Mcleish Out protest against Chelsea

I have received this from Mcleish out guys – LINK

How much longer can this go on? Another woeful performance from McLeish’s Villa. Was there any point in even turning up?

He has now had 29 games, we have won 7! We are 15th in the table and ARE in a RELEGATION battle. Look at our remaining fixtures, do you really see us picking up many more points under the current manager?

Not only do we feel it is time to again protest against the manager but now it is also time to target a certain Mr Paul Faulkner. The man that has overseen the worst managerial appointment at Villa Park in 25 years. Since he has been appointed CEO of Aston Villa the club has been an absolute shambles on the pitch. His appointment of Alex McLeish shows he should have no place in the game.

We propose a protest before the game at the McGregor statue at 2.15pm next Saturday and also again after the game. People will sneer and say its a waste of time. But if you all want McLeish out as much as you say you do then surely now is the time to act.

Could they really ignore us all?


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38 comments on “Mcleish Out protest against Chelsea

  1. let’s say they agree with your moaning and McLeish is gone. Then what?

  2. Such a knobhead hahahahahahahaha

  3. I really do hate to say it but I think it is time for the fans to take action…I understand we are in a “transitional period” but that does not condone what has gone on this season. A managerial nightmare…bad tactics, mentality, man management, terrible media carry on and shocking use of the bench.

    K McD or anyone floating around Villa to take us to the end of the season! Last year we had Gary Mac end the season and he won 2 from 4 if I remember correctly…and we shot right up the table!

    Let the players play, bring the youth in. What makes this pill so hard to swallow is 99% of Villa fans knew this was going to happen….did they listen?? Well maybe, just maybe this time they will!

    • The club always use the word transition its utter bollox when you sell better players… one word should be used a mess..

  4. I have just seen the full ipost match interview on the bbc website and am now convinced McLeish has some kind of dillusional disorder. He talks about how good we were against Fulham as if it was the greatest game in the club’s history. We won one nil you plum, in injury time, with a scrambled goal. He also talks about setting out to win in the same breath as shrugging his shoulders and saying ‘we were playing Arsenal and not many teams get something here’. I’ve seen us get something there plenty of times you tosser. The interviewer must be a villa fan as he didn’t let him off the hook about relegation. I agree that we won’t go down but only because the teams below are so shit and I don’t think we’ll escape by much. I had the pack come through about renewal and didn’t even open it, it’ll be collected by Birmingham city council on wednesday with the rest of the recycling. I’ve had season tickets on and off since my teens and I’m now nearly 40. I’ve had enough, McLeish you are a twat.

    • My renewal pack will remain unopened along with my sons until the manager has gone. I really do not care who replaces him, i’d even take Mr Potato head!!

    • Maybe we should all send the welcome pack back to sender maybe they will get idea then..

    • Good post, I have been a season ticket holder for 30 years, paid £1100 for me & my boys tickets last year + his mate had one = £1650 approx. None of us will renew next season because of the negative depressing state of our once great club.
      I actually agree with the reduction in the obscene wages we pay to over the hill players, I like the fact that some younger players are getting a chance, but I absolutely cannot stand the dire negativity of this excuse for a manager.

  5. I think he may also be forgetting his league cup victory against them with Blues…… Did he not expect elanything from that game? MCliesch out! There are managers out there that will have an instant impact and can give us a comfortable survival! This protest must happen!

  6. I’d like to see Benitez

  7. I wanted to wait until we were mathematically safe before protesting, but after yesterday im there. Absolute joke, i would rather lose 6-0 and have a go than lose like we did, once again AM negative shit. Everything about the bloke makes me so fucking angry, i for one have missed MON, at least we went in to games positively and with enthusiasm

    • The man is a joke, we apparantly should be realistic and not expect to even compete in games…

      Under Eck’s vision of football the premier league is made up of 14 teams……dont bother playing the top 6 just give them 3 points and concentrate on grinding out a 0-0 against Wigan, Wolves etc……. thats how you play football.

  8. Yeh I remember before when we had a protest and there was 10 people there!what’s the point just boycott like I have!I’ve used my free season ticket twice this season.bad times.wish we had oneill back

  9. Watching MOD last night it was blindingly obvious we are by a country mile the worst footballing side (with the one exception of Wolves) in the EPL, every other side in the bottom half of the table can on their day do a bit and play some decent stuff. Playing the dross we churn out week after week we deserve to go down it is a truly piss poor standard of football. We should all turn up and support this protest, never as one been so deserved and called for. AMC /Faulkner/Lerner you are slowly but surely killing our club, we must support this protest.

  10. Benitez! Benitez! Benitez!

  11. I can cope with defeats at Arsenal, but from his post-match comments it sounds like Eck never believed we could

    “We have to be realistc if people thought we would come here and win” – F*ucking bellend!

    That’s pissed me off more than anything else off more than anything else this season and if that’s his attitude then he can fuck off! Would rather have any other manager of they actually believed in their team regardless of the opposition.

  12. Wolves seem to have moved on since getting rid of Mick.

    McLeish isn’t the right man for Villa, but who else wants to manage us ?

  13. Start preparing for the championship we will go down we are showing no fight, no bottle no anything the players, staff and fans do not want mcleish here, lerner why????

  14. It sounds like from his post match comments that he has lost the dressing room as well. If players do not do as they are told then obviously they too dont have faith in the people instructing. He has to go and im for the protests and banners and boos.

  15. because protests have been the answer to all our prayers before havent they!!??

  16. The only way to remove AM and LERNER is to stay away. Lerner will not care about a protest if you then spend your money and go into the ground. Be sensible Lerner will not listen he will only act if he is hit financially BOYCOTT NOW. Lerner out

  17. McLeish is tactically inept, unable to motivate the players, and deluded.

    McLeish Out!

    Paul Faulkner is an ex employee of Randy at his Bank, and is not a man who knows anything about football, or our great Aston Villa, he’s employed to advise Randy (laughable) and take the heat off the owner, who spends the majority of his time in the USA.

    Faulkner Out!

  18. When you employ a relegation expert chances are you will get relegated we really should have expected this. Faulkner and Lerner are so bloody clueless they couldn’t find their arses with both hands. Look at Man U the Glasers dont really understand our game but not only do they have a great manager they have a club legend sat in the boardroom in Bobby Charlton. Who ever we have as a manager we really need someone like Ron Atkinson or Graham Taylor as a non exec director to actually advise these non hopers in our boardroom.

  19. I no mcleish is a awful manager but he can only work with what he has and I think the squad is really shit!the youngsters aren’t prem class and will never make the grade. gabby and heskey are the worst strikers in the league and the defence and midfield are really poor.bad times

  20. Pathetic, but totally expected. I’d imagine the 20-30 of them will make right fools of themselves just like last time

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