Twitter deletions, forced or voluntary

The day after a performance which left everyone demoralised and it seems the PR blunders at Villa keep rolling in.

I love twitter, it gives you access to information and people that was never possible before. In those 140 words you can converse as I have done with sports stars, writers, broadcasters, politicians, radio hosts etc. The world is limitless with twitter. The fact Cuellar uses the medium to it’s best is very exciting to read what a player thinks and says and he is still on twitter.

However it has come to light today that Barry Bannan and Marc Albrighton have both deleted their accounts. After the N’Zogbia affair then have villa forced these two to delete their accounts ? I never saw anything from either of them that could harm the club. Bannan occasionally got into spats with rangers fans but both ne and Marc used the accounts in the best possible way.

I call it a PR blunder because at these times you need good PR and twitter provided that. I can not find any more that have deleted the accounts but it just looks bad.

Almost as bad as some of the Mcleish comments I have read this morning. Talking of bad PR and the way he has come across is awful and defeatist. Whatever you may think of MON he was never a defeatist unlike the two that followed. He always made sure the club and team had the best chance of beating anyone (Moscow aside). No fan wants to hear from a manager he thought he had no chance, that kind of comment should see him go.

32 comments on “Twitter deletions, forced or voluntary

  1. If he doesn’t think we can get anything at Arsenal, then we’re fucked against Chelsea too, aren’t we? I’m putting a £100 bet on Chelsea I think, it just might cheer me up a bit to make some easy money.

    How is he a manager? He is beyond stupid! If we signed Messi tomorrow he would play him as our second right back and slam him in the press for not scoring.

    I don’t want to see a Villa team built by Alex McLeish, they would have so much fear running through them that they wouldn’t even make it off the team coach, never mind cross the half way line!

  2. Are Chelsea game is sandwiched between their two Benfica games. Lucky break for us – lets hope we go for it from the first minute (like we did vs Arsenal at home) rather than try to defend like we did yday

  3. Our Chelsea game …

  4. How can u say mon was not a defeatist when he sent out a team to lose in Europa cup and whinged how small the squad was even thou he was the biggest spending manager in clubs history. Add to that he could never win in march because he convinced himself and the players they were to tired for a final push for fourth. Defence was woeful again yesterday even the king made an error giving ball away cheaply in dunne like fashion which led to their second goal. Say wot u like a out am but at least he proved at the scum he could build a decent defence. Having said that the clown has to go playing heskey in midfield is a disgrace, playing heskey at all full stop us a joke. He makes the same errors week in week out he is a disgrace to our club and no way will I be there next season to watch this dross team. The players, manager and chairman are all completely useless and maybe (thou it hurts to say it) the best thing we can do is go down and rebuild from the bottom up under new ownership.

    • uder MONwe had one of the tightest defences in the league. With the exact same players bar Htutton, we now have one of the worst. Ad you trust Mcleish to build a defence?

      Unreal Villa fans still actually believe i this shit.

      • Actually we don’t have one of the worst. It’s about as good or bad as Norwich’s and West Broms. It was also creaking at the end of MON’s last season, and is a couple of years on from there. Yes McLeish will, given the chance, build a better defence. Now tell me how much money MON spent on defenders? About twice as much as McLeish has spent in total on the whole team. Not a fair comparison really is it?

        • MON in his last season got the the League cup final and teh Semi Final of the FA Cup, we also progressed to teh knockout stages of the Europa League and finished 6th and were still battling for 4th until the last few games of the season.

          Under Mcleish – worst football ive ever witessed in my lifetime, leaking stupid goals, playing defensive negative football basically telling the players that they dont have a chance of beating the likes of Arsenal (check the post match interview)

          Keep up the blind misdirected faith i your stubborn attempt to look like a “true” Villa fan. But come the demise and eventual relegation fo the club. You will be just as accountable as the manager and naive board.

          Nuff said.

          • It’s not a case of being a “true” Villa fan, either for me or for you. It’s just an opinion. Am I trying to argue that we are in a better position than under MON? Why don’t you read what I said? All Ii did was use FACT to point out that your opinion of our defence doesn’t really stack up, particularly since you are slagging off a manager who hasn’t been given the time or resources to deal with it. Does that mean I think he is a great manager? Nope.
            Yes the football is poor too often. Like it was under Gregory, Houllier, O’Leary and even O’Neill. As for my accountability? What are you doing to actually change things? I mean apart from spouting off on here like the rest of us?

          • I’ve sent 4 letters to faulkners direct email address, got two replies. I’ve boycott Thr club and ceased to buy merchandise.

            Also we did a lot better under Gregory than now. And McLeish hast been given time? are you kidding me? Houllier had half the amount of time yet villa fans crucified him and contributed to his heart giving way again. And he got us playing with the ball on the ground. its just short minded people who couldn’t see past their nose that didnt realise where we were going with houllier.

            Vilas boas was given less time and yet they were still in the champions league, fa cup and in with a shout of 3rd. McLeish is a loser. His mentality and remarks in every single interview proves that much. He won’t be a success even given ten years here.

    • well said although you did miss that he walked out rather than face the mess he had created which looks pretty defeatist to me

      • He didn’t walk tho, otherwise he wouldn’t have been paid off in court, he went for ‘unreasonable dismissal’ or something along those lines

        • Wrong. He did walk. You don’t understand employment law. He will have been claiming constructive dismissal, which means that he was arguing that actions of the owners/management undermined him and made it impossible to continue in his role. Walk is exactly what he did.

          • So that makes it ok? So the fact we came closest to success for over a decade then the owner and ceo pull the plug and start selling players behind the managers back ad thats acceptable?

            The club is ran by buffoons

      • Couldn’t agree more. He was, however, a great motivator which masked some of his tactical shortcomings. A lot of the football was dire though. We could do with some of that motivation now though.

  5. I think you are reading too much into two players deleting there accounts.
    Twitter for footballers can be a dangerous place to be with many ill informed comments from many of them.

    As fans we HAVE got to move heaven and earth to rid the man who is ruining our image as a football club. He has to go. He is doing nothing but harm, to our image, our fans, our reputation, our status, our credibility, our future, our players, OUR CLUB.

    andy lochead in the air – we will not go for it from the first minute….it is just not in the managers make up. He has not done it all season and he has not done it in his career as a manager.

  6. not been on twitter that long but from what i read marc and bannan seemed to enjoy the banter on there. never read a post by them that was bad about club. i would hope the club had nothing to with deletions.
    agree bout ecks comments. a manager should never say “cant expext to win here”.
    no matter who playin should nver say that imo

    • The club have told most the players to come off social networking sites. I know this because jack grealish was also told to leave them.

  7. If that Clown doesn’t expect to win how does he expect the players to believe they can win. Playing Heskey is a sure sign of defeat before you reach the pitch. On who’s recommendation did RL hire this defeatist, surly not on a letter from AF. Tamworth would go to Arsenal thinking they had a chance but not if McClown was manager. The sooner he goes the better. Until then no more early morning Ryanair flight’s for me.

  8. Jack Grealish from the u17s was banned from twitter for 3wks for critisising the club

    • He didn’t criticise the club, he said he was considering his options. Get your facts right if your going to comment something.

  9. Carlos is till on so it’s obviously an individual thing,

  10. Hutton collins and heard all in apres last night !! I dont no how they can show their faces after another poor performace!!

  11. McDoughnuts latest motivational comments , which will have the players right up for it at Bodymoor Heath tomorrow ….Not !!!!

    “At some stage you can’t spoon feed them every minute of the game with tactics,” he said.

    “You’ve got to let them play and at times express themselves.

    “I didn’t feel that the Emirates was a place to express ourselves in terms of passing about at the back because that’s not a strength of ours.

    “That’s no disrespect to our players as they have other qualities.”

    • Mmm. Not motivational, but 100% true. My heart is in my mouth when the ball is within 20 yds of our back four. Or maybe 50 yds. Pretty much everyone on here thinks our back four is shite. But you want AM to pretend otherwise??? Just another excuse to pummel him.

      i watched Stoke yesterday. Utter shite. Crap football except a piece of brilliance by Crouch. The support from the crowd was fantastic from start to finish. Made me think. Is the support great because the team is fantastic, or do the team do OK because of the support?

      Maybe if we swapped supporters we would find out. I think Villa fans are even worse than the team.

      • Difference between motivation and telling players the truth – just take a look at us under MON and us now. And take a look at how Sunderlads season is going now.

        He may have bought a load of dross but he made them believe they were Leo Messi and they gave 110%. Unlike now.

        I know which id rather have.

        • I can understand that. But I was glad to see him go. Much of the football was shit and certainly not as good as say Redknapp would have produced. I’m not missing your point about motivation. MON’s version would be “play poorly and never get in the team again”. He just wouldn’t have said it to the media.

          If he hadn’t wasted so much money on dross he would still be here.and we would be in europe.

          Maybe Randy would prefer it too but who knows?

          • Personally i think he left because the rug was pulled from underneath him with the milner deal. He got paid off for a reason, if he walked out then he wouldnt have been entitled to anything. In my opinion milner got sold by faulkner – who also bought ireland in as a replacement and as a manager he felt undermined as would i, faulkner knows f all about football (clearly as his taste in picking managers has been a disgrace)

            Just fed up of the whole debacle. for the last 2 years all the good work lerner has done has gone down the pan and were now a laughing stock.

          • Yes but that was part of the rebalancing of the books. If he had played all the players he bought, and got us Champs League that wouldn’t have happened and he would still be here. Chicken and Egg really. It has all been a bit of a farce as you say. Take a look at the barcodes though. It all turned around in one season without spending a fortune. Maybe the same will happen at Villa in the next season or two.

          • But who’s to say that’s not a fluke as the leagues been crap this year? And if its not they’ve got a half decent manager who’s got them playing good footy, how many of thr top 6 at the minute playing negative crappy football?

        • lets see how he goes when he isn’t managing someone else’s side but his own.

  12. Carlos and Herdy both still have their twitters don’t they?…

  13. Who really cares ?

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