the results at Villa Park and elsewhere I can not say that relegation is no longer an issue. The table, fixture list and injury list says it all, I do not have to explain that to anyone. However yet more set piece goals cost us, what is it with free headers, is it impossible to pick up players ? that at the end cost us and then playing YET AGAIN players out of position, is the manager mad ?

Gardner and Bannan SHOULD never play left and right, what the hell is the point of that. Weimann clearly was the man of the match and after a shaky start Baker was OK but the the squad strength can be seen by the bench.

Do I have to remind people what happened to Blues at this stage 12 months ago and who the manager is. What the hell are we doing in training to get people like Cuellar and N’Zog injuries ?

So yes I expected a Chelsea loss today but not Wigan and QPR wins and now the pressure is on and the home games we have left become vital. However with 7 home losses already and only 4 wins can we expect to win any more given who we play.

How big is the Bolton game now ?

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74 comments on “A difficult day today but facts are that we are in trouble with Mcleish

  1. I got a free season ticket, you really think I’d pay to watch villa. Your having a laugh.
    Footballers are not worth my money.
    I played against villa back in 2001 so I know what it takes to be a player and how the games played.

    Ive said it before I can spot talent before they are stars, I can select and change a team to win games. If I did my coaching badges I would do a better job than McLeish by miles.

    But back to the point, we are going down unless McLeish is removed.

  2. I have a free season ticket, I don’t spend a penny on villa. I played against them back in 2001 and saw that I was equally as good just not as fit and sharp. Skill wise I was better than a few.

    So I dont hype on about footballers, if I spot quality I’ll mention who’s quality.

    • It doesn’t sound like you lacked the confidence in your own ability.

      I’m happy to have a wager that we stay up, if you are so certain in your expert opinion that we are going to be relegated.

      • It’s going to be down to other results because villa won’t pick up wins and will be lucky to get a draw.
        Doom and gloom isn’t what it is, it’s fact!!!

        Our position is no lie, the lack of goals, conceding from set pieces and always conceding in the last 10 minutes.

        Ppl knock Houllier but one thing I’ll say about him is that he was trying to get them to play football, instead of hoofball.
        The players that hoof the ball were the players who had problems with Houllier.

        Collins, Dunne and Warnock.

        Houllier was looking for skilful footballers and play the ball into feet.
        He spotted which players were average crap.
        He spotted Agbonlahor, Warnock, Dunne, Collins, Carew etc were not good enough and was slowly trying to change that. Unfortunately he became I’ll and players got there wish.

  3. I think that the club have handled the desperately sad news regarding our captain extremely well, and that the personal statement just before kick off and the ovation and picture on the screens at 19″ was spot on. They deserve credit for that.

    The very best of luck and medical treatment in your battles ahead Stilyian.

    On another level, I just can’t understand the triumphalism of so many supporters on here who once again almost seem to revel in the fact that the team have lost, and that with results elsewhere, we are in the relegation shake up.

    It was these same people last year who found their full wind after a defeat at the Hawthorns, we’re definitely going down, all is doom, and were left absolutely gutted by wins against Arsenal away and Liverpool at home.

    For some to state that we will lose the last eight games of the season, and that I’m a mug for having renewed my season ticket, how on earth can you actually associate yourself with the club, and have the temerity to call yourself a ‘supporter’ ?

    The table does not make pleasant viewing, we should never have had McLeish as a manager, but to say that Lerner is at fault for all the ailments of our club is just wrong.

    We are still having to recoup the massive outlay of the MON era, the main criticism of Lerner would be that he allowed far too much money to be spent too freely on mediocre players and huge contracts.

    We are now cutting our cloth accordingly, and a season or two of financial rebalance was always on the cards.

    Whilst it is unnerving to be as close to the drop as we are, we have to put things in perspective, and see that if we win our game in hand against Bolton at home, we are as close to eighth as relegation.

    QPR have a horrendous run in, where Swansea, West Brom and Stoke look their only realistic chance of points.

    Wigan similarly would seem to have for teh last three games of the season to have a realistic chance of wins.

    Blackburn have maybe four games where they will have a decent chance of a win.

    Bolton have the best run in of the teams down there.

    We have games against Stoke, Bolton and Sunderland at home that should yield something.

    We are close to the edge, admittedly. Personally, I should imagine we’l finish eleventh or twelfth.

    No apologies to the doom mongers, I’m sure you’re desperately hoping that I’m wrong. I shall be with Villa cheering them on all the way though.

    • I can see your point of view, last season I backed GH. I done this because I could see where it was going. I hold nothing personal towards McLeish, I have heard that he is a nice bloke and is well liked in football, my opinion of is he is a championship manager, but he is way out of his depth at VP.

      I used to back Lerner but some of the decisions he has made have left us in this mess, I hope we pull out of this relegation battle, if we don’t all of the decisions that have been made have led us here, and unfortunately Lerner is the man who made those decisions and the buck stops with him no excuses

  4. Vaz your post is laughable and lacks credibility for example QPR have just beaten Liverpool and Arsenal. Not sure if you are a PR member of Lerners employment. But you have made yourself look very silly. Fact worst manager ever Lerner employed fact we are in a relegation season fact Lerner is a business man and has sold our best assets fact Lerner would walk away with a profit if he left. Fact Lerner refuses to talk to fans, how arrogant. Vas you PR spin no longer works. Lerner out

    • You need to understand the difference between a fact and an opinion Ted.

      My opinions differ somewhat from yours.

      I think that Villa have had worse managers in their 138 year history.

      We are close to the relegation zone, but I don’t think that it is a relegation season, I think we’ll stay up.

      Lerner has sold players that did not want to remain at the club and would have left for free.

      How would Lerner walk away with a profit at the moment ?

      Lerner does not communicate particularly well admittedly.

      Who is to say who is right or wrong. Only time will tell. Hopefully we’ll stay up and change our manager in the Summer.

    • I read your “facts” and take them with a big pinch of salt. Can you justify though your assertion that Lerner would walk away with a profit. Where is this supposed big money to come from, why would anyone want a club as bad as you paint, how do arrive at your values?

      As for your assertion about selling our best players, dont you understand we had no choice, the players have the whip hand they insisted they wanted out, they had to go when there was still value there! I do agree he was wrong about McCown though.

  5. Cant explain it but I enjoyed the game, if not the result! The crowd were up for it, the kids played well, Ireland, I’m his biggest critic, played IMO his best game for us. Is it any chance that the kids around him play football and pass to each other. Many other posters quite rightly point out the crazy decision to start Gardner/Bannan in wrong positions.

    Now can someone explain to me why, after quite rightly bringing on Albrighton who transformed us, and all of a sudden we score two goals, Chelsea are all at sea at the back, the McIdiot takes off the centre forward who was responsible for the Chelsea problems and brings on the Mule. Was it he saw 1 point and his negative outlook again took over, instead of going on whilst we could and going for three!

    I did not expect any points yesterday but I was encouraged by the football at times and the passion showed by the kids especially. How often though did the kids, Ireland play the ball around, keep possession only for it to arrive at Collins, who immediately balloons to the opposition. I also believe Lichaj (my MOTM) showed why he should start every week, the first player took off was their left winger, the threat of Cole was nullified by him and surprisingly Bannan, he also moved forward well, is quick and his throw ins give something to our armoury.

    Will we go down, IMO it will be queeky bum time but I think we will just escape. As for next season there were 13 of our own in the squad yesterday, this gives me confidence, with a good manager, a couple of astute signings we could be up where we belong. Yes I was encouraged, after the 90 minutes I endured at the Emirates!

  6. Vas name the manger that’s worse? Yes sold players but where are the replacements? Lerner loaned the club the money and charges interest he bought it for 64 million a snip, you say his communication is too good, talk about an unde statement the general has even left the guy treats us with contempt. As for relegation season look at clubs around us, look at the way we play, look at current form for that matter look at the whole season, listen to fans. Lerner out

  7. hope Stan gets well soon – absolutely gutted that this happened.

    i have tried to support AM and the squad as much as possible – but now we face a relegation battle i am concerned – at 11 points clear couple of weeks ago i was very confident that we were staying up – for the first time i am worried.

    Mcleish is a defensive manager an yet we can’t defend? that to me says he’s just has to go. if you can’t do what your trademark is then that is just plain awful. he would have gained respect if we were keeping clean sheets – but we aren’t at all.

    i just hope and prey we attack liverpool because when liverpool come up against attacking teams they buckle. i hope that we beat sunderland west brom stoke and bolton. at the minute i am very worried though

    • Losing like winning becomes habitual players go out and expect to lose and unfortunately I think that’s where we are at the moment.
      You can see the confidence draining away from the players and I am really starting to believe we are doomed.

  8. McIdiot, VM I think you answered your own question, (he’s an idiot) and Lichaj did look part, like the passion in the lad, if only we had more like him!
    “Will we go down, IMO it will be queeky bum time but I think we will just escape”???
    Which on is it? I agree with the first part, can’t see where the next points are coming
    from but I suppose its to be expected when we have a serial relagationist at the helm.

  9. Villa 5 life you have to take some responsibility for our clubs position. Supporting AM has allowed this to happen.

    • no ted i hated him coming in – once he was in place i supported him like any other manager and hoped he could give us at least 10th. but he just isn’t good enough and the critics were right

      i just prey we can have a surprise end to the season

  10. oh and i love our kids – weimann is a must start for me now with gabby upfront to get some goals! – lichaj was unreal i loved every moment of his goal.

    albrighton has earned his starts after providing great threats and crosses.

    i think we would have won more games if these guys were more involved

  11. Alex McLeish Is in the Process of Relegating Two Clubs from the Same City

    It seems like the Aston Villa fans knew something those in charge of the club did not. Alex McLeish was not fit to manage the club because he is not very good.

    Villa are now a threat to be the second club from Birmingham McLeish has managed to relegate. The fact that it would have happened in consecutive seasons is even more alarming.

    It seems like McLeish is hellbent on ruining football in Birmingham. It would not be that surprising if he somehow cajoled his way into the West Bromwich Albion hot seat to attempt the hat-trick of Second City relegations.

    McLeish seems to be living off the glory of Scotland upsetting France in Paris and winning a bunch of trophies with Rangers. The fact is, despite beating France, McLeish still failed to qualify for Euro 2008, and it is easier to win at Rangers than it is to lose.

    Anyone who watched Villa this season or Birmingham last season knows McLeish does not deserve another shot in management.

  12. I have just seen mr faulkners interview on sky great to actually see him coming out on tv for once but he does like he has aged.. shame he could not comemout when the fans wanted them to even left eck to do the press confrence the day he signed we have some poor people behind the scenes. i think villa miss some one like stride in boardroom he knew the game inside out the agents dealings isnted we have this numpty..

  13. I still don’t think we will get relegated, but I’ll hold my hands up and admit I’m saying that a little more tentatively than before. I’m looking at those games with Bolton and Stoke and thinking 6 points is a must.

    As for McLeish, I’ve had enough. I wasn’t at the game yesterday but I was told as soon as we’d scored our second, McLeish opted to sit back and hold on for the point. If that’s the case, the man is tactically inept.

    I’ve tried to back this man since he joined us, but I’ve given up on him. Come the summer, he has got to go! And, if that rumour of him being the 20th highest paid manager in the world is true as well, then I’m losing faith in Lerner.

    To the likes of Jinsky, GarethVilla and company, I’m on your side now… McLeish Out!

  14. mcleish out! i have given up – going for draws is an awful strategy no wonder we are in a bad position – and after watching liverpool we should go out all attack on them cus they are truly awful too –

    if we don’t go out attacking liverpool next week I’m gonna go beat the ginger idiot up myself

  15. Pool have apparently suffered 6 defeats in 7 games, a stat that should mean we stand a very good chance.
    But can you really see us beating them?
    God, I hope we do.

    • if we go out there and think – what have we to lose?? and put pressure on them early we can win no doubt! then we will also be safe and can go in with confidence for the next games.

      however, our manager will probably play 5-5-0 formation and will do a crappy arsenal performance

  16. McLeish has to go, of that there is no doubt, but Lerner and Faulkner cannot escape the fact that they have played a huge part (thanks to their lack of leadership, direction, and poor decision making over the past twenty months or so) in the demise of the club, since that fateful day back in August 2011 when they forced O’Neill’s hand.

    Yes cuts were needed, spending slashed, wages brought under control, that scenario could not have been allowed to continue. But it should have been done gradually. You cant stand still in this league, if you do you are overtaken. Lerner saw fit to implement a period of marking time, and the stagnation and decline set in.

    Two shockingly poor managerial appointment, unwise policies, and a lack of football savvy individuals within the boardroom etc, have all combined to dump us in the mess we now find ourselves in.

    It’ll be ironic if O’Neill returns with his Sunderland team later this month and hammers another nail into our coffin.

    Questions have to be asked of Lerner, Faulkner and co. They cannot walk away from this period of decline and despair unscathed.

  17. http://betting dot betfair dot com/football/premiership/is-petrovs-illness-the-final-nail-in-aston-villas-coffin-010412.html

  18. Couldn’t agree more about the Steve Stride comments he was worth 10 times this guy Faulkner will ever be. How on earth weve ended up with Faulkner and Randy ( Lord Lucan ) Lerner is beyond belief. Lets get a football man on the board like Graham Taylor or Big Ron, both Villa through and through and know the game inside out
    Maybe if Lerner had some football knowledge within earshot instead of Faulkner we
    might start to move in the right direction. Randy needs to act sooner not later.

  19. Christ I thought we had heard the last of Ted, I was hoping he had gotten lost in Andrew’s. No fact’s, no thought for the future, no idea’s except Lerner out. First of all RL own’s the club and in case Ted didn’t hear that Lerner own’s the club. He can sell it, keep it, relegate it, he can hire and fire whoever he likes. He has already shown he doesn’t have to listen to the supporters. If he is in it only for the money that’s his right. He can loan money to the club and charge interest on it, In short he can do whatever he want’s with the club because he own’s it. Fan’s are angry because of the position we find ourselves in, and rightly so. They were angry when Barry, Milner, Young and Downing left and rightly so. But which of them didn’t want to go, and which hasn’t been better off. Villa don’t have the money anymore. The club is broke and broken. We are heading for year’s of average player’s playing average football against average team’s. Sad, but that’s the way it’s going and I don’t think we will be the only one’s. What could improve the situation Is for fan’s to protest against the worst manager I can remember and campaign to have him removed. For a manager to say we have no chance against any team should be enough to get him the sack. All fan’s who receive ST packages return them with sack Mc Leish written on them. All other fan’s should send a letter a week with Mcleish out on them. If the club are inundated week in week out with letters it might make someone take notice. But when you have a single owner of a club, nothing you do may make any difference.

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