Arsenal next, tough test and finally a game

We have had a right stop start period of games for many reasons, some very unfortunate.

Finally we will now get a run of games but will the goodwill feeling after the Fulham game continue ?

Arsenal have been steadily improving the past few games and on the wings and up front have players that will test the new found resolute defence. The fantastic form of Carlos Cuellar will be really tested against RVP but the real worry is on the wings with the pace Arsenal have. Hutton and Warnock may have improved recently but have they really been tested ?

Of course the no shock news pre game was that N’Zogbia may be not fit. So come on who is really shocked at that relevation, we have seen this before and Mcleish has a track record of lets say, not telling the full truth. So what will the team be and I presume that N’Zog is out.


Hutton, Cuellar, Collins, Warnock

Petrov, Herd

Albirghton, Ireland, Heskey


As we are playing at Arsenal without their tormentor in chief Bent, I expect a very defensive performance with Heskey returning to make the wings more ‘solid’. We of course with 8 points at Arsenal since they moved into the Emirates have a very good record there but they really want CL and can get it.

On the other hand Villa fans will be looking at the Bolton/Blackburn game very closely. what has it come to we have done this two seasons running. For once due to prior commitments I will be missing watching the game, this may be a good one to sit out, I fear a bad defeat.

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72 comments on “Arsenal next, tough test and finally a game

  1. Were fuckin shit

  2. This is awful

  3. The apologists for Mcloser should be fucking ashamed of themselves with how shit we are playing!!

  4. Looks like my prediction about there only being a goal in it was well wrong😦

    We we playing so deep, with everyone behind the ball, that it’s hard to get it out.
    Surely AM can see it?

    His fault again, imo.
    You have to take it to Arsenal, you’ll never defend a whole game against them.

    Pathetic and I’m getting bloody sick of it.

  5. Cant wait to hear the excuses for this shower of shit

  6. Heskey in the team again. Mcleish needs sectioning. This will end up being 5-0! Pathetic…

  7. What retard said we would get something from today?

  8. Again Ireland busting his balls for retards such as Albrighton, Petrov, Warnock, Hutton, Collins, Agbonlahor who are all utter tripe.
    Too much dross and such a negative manager.
    Dont rule out relegation now. Villa will not pick up a point from now to the end.
    Where as QPR, Blackburn, Bolton and maybe Wigan will nick wins and some draws which will drag us in. We are utter garbage against the bigger teams now.

    Why the idiots keeping McLeish, He is killing the club. Lerner is as much to blame.
    we have too many championship based players and staff.
    filter the shite out and get footballers not sloggers.
    We got outclassed by footballers today.

    I’snt that a lesson to people that football rules over hard working average players?
    Anyone that wants rid of N’Zogbia,Bent and Ireland are total fools. We will be definitely relegated next season thats if we dont go down this season.

    Look at Wigan, only Maloney really is any good for them and Al Habsi, The rest are average players. Last season was a warning that too many inept footballers affects the quality.

    Thats is why Houllier wanted technical players and not avergage crap, the average crap kicked up a fuss. (Warnock, Agbonlahor, Dunne, Collins etc)

    We are big trouble. I advise DO NOT BUY A SEASON TICKET, The spin has already been created about Villa bringing in players and about spending.

    The true reality is that Ireland, N’Zogbia,Bent will be sold, Cuellar let go and thats the end of the quality footballers.
    Great youngsters to come through but with slow ageing footballers ruling the team we are doomed.

  9. Yea we got done and we were shit but what do you expect when you are playing with 10 men? Heskey what a waste of fucking space, AMC why? Why do you persist with this over the hill never was? But what a one eyed mother fucker that ref was 5 bookings for what? Fuck all.Gardener blocks a run and its a foul, Ireland’s blocked oh thats ok play on, wanker, I fucking hate Arsenal. And did you see that arsehole Fat Boy Chamerlain screaming for a pen after Ireland tackled as clean as a whistle, oh yea silly me forgot you cant touch Arsenal players can you?

  10. Another woefully inept display today. We only remotely looked like scoring when Weimann came on.

  11. We need to play Weimann, Gardner in the team, Too many slow inept players in midfield atm. Full backs are dross and never lose there place.

  12. A little off topic but has Dalglish resigned or been sacked yet? Gotta be close to one or t’other.

  13. Grvilla is that all you’ve got to say about yet another inept, clueless performance & that was just McLeish. You are normally ‘Mr. Positive’ & talk total crap. Even you will struggle to put a positive slant on that garbage.
    McLeish OUT.

  14. We have played 29 games & scored 31 goals & are on course for our lowest goals for ratio since the Premier League was formed.
    And just to think that McIdiot says its a ‘myth’ he is a defensive manager-yea right, facts speak for themselves.
    Go NOW you loser.

  15. Good piece on Vital Villa:

    In a good dig at the fans, he adds:

    ‘People expected us to come here and win, but we have to be realistic.’

    No Alex, we expect to try and win. There is a huge difference, but blame everybody else if it makes you sleep easier at night

    You can’t really add anything to that.

  16. We did not turn up like we have not for so many games this season. The manager has to go and so does the board. Please Randy sell our club now we no longer trust you or want you at the helm of our fantastic club.

    McLeish OUT, Lerner OUT Faulkner OUT

    • If only, my friend. Trouble is, there’s no indication that the organ grinder’s going anywhere, so therefore, neither is Faulkner, or their pet monkey McLeish (even if we do end up going down).
      It looks to me that in spite of all the “proud heritage, bright future” pr bullshit we’ve been fed, we’ve been sold a pup.
      I still think that we’ll stay up this season, but it looks as though we’re locked into a long term spiral of decline. Personally I see no evidence that The Beloved Leader has either the will, wit, energy or resources to address this, and the stench of mediocrity and stagnation now hangs over Villa Park like a blanket. I see us going nowhere fast under Lerner’s stewardship, other than down.
      Can we actually do anything about it? Nope, Lerner owns us lock, stock and barrel, so unless and until he pisses off, and takes Faulkner and McTool with him, we’re well and truly stuck with things.

  17. Just read the mangers comments about people expecting to much. Alex just a quick note we won there last season and if you remember under your leadership was 2-0 up at half time in cup not so long ago. do not take us fans for mugs we all no against the so bigger clubs you set us up to draw.. to be honest i am sick to the back teeth of you blaming everyone but yourself.. i don’t hate you as don’t no you personally.BUT i despise they way your setting up my beautifull football club to attempt to play the game of football you are clearly out of your depth. Also linked with 6 ft 5 forward Fucking

    • Joke zigic all over again.. please please will randy or faulkner do something deadly Doug would not of stooped this low to appoint eck.. the fans have marked your card mate rabbits headlights.. and how many goals have we scored this season.. attacking football my arse van persie scored. than our team that took pitch.. one pissed off villa fanatic tonight. the excuses are boring blaming everyone but him..

  18. The feelling now is the same as when DOL was on charge No expectations drifting into mediocrity a stadium 2 thirds full and can’t even be bothered to bite back when others take the piss because there is no defence and no optimism If Villa go down they deserve to and I do think the positive from thsy will be the end of McLeish .

  19. We will go down! I’m fed up with this! We need am emergency manager in m

  20. Ian Robo’s silence speaks volumes. Can’t even be bothered to post, and Ian, I do not blame you mate.
    And where are the ‘opti’s’ today? Idiots.
    McLoser OUT!!!!!!!!!

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