Mcleish Out protest against Chelsea

I have received this from Mcleish out guys – LINK

How much longer can this go on? Another woeful performance from McLeish’s Villa. Was there any point in even turning up?

He has now had 29 games, we have won 7! We are 15th in the table and ARE in a RELEGATION battle. Look at our remaining fixtures, do you really see us picking up many more points under the current manager?

Not only do we feel it is time to again protest against the manager but now it is also time to target a certain Mr Paul Faulkner. The man that has overseen the worst managerial appointment at Villa Park in 25 years. Since he has been appointed CEO of Aston Villa the club has been an absolute shambles on the pitch. His appointment of Alex McLeish shows he should have no place in the game.

We propose a protest before the game at the McGregor statue at 2.15pm next Saturday and also again after the game. People will sneer and say its a waste of time. But if you all want McLeish out as much as you say you do then surely now is the time to act.

Could they really ignore us all?


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38 comments on “Mcleish Out protest against Chelsea

  1. We are pretty crap at the moment. protesting is a waste of time though. AM will be manager next season unless we get relegated (which still looks pretty unlikely IMHO). Most people are just lashing out looking for someone to blame. Is it AM, RL, PF or the players?
    Personally, I don’t think the players are good enough. That’s not to say everything else is OK as it clearly isn’t. There needs to be a massive reshape in the summer. Then we’ll see what happens next season.
    McLeish out can have their protest but it will be as pathetic as last time. There is no miracle cure that is going to happen anytime soon, and a shambolic attempt by a bunch of people who have no plan other than McLeish out to effect change is just a joke

  2. McLeish is staying and I’m not protesting. That is all.

  3. For godsake im sick of people saying “we havent got the quality!”

    We’ve lost Downing and Young that are noteworthy. And replaced Downing with N’Zogbia, who, this season, has’nt played to the best of his ability. WEve had Bent for a full season and the football we’re told to play DOESN’T ALLOW HIM TO SCORE GOALS.

    I swear to god (Or Allah, whomever you pray to) 99% of Villa fans are THICK as pig shit and dont understand the basic concepts of football. Doesn’t exactly do the club or the city of Birmingham any favours with regards to the stereotype.

    What im getting at is that the Villa team hasn’t changed all that much, the defence is exactly the same bar Hutton yet were conceding far more goals this season that the last two.

    No, were not top 6 quality in my opinion. But after finishing 9th with all the injuries we endured last season…To battling relegation this season is just NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Do me a favour and take a look at Norwich ad Swansea. Now look at where they are in the league, how much are their squads worth? Less than ours im assuming, yet they are above us, and play far better football.

    Come on guys, look at the basics and look further than the end of your nose to see the bigger picture. Mcleish and Faulkner are the cancer of this club and if you refuse to do something about it then YOU are accountable for the clubs demise just as much as they are! DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

    • They are all responsible, the buck does stop at the Manager and the person who appointed him, the players though have to hold some of that responsibility as well. They have been collectively awful

  4. Anyone remember the Faulkner – Tom Ross interview just before the Spurs capitulation? Faulkner stated that there was no reason we should be aiming for anything less than finishing in a Europa spot with the squad we have. Last time I looked 15th doesn’t get you into Europe, so surely McLeish has failed? If McKendrick or Abrahams were worth their salt as journalists, they’d be pointing this out to the powers that be and applying some leverage from the local press corps.

    But, no… weak local journalists, who are shit scared to write what they really think, coupled with indifferent supporters and a very political board and owner mean we are up shite creak without anything resembling a paddle.

  5. When the news came that McLeish had taken over the mood went down at the club and such inane pointless acts such as this has done nothing to help an already disrupted club, in turmoil because of Mon’s manner of departure and the failure of Houllier to live up to the roll he had.
    The club has been going down hill for 3 seasons, and this attitude amongst the fans has not helped.
    Its time fans realised its not the club that is seen as a joke its the Villa fans and this action will only help that view.

  6. Sick of hearing the word transition, what this equates to is the transition from a premier league to a championship club

  7. P Faulkner is very much at the heart of this mess AM was NEVER a fit with Villa and his( PF) blundering judgements have greatly contributed to our current catasrophic position.

    A total boycott is what is needed as this cannot get anymore dire

    i formally withdraw my support to the club as from today.


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