After 28 games, tells a tale

Luke Marshall loves his stats and so do I !

So as an interesting comparison Luke has looked at the number of points after 28 games for the 12 teams who have been in the Premier League since 2006/7.

From this table you can see that 33 points at this stage is quite a familiar tale for Villa. However what I found to be the most surprising situation is to be 9th overall in all that time and a couple points off Everton’s average. In Randy’s time in charge we have seen hope and the reverse of that and it is the story of my Villa supporting years.

Years in which we have been up and down. Years in which we have been inconsistent and never knowing what the next season will bring and sometimes the next game. What it does show is the gap now we have to overcome to force ourselves back up there. Without going through a Mcleish debate it is clear a lot of hard work has to take place.

12 comments on “After 28 games, tells a tale

  1. Its a funny old game… we could go the rest of the season without a point or without defeat… Thats the beauty of football and why its so addictive. i think we will pick up 9 more points before the season is over.

    Bolton 3pts
    Stoke 1pts
    Sunderland 1pt
    West Brom 1pt
    Norwich 3pts

    • So you’re saying you don’t think we’ll pick up one point against Man utd, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea and Tottenham? I guarantee you that we’ll pick up at the very least we’ll pick up one point from them, and almost definite we won’t get a point from every one of the other 5 games either! Knowing villa though, we’ll probably pick up the 9 points you suggest against the better teams and then lose all the others

  2. Here is a stat i know of

    Eck is statistically more likely to get the team he is managing relegated than not.

    All honesty, only stat that matters

    • How do you work that out? More likely to get the team he manages relegated than not!

    • Not true, Relegated twice in 18 years (One with Steve Bruce’s team). 2/18 chance ff relegation. Won 6 competitions. 6/18 chance of winning something by your reckoning. So by your ridiculous assumption we are actually more likely to win something under McLeish than go down!! Nice to see you being positive.

    • Give it a rest will you, there’s a player fighting for his life and you’re still coming out with this rubbish

  3. You winding me up, 3 seasons of premier league football before us and gets relegated twice.

    Now by my Mathis that means he has a PL 66.66 recuring % relegation record. So by saying “he is statistically more likely to get relegated than not”… In the terms which it was meant (post is about the premier league)…l am correct!

    (note, statistically can’t include this season because it hasn’t finished yet)…. I thank you!

  4. Another stat: McLeish’s Premier League win percentage in his reign at Blues was 26%, hence the fact that he’s not a manager for this league, and, that stat is being repeated at Villa with just 25% wins.

    Another stat: When McLeish joined Blues as manager in November 2007, they were 16th in the premier league, he managed to get them down to 19th and relegation, even though he had 24 games left in that season to avoid the drop, and just to add another fact, he signed 3 players in January 2008, McFadden, Murphy and Zarate, so it was not all Steve Bruce’s team.

  5. I don’t understand why some people are so keen to defend McLeish.
    Can you honestly say the football we have played this season is exciting in any way? Can you say that the players have looked full of confidence? Can you say that you, as a Villa fan, have approached each weekend with optimism and an expectancy of a win? Can you say that you think we have made progress (of any sort) this season?
    But you can say that this is probably the worst season you have experienced as a Villa fan since O’Leary’s ill-fated last stand. At least I can.

    And before anyone bitches that I’m being negative, yes I am. But I’m also being realistic and not in the slightest bit deluded.

  6. I don’t think that any of us would shed a tear if he goes Mossy, but I think that the criticism that is aimed at him is wholly exaggerated at times.

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