Right decision to call off Bolton game

I don’t think a single Villa fan will complain at this decision.

It was the only one that could be made given that Muamba is still fighting for his life in hospital. There is not a chance Bolton players and fans would be in the right mood for this game to go ahead.

It was good to see a quick decision was made and left no room for any uncertainty in the fans minds. I am certain that we are all thinking of Fabrice at this time as part of the wider football family which has come to together in support of him.

16 comments on “Right decision to call off Bolton game

  1. 100% bob on!

  2. The right thing to-do Hope to god he pulls out of this …..Come on Fabrice….

  3. Oh yes they can…Iv’e saw a few complaining already saying things life ‘life goes on’ ‘why should it be called off if he is alive’. Simple thing is that they are ignorant and insensitive, it is DEFINITELY the right decision to call this one off…We must remember he is not completely well yet there is still a chance he couldn’t make it…it’s best to call it off out of respect, after all it’s just one game.

  4. I dont think anybody can argue with this decision

    • The only decision that could be made…..I know that I wouldn’t have cared about the game had it gone ahead

  5. Best thing to do I know our board have made some absolute terrible decision’s in recent years but this was the most sensible,sensitive and wise thing we could have done. Now lets hope the young lad recovers.

  6. 100% correct….. end of!… lets hope lad makes a full recovery.

  7. Completely the correct decision. Come on, Muamba, we’re all rooting for you.

  8. My heart feels heavy everytime i think of this situation. The villa family send out their best wishes and prayers to fabrice and all connected to the chap. Get well soon – up the villa and keep right on…

  9. Spot on. The correct decision and an excellent response from our beloved club.

  10. Why continual comment moderation?

  11. Im gonna go against the grain and ask why should it be postponed? I wish Muamba and his family all the best that he makes a full & speedy but what difference does cancelling the game make, will it aid his recovery in any way shape or form ? All this false sentiment false dont sit right with me like the Gary Speed suicide, a minutes silence? No, Applause? How can you applaud someones death? Would you go to a funeral and clap and cheer? I don’t think so & it speaks volumes about the modern day perverse cult of the celebrity.

    • I dont like the modern day celeb culture, but i dont agree with this at all. I find this crass if i am honest

  12. I dont think anyone with a shred of decency about them would complain about this decision

  13. I wouldn’t expect footballers to be able to commit 100% to a game knowing that one of their own was fighting for his life, or at least hopefully from the news coming through, full recovery.

    Bob Shanky was great, but completely wrong on that one.

    I have to say that Bolton, and indeed Villa have handled the matter well.

    Good luck to the lad, hope all goes as well as it can from here on.

  14. Firstly, I feel really sorry for the kid and his family, for any one, especially so young, to be critically ill is a tragedy. I wish him all the best and lets hope for a speedy recovery


    Can the media, and football in general get a bit of perspective. People have heart attacks every day, on average over 50 people every single day are killed or seriously injured on the roads, 3 people have left home for work today (2011 average) and aint coming back cos they are going to get killed by an accident at work.

    All I hear on the radio or TV is how every football fans life has been shattered cos Muamba had a heart attack, How “the football family” has rallied round and that every football fan is praying for him.

    It seems to me that this country is slowly being turned into a victimpool state. Black armbands, 1 minute silences, wailing on the streets for every Diana – Queen of hearts / Gary Speed or any other famous person that dies or is seriously injured and that you are a heartless bastard if you are not thinking of him or praying for him every minute of the day.

    Fuck the hundreds of other poor bastards that die or have accidents every day cos their not very famous and not very wealthy

    As I previously said, I really hope the kid pulls through, makes a full recovery and is playing again at some point but sorry I have other things and people to spend my time worrying over

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