Villa scout Giroud and Stambouli

L’Equipe the French sports paper claims we are tracking two players.

From the paper today they say (google translation !!) and thanks to @jonbirchall on twitter


Looking for a striker, Aston Villa is interested in the profile of Olivier Giroud. According to Team this Sunday, a recruiter for the English club Saturday night was even present at the defeat of Montpellier in Nancy (0-1), to oversee the international. The English club also observed defender Benjamin Stambouli Herault.

So of course we need the Wiki links for these two

Oliver Giroud His record is very good and looking around on google it appears he has been linked with moves to several clubs like Bayern, Newcastle and Arsenal.

On youtube certainly looks a decent header of the ball

Benjamin Stambouli

33 comments on “Villa scout Giroud and Stambouli

  1. Looks a very composed finisher. Something we tend to lack when Bent isnt in the team. Could be a great foil for Benty too. This is the first AM transfer link that is actually quite interesting. There has been some dross served up this season, but i am willing to give the Scot another season if he is able to land players like Holman and this chap Giroud.
    Reminds me a little of Savo.. Not sure if thats a good thing of bad thing.

    What is vital to AM’s reign next season is the selling of ‘power players’ such as Dunne & Collins. Cuellar has proved himself to be good enough to start, we need to start playing Clark or baker with him when theyre fit, and we’re safe

    • why sell collins??? when his and cuellar’s partnership has blossomed over the last few games, i happen to like dunne and he gives you 110% most of the times but id be willing to see him go wiht the emergence of clark

      • Yeah big C Dunne is responsible for 110% of goals we concede. He is shit.

        • Collins is one of the worst centre backs to grace the premier league.
          His positional sense is abysmal and as for distribution…..he rarely manages to find the feet of one of our players.

          Has to go!

          • you are talking bollocks

          • Agreed Collins isn’t great either but at least he dosnt make the mistakes Dunne does. He is also looking better now he is playing with a decent centre half in cuellar.

          • Agreed – AM has to make sure Cuellar stays, but makes a mockery of his earlier attempts to sell him to Rangers when he obviously didn’t know how good cuellar is. He has also made the same mistake with Makoun, but thankfully has a chance to recify that.

  2. If i remember rightly Mr h wanted him to

  3. This guy should be a deffinate buy he’s got style and baggs of skills

  4. We’ve also been linked with a goal keeper from Ajax.
    From of mine who happens to support them and being a local over there, said it was reported we jad scouts over there also last week.

  5. I have said this once before the fans will come around if Mcleish signs good players this summer, Brett Holman is a good start contrary to the belief of some fans he will turn out to be a real gem.

  6. yes but how much will he cost, montpellier are in the top 3 and he is there prized asset, so i cant see them selling him for atleast £8-10million to be honest and will he really have that much to spend on one player, i doubt it probably £10million on two maybe pushing it 3, never heard of that defender

  7. Yes please.

    Now let’s hope Montpellier lower their “at least €50 or €60 million” price tag.

  8. alot depends on who is sold, ..interesting link but doubt he will be cheap thou

    • say this link had any substance at all then you would say one of Gabby or Bent would be sold.

      there is one obvious team and manager who would like Gabby and a few would want Bent you would think.

      • Ian, which club want Gabby?
        I think Bent will be sold, because AM want a striker with a better work rate. Look at Fulham game and we were playing better because we put their defenders under pressure. Thats not possible with Bent.
        But don´t think we will get Giroud – too much interest from Top Clubs in Europe.

        • think ian is refering to sunderland when saying one obivious link for gabby… i would be very suprised if gabby sold , not so much if bent is. it is probably unlikely giroud will be bought but think we will be looking more to european leagues for players as i think their wages would be lower

          • why would you be surprised, Gabby is not untouchable is he ?

            Also when it comes to ease of being sold then Gabby is far easier

          • because i think he would rather be at villa and would have to be convinced to go , not saying he is untouchable but dont see it , .. i dont agree that it would be far easier to sell him.. he is villa lad and has strong affinity to club.

          • Didn’t Gabby text a champagne glass around to the other players when MON left?

  9. Soooo all the links start for players we are never going to be seriously after. It’s all smoke screens so when we only sign Free / Bosmans they will point to these and say “well we tried”.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind the Bosmans etc but I just hate the lying!!!

    • Think u could be right ianthevillain. Il believe it if and when it happens but don’t think it will. Mcleish will get up to £10m max this summer which would get us one half decent player or 2-3 mediocre ones which is wot I expect. Any other players will be Bosmans or really cheap lower league players that will be signed for the sake of signing someone. I noticed we r giving away a 1000 cheap season tickets desperate or wot. They are obviously aware that a lot of fans won’t renew next season so they lower ST prices instead of getting rid of mcclown. I think they will sell more if mcclown goes.

    • Don’t think you can say that here. It’s a report in a French sports paper. Hardly anything to do with Villa lying even we don’t/can’t buy him or even if we are not interested.

  10. Good control and finishing, good header too. Hope we’re not buying him so we can lump it into the box!

  11. Makes sense. Just the type of player McLeish needs… someone who can get his head on all the hoofs we send up the pitch again and again and again and again and again and again……………………………….

  12. hate to say it guys but Giroud is well beyond our means. Seriously quality, Montpellier will hold out for at least double the 10 mil people are talking here and a lot of top sides are looking at him too…….likely to be a bidding war.

    Would be perfect for the Prem…..actually with his finishing would be perfect pretty much anywhere……..but won’t be coming to us.

  13. Giroud has, by all accounts, been the best striker in Ligue 1 this season. He would be big money and may be out of our reach.

  14. We can look forward to playing more like Stoke next season then. Long balls upto Giroud to head in. Awesome!

    On a plus side, he does actually look like a decent player, great finisher, but never ever overestimate short clips on Youtube, players can often be mistaken for world class players for a few good clips on Youtube when for the most part they are average.

    In this case there are alot of good clips so worth a punt probably

  15. It would be a great move even at the expense of losing Benty or Gabby , but as they say the stuff of dreamers is what this story is all about.

  16. Wolves fc have agreed a fee for giroud for reported to be around the 15 ml mark also podolski could stuff arsenal and head to wolves at the end of the season.

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