Ballack’s Agent – Ireland to go and bye

It has been the worse kept secret but rumours have been around for a while that Stephen Ireland couldgo to the New York Red Bulls.

Micheal Ballack’s agent HERE has confirmed the move, do we we trust him ?

New York has apparently passed up the chance to sign Ballack and instead agreed to a deal with Aston Villa attacking midfielder Stephen Ireland, according to agent Michael Becker.

“Michael would love to play in New York. However, it seems that [New York general manager Erik] Soler already made massive promises to Stephen Ireland in October. This is an unbelievable incident,” Becker told Goal.com.

I was berated when I said the signing of Holman would seen Ireland go as some think he is a positive attribute to Villa, he is not. A part time player at best when he could be bothered and swapping Hollman for Ireland saves around 40K a week on salary and at least a player who will give 100% every game.

Ireland was a disaster signing for Villa, never was going to work. The circumstances he was brought in will never be explained properly and he is just not a stable enough player for any club. Better off in America where 20 minute performances are enough.

Obviously I think this is true and if it is then Ireland should not start again for Villa and allow Gardner to play in that role. What is the point of starting him now ?

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61 comments on “Ballack’s Agent – Ireland to go and bye

  1. I said to people Ireland will be sold on to redue the wage bill.
    Anyone who says good riddance talk out of there hat. Ireland was one of the best players on the pitch against fulham.
    What people understand is that he is actually our best and technically gifted player.
    His transition has took so long due to having less talented and quality around him.
    He is on a different wave length to gabby, petrov, Clark, bent etc.
    He plays short, sharp and quick when players around him are quick and sharp. His best seasons at man city were because he had quality around him such as Bellamy, robinho, giovani etc. All good footballers.
    I’m afraid this is a sign of a big decline of villa.
    We are getting rid of quality and wages, bringing average cheap players.
    The macron season will be delegation with mcleish and lerner.
    Mark my words we are definitely sliding down. This season has been the final warning.
    Only a result against Bolton in my eyes will make sure we are safe.

    • If he was as good as you say why did ManCity ditch him? The best player against a very poor Fulham, how many did he score, none, how many “assist type” passes did he make, none, how many tackles did he make, two, and this fallacy that he covered every blade of grass, the Telegraph stats dont back it up! If he is two passes ahead of everyopne else how come he is so slow in getting into the box when we are attacking?

      How do you know he is our most gifted player, we dont see it on the pitch nor much effort (in all the time he has been here), and according to most pundits at the training ground that accolade belongs to Bannan. If he is so good he would have starred from day one, as ther fulcrum, not throw in the towel and sulk, no bottle, no passion, no commitment,journeyman mercenary who is overpaid, get rid!!!!!

      • …how do you know he is our most gifted player? Villa missionary, you can see it. I know you don´t. Obviously you like 11 horses who are galloping up and down our proud pitch. I like footballers who can do something with the ball. Why City get rid of him? He didn´t get past all the Milners, Toures, Aguero´s of this world. Wouldn´t give too much about it. And you mention Bannan: what has he done in the last couple of years?

        • For a start Bannan played with passion, he wanted to play, cant say this about Ireland or didn’t you notice. No I like football played on the deck by people who run, seek space, play as a team, seen the youth and/or reserves lately. I like supposed forward players who can create and/or score goals, Bannan does, see Fulham, Ireland doesn’t.

          Ireland was at ManCity before Milner arrived, that’s why we got him! He was also there before the big names came, had one decent season, then his grandparents starting dying off or not, and he was crap and they got rid of. Tell me Joty what’s his goal tally I reckon about £5.5M per goal so far, great player!!!!!!

          • …we will not find a solution. You don´t like him, I like him. But don´t give to much applause to Bannan – read his statistic. And don´t count a 5m square pass 25m in front of goal as an assist. Thats pathetic.

  2. So many points missed firstly Stephen Ireland has shown he is two passes ahead of most of our team. secondly eck prefers players with work and hard work over ability and technique. If gh was still here whole new back four cabye and makoun in middle.. mouth watering that.. but my last point is randy is the new mike ashley he will rip the club apart playing wise get rid of high earners bent petrov dunny Carlos not offered new contract he will then bring in foreign players on cheap or frees and look to make money our club has never been ib transition and never will.. we have some great young lads but i fear some may not get chance and what’s more i would not trust eck in transfer market its starting to look like a recipe for disaster. i hope and prey i am wrong but all the signs are there… who hand on heart a year ago would say this is what would happen in league manger and swansea and norwich be above us in league. and our league position.. i can not think of many positives at moment to do with villa randy looks like he could roll the dice in summer what the fans think don’t matter to him after all he brought the last person ib world

  3. We should be selling average rubbish like Gabby. He is on stupid wages and will never be anything good.
    Relegation beckons next season with no changes. You can’t work on shoe string budgets in the premier league.

    • Swansea, Norwich, WBA, Stoke are all doing ok.

      • Agreed Billy……well, on all except for Stoke. They aren’t exactly paying peanuts

        • But you get my point, the best we can hope for is to compete we just don’t have the financial clout to be in with any shout of winning the league and take a look at Rangers to see where over stretching the club can end up.

          • oh God yeah I agree, just can’t resist the chance to be a facetious knob.

            Would take us being a mediocre side (albeit a surviving one) for 4 or 5 years while we get our house in order and stabilise our club than flirt for a year or two and go bust.

            Not that I won’t complain like mad in the meantime……but when are we ever happy??

  4. gardner is already as good as ireland. we don`t need these premadonnas.

    • The timing of the move is a bit of a shame given that Ireland is showing signs (not really enough after 2 years, £8 mil and £65 k a week) of improvement but I will not lose any sleep over him going either.

      I accept he is one of the most technically gifted players at the club but those who make this argument should also accept that he is also probably the most mentally inept. If we are going down the route of bringing in grafters that value the shirt and their playing time then is there any room for a player or a personality like Ireland?

      Many would have argued that Joey Barton was Newcastle’s most technically gifted player at the beginning of the season…………8 months, a free transfer an a re jig later and not many of us wouldn’t swap our position with theirs right now.

      It all depends on what we do in the summer overall and what we are left with come August. Ireland joining, Beye, Heskey, Jenas, Warnock, Guzan….maybe Dunne out of the exit door will leave us with more options when bringing in replacements.

  5. Different wave length… lol, how many cliches do you want to throw in… good players can play with any level player… because they have the intelligence and awareness to be able to play with them…. Irelands form and attitude has only picked up since interest from Red Bull and Liverpool… the boy is playing for a move, and no I am not surprised he fancies the easy life in the states! Big Cars, Little Pressure, he’ll be the star of the show in a side ally circus…

    Two passes ahead lol… again… what does that mean? What you’re refering to Stephens inability to adapt his game, be aware of the players around him and not being clever enough to use the ball properly. Did Young have trouble playing with these players? Does Petrov? who is our most techically proficient player BTW… not Ireland… but again it shows how people have this word “Technique” and don’t understand exactly what it means…

    There is preconceived notion that McLeish is to blame for everything this season, yes he is culpable for some things but other people have questiosn to answer too… If we sack the manager and keep these player we will have the exact same problem next season… Individual Errors and Players not giving a damn is the main reason we are were we are. Collins has said to have been wanting out since January and feeling “Victimised” by fans blaming him for all his individual errors and inability to concentrate on marking a man. Bent for his absolute refusal to close the ball down upfront like he did for us last year, Oh no, hand on hips is good enough for him now.

    Look at Norwich and Swansea, there players aren’t “better”, they are just more driven and determined to do well as a group for the club… can some of our senior player say that? Warnock, Dunne, Collins…. Really after last season and now this with there performances… They might as well be entering the field with smoking Jackets on… look at the way these player talk to the kids, look at the way they ignore the managers instruction to stand up and squeeze the pitch… they just drop deeper and deeper… that’s not McLeish’s instruction! At least with Cuellar in the team and fully fit, which he hasn’t been for a lot of the season, he can now control the line, which has seen our midfield and defence close up and the huge gaps start to disappear.

    As for people berating Gabby… he runs his heart of for our club, he’ll sit on the bench, he’ll do any job that is asked of him… he might not be the best player but I’d rather have 11 gabby’s giving their all than 11 Ireland’s poncing around the pitch looking interested when he can be bothered!

    Come on people grow up, Irelands is playing for a contract else where, we have asked for £10m and if we get it it’s a good deal… with a rumoured bid for Belhanda to replace him.

    Have your opinions but at lease try and educate you selves before spouting your cliched nonesense!

  6. With the exception of Bent and home grown now coming through does it really matter who goes? as I see it the same group of players have struggled consistently for the past two seasons, new broom clean sweep, bring it on.

  7. Promises may have been made to Stephen Ireland but I assure you pen has not yet been put to paper.

    Alex McLeish is looking for players hungry to impress. For example the club has been monitoring Johnny Gorman at Wolves. He’s definitely one for the future but he has a great work ethic.

    • Heard we’re looking at a few of WW players – Jarvis topping the list. Seen Gorman play in internationals. Hope we do get him. I would love to see him operate in a midfield with Bannan, Gardner and CC.

  8. As Ireland is getting back to his best form, we hear that he’s to be sold, as per the last few quality players Randy has got rid of to “stabilise” the club. Is it not his fault the club is unstable? Well he is the owner and everything has to be sanctioned by him, it’s got to be his fault.

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