Get Well soon Stiliyan

Shocking news just coming through of the awful news about Petrov’s illness.

This is clearly a serious issue for him and his family and will deeply affect the club and all supporters.

I wish to add my name to all the best wishes for Stiliyan and any protests should now be called off and I am sure they will.

(EDIT – Mcleish_out has said protest is off and rightly so)

All the thoughts for tomorrow should be with Stiliyan and his family.

On a personal side I met Stan in 2006. I was doing a bike ride for the Bliss charity and Villa very kindly allowed me to meet him after the Bolton game to draw some raffle tickets. Total gentleman, no airs or graces about him, about a normal bloke you will ever meet in football.

I am sure this illness has greatly affected the whole club and I am personally very sad at this news and tomorrow we should make sure wherever he is he hears his name being sung out.

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43 comments on “Get Well soon Stiliyan

  1. Get well soon Stan. Really hope you get over this. The news hit me for six. Great Captain and led by example this season when we needed it. Lets hope everyone puts in a performance for you tommorow that will do you proud. Get well soon.

  2. Shock and horror, Stan get well mate we need you, your down as one of the best.

  3. Hope u get better stan 6yrs of great serivce to villa still remember ur goal against derby in 6 0 win how can this happen? Theirs only one stan petev

  4. Wow this is horrible news… Petrov has always been one of my favorites. He shows heart every match even if he doesn’t quite have the legs now. After hearing this, it makes me wonder how much the leukemia affected him the past few seasons without him knowing it? Best of luck skipper and GET WELL SOON!!!

  5. Thinking of you stan. Get well soon.

  6. Get well soon Stan. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family

  7. Great guy, great captain. Get well soon Stan.

  8. get well soon Stan. great professional and a top bloke.

  9. A pal of mine (bluenose) did some decorating at Stans house ,he told me he was a great guy. Ironic that Stan has shone this season to be then struck down with this. All the very best Stan for a full recovery.

  10. Great man, great Captain, great role model for the younger lads, great ambassador for our great club. The guy has never given less than 100% and I am sure he will face this battle head on.

    All the best Stan.

  11. 19th minute standing applause and chanting of our skippers name tomorrow. is what seems to be gathering pace lets show the nation the world what avfc club and fans are about. we look after each other in times like this he is our captain so lets show him what he means to us. come on guys lets get right behind the lads from the off sing our hearts out clap in cheer for stan and the other lads might need pulling through this game… we are the 12th man.

  12. What a lousy piece of news. Come on Stan, every Villain is with you!

  13. I wish words could make a situation better.

    Stan – your health and well being is THE most important thing to us, the supporters of the football club you ARE AND WILL ALWAYS BE the captain of. I pray to god that you beat your illness. You and your family will have the support of the club and its supporters.

    Get well soon…

  14. minutes applause on 19 minutes tomorrow for stan, spread the word!!!!

  15. forget singing his name in the 19th minute! Lets sing it the whole bloody game! come on villa do him proud tomorow and get 3 points! UTV

  16. Get well soon captain ,praying for you,let the whole of villa park show him just what he means to us,today is for stan

  17. It was nice to see you at the game today. Get Well Soon Stylian.

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