N’Zogbia not happy with Mcleish

Now I have no doubt that some will claim he has been ‘misinterpreted’, but this is a serious interview.

From Yahoo Sports

“I was bought for 11.3 million euros (£10m) and I am not playing. I still think I make the right choice, but speaking about the game, it doesn’t fit.

“I’m not exactly jubilant. I like to go forward, but here they ask me to defend more than attack.”

He said: “If I get paid, I can do what I want with my money. He’s not my father to tell me what I should do. He doesn’t know where I come from.

“McLeish and I had problems of communication. We discussed it, and we put our bad feelings to one side.”

Now it was obvious at some of the games that there were problems. All interviews have to be cleared by the club so I can see action against this one he has given. It is a matter of management of course and N’Zogbia given his reputation was always a strange one for Mcleish to buy.

I am not an N’Zogbia fan, I never understood why would want an inconsistent player. Just because stats say he had a good season it hides the very poor games he did have for Wigan. The comments on the Yahoo piece say it all for me and at this time he should just shut up and ask for a move at the end of the season.

Just glad we are not in relegation trouble now !!

EDIt – The inevitable ‘I never said this’ quotes from N’Zogbia are out, no shock really, typical footballers when speaking out loud then slapped down.

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51 comments on “N’Zogbia not happy with Mcleish

  1. ” I like to go forward, but here they ask me to defend more than attack.”
    Well Charlie boy there was a reason Wigan were always in the shit at the wrong end of the table, It’s called a “TEAM” game for a reason Charlie.

  2. I was glad to hear CNZ believes in Alex McLeish

    I also believe in him. I have seen him several times and so am almost certain he exists

    At one stage I thought he was a bad dream or part of my warped imagination as football is cruel but surely not this cruel

    But now I’m convinced, AML definitely exists and I believe in him

  3. so we signed charles who was second europe behind the guy thats called messi for most assists in europe over season he was destroying teams single handidly including us he basically took arsenal to the cleaners on his own.. he kept wigan up by himself he was a great footballer in full flight… So we signed him and put him to wing and he was told to defend was important part of his game which i fully appreciate.. But to defend the guy we dont use him to his full potential.. fuck me is anyone on happy down in th villa dressing room aprt for herc and bella

    • please tell me you are joking

      • Why did fans boo when he took hint off against fulham . how many villa players have stepped up to plate this season square root of fuck all on weekly basis.. what i was trying to say he came from a team who like to play football and attack to a team who set out not to loose first and foremost of course he will be frustrated

        • No. I meant the “statistic” about being second in assists behind Messi. If that’s true I must be third. You’ll be telling me that Torres was Europe’s Golden Boot winner last season. Utter bollocks I’m afraid.
          Fans boo when he was subbed? So who passed to who, who shot and who followed up and scored against Fulham. The 3 subs. Did the fans boo then? Let’s let us fans pick the team and the tactics because we are such experts. And CNZ? What did he do while on the field? I can’t say myself as I was on holiday, but the papers I read described him as ineffective.
          Now tell me how many goals CNZ has scored this season, and how many assists he has made, only this time be accurate?

          He has talent, but his attitude is piss poor. McLeish, whatever you think of him, is not the real problem here.
          No offence and all that but the Barcodes warned us what he was like.

          • In fairness to UTV 76, I remember reading some outrageous statistic like that when we signed him…….not sure that it was assists but I think he was third in Europe (behind Messi and Ronaldo) in the highest number of successful dribbles or something stupid like that anyway

          • and I’m not talking in terms of the amount of saliva he produces per game………he was 5th in that

          • I can guarantee it’s not assists. i think he got about 5 of those. I haven’t seen too mant this season either. Don’t get me wrong, I rate CNZ as a talent but he is not really delivering for us, and he is at least as culpable as the manager for that. Hope he makes me look stupid by his performances for the rest of the season.

          • It’s not assists it’s attempted dribbles

  4. Just looked on Newsnow so many versions of the same story, the Independent version of his qutoes are also in perfect English, tbh I dont care whether they eat out together every weekend for the next ten years, I just want to see CNZ play like he did towards the end of last season week in week out for us

  5. Dave Whelan is a crook and he pulled the wool over the clubs eyes to entice them into buying a player who is worth half of what we paid for him. More of randys money pissed up the wall…

  6. Mcleish is the problem he make messi look crap, he needs to go, nzog is not the only player to moan about eck i dont think any player wants to play for him eck out

  7. The “i never said that interview” is clearly the club telling him that he has to do it, anyone following him on twitter would see that he was retweeting messages that supported him speaking out. anyone doing that is clearly aware of what he said, and is proving a point to the club

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