A cover up for N’Zogbia

I have not seen a single minute of today’s game, I can not comment on what went on.

What I can say is reading comments is that we never even competed and that is unforgivable. At least under MON, for any faults he had we had a chance at every game of winning it, today we gave up.

However last week we had N’Zogbia’s comments and I speculated at the time that he would have some kind of injury. Now I read he may have to have a scan on a knee ligament injury. This could be totally the truth but excuse me for being doubtful this is the whole truth. In fact since last week his account has not had a single post on it.

Do I believe he is injured like the reports, sorry but I do not. One minute we are told that he could have played today and the next he has to go to Paris to see a specialist. That simply does NOT add up.

When I did the pre match report and picked Heskey some took me to task. However I was right to pick that team and whilst I still say no chance of relegation the mood is just awful. I have to be honest and if my season ticket had not come down from £405 to £295 I would not renew. I do wonder just how many will now.

25 comments on “A cover up for N’Zogbia

  1. The whole thing is a farce right now.

    There’s no way we can go through another season of this nonsense, 3 year contract my arse, McLeish has to go in the summer, I’ll pay the fucking compensation myself.

  2. Zog fucked off to France in a strop another cover up wolves qpr are down just hope wigan dont go on a run i cant handle the way villa are being run its only a game bullshit.Been going villa park the last 25 years while that excuse we call a manager is there i will not spend another penny to watch that shit

  3. I think he is trying to get the boot. 3yrs wages in 1 year then roll into another club saying “fans never gave me a chance”.

    Some dopey schmuck of a chairman would employ him…….ours did!😦

    The man is a joke, we apparantly should be realistic and not expect to even compete in games….OUT

  4. Ian Please do not look at the match you will only be even more depressed, what a load of shite, and Mcleish comment after the game is a joke. I’m not even commenting on any thoughts of bothering about the future of Villa, What a disaster for the club as for today performance , old players would turn in their graves seeing them dick heads.

  5. I think you are spot on with N’Zog.Just wish it was Mcleish that was on his way out.We were awful yesterday and Arsenal didn’t have to get out of first gear.I’m praying that Mcleish is booted out this summer!

  6. He’s injured. Get over it

  7. 55 years a Villa fan, we always joked, would you ever become a blues fan?

    Hey why bother now we have a club from top to bottom just like them.

    Added bonus now, when you listen to any commentary they ALL take the piss

  8. Every commentator or pundit i listened too today and yesterday took the out right piss out of us,but the sad thing is they are right in what they say about our club.

  9. I don’t think the injury is a lie.gary Gardner was named as clashing with him.dont think he would have been named of it wasn’t true.as a supporter of mccleish in the past,can I just say playing heskey is turning me away.this system has never worked. Why continue with it

  10. Ian you are being hypocritical you refused to call for the removal of AM and Lerner you supported AM appointment you are as much to blame for our clubs situation. Do not now try to distance yourself from AM and Lerner. You supported them so stick with them

  11. i have completely had it with Villa now we are just heading to the rocks with a clue less manager at the helm

    I feel Lerner has been badly advised and in Paul Faulkner has a chancer at best who is making it up he goes along and with an appaling quality of judgement. We must pay whatever compensation is due to AM ( I will contribute as another writer offered to) and get some like Brendan Rogers who is deveolping a min Barcelona type style with Swansea and who seems to be the real deal…..

    The managers job is so key that whatever Swansea ask we should pay this is just not working I am sure the hapless Faulkner already has Steve Maclaren in the wings as our next manager.

    Sadly an ex Villa fan

  12. “N’Zogbia played a vital role in keeping Wigan in the Premier League at the end of the 2010–11 season, scoring five goals in the last six games of the season, including an injury time winner against West Ham United to win the game 3–2. He finished the season as the club’s top goal scorer, with 10 goals in all competitions.”

    He was a favourite at Wigan amongst the supporters, and as we saw against Villa then, he played his heart out.

    Now, under McLeish, he’s played out of position, and used in a defensive role, as all players are, and is a nothing like the player he was then, all down to our clueless manager!

    McLeish Out!

  13. I used to be positive about the season, I’m not blaming an individual as is popular, but for a number of reasons including management, we are not entertaining and I dread every game as I am tired of excessive sweating and needing a nervous poo just before kick off, I used to sit with a beer or two, but not now as I fear the aftermath..but now it’s a cuppa. I used to upset the Missis on a match day as i was obsessed by not missing the match, let’s just say she is a happy woman at the mo. Let the season finish and let’s hope some thing inspirational happens in the new season AMEN

  14. It didn’t bother me until the “We wouldn’t get three points against a strong side like Arsenal” comments. The only difference is they have a half-arsed manager, and we have that fat ginger prick. (and I’ve been supporting him from the start)

  15. So Nzogbia is out for 4 weeks with Knee damage , and didnt storm off or refuse to play, where do the people here dream up this stuff

  16. So we’ve covered up CNZ strop by injuring his knee in training then?

    • believe what you like, Mcleish is a known and proven liar on injuries.

      • I don’t see anything supporting this. Do you believe then that CNZ has been disciplined and excluded for up to a month without either party saying so? Or is CNZ pretending to be injured so he doesn’t have to play? Or is he simply injured, which is what I think?

  17. Can’t blame mcwazuk he always had no clue on how to manage a football team, Randy needs to bring in people who know football and not the clowns circus he has at the minute.
    My heart will always belong to the villa but until all the fuck wits on the board leave I will not step into villa park.
    Ps rather have an unproven manager, rather than a proven bloody shite one

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