The table does not lie

I guess since the win last week we have forgotten how bad the results have been this year and Patrick Kinmartin reminds us of this.


Including the dramatic score by Andreas Weimann in the final minute of Saturday’s 1-0 win, here below is the situational chart for all goals scored by the team’s players under 23 years old.

1 while team was already ahead
2 while team was already behind
6 to give team the lead
3 to draw team even on the scoreboard



How the Premier League point standings look based strictly on the results since the season’s halfway point (Jan. 1):

22…Manchester United (7W 1D 1L)
21…Manchester City (7W 0D 2L)
16…Arsenal (5W 1D 3L)
16…Fulham (5W 1D 3L)
16…Sunderland (5W 1D 3L)
16…Swansea (5W 1D 3L)
15…Chelsea (4W 3D 2L)
14…Norwich (4W 2D 3L)
14…Newcastle (4W 2D 3L)
13…Everton (3W 4D 2L)
13…West Brom (4W 1D 4L)
11…Blackburn (3W 2D 4L)
11…Tottenham (3W 2D 4L)
10…ASTON VILLA 10 (2W 4D 3L)
10…Bolton (3W 1D 5L)
8….Liverpool (2W 2D 5L)
6….Wigan (1W 3D 5L)
5….Queens Park (1W 2D 6L)
5….Wolverhampton 5 (3W 2D 6L)



The five deep shots that Stiliyan Petrov tried during last week’s win were unable to land the first goal of his careerat Villa Park from outside the penalty area. Below is a list of the only league destinations where Petrov has managed to net the ball outside the 18-yard box.

Dec. 10, 2011
Reebok Stadium (Bolton)
Career Goal: 53rd

Oct. 29, 2011
Stadium of Light (Sunderland)
Career Goal: 52nd

Sept. 10, 2011
Goodison Park (Everton)
Career Goal: 51st

April 12, 2008
Pride Park (Derby)
Career Goal: 48th


9 comments on “The table does not lie

  1. you need to format the content Ian, this post is unreadable as is

  2. Shows what a good result we had v fulham who are one of the top 4 form teams since jan.

  3. Errr yeah, thanks I suppose….!?

  4. Shit as usual, keep up the bad work!

  5. What would we do without mr kinmartin?I hadn’t realised what a poor season were having.I was getting ready to celebrate the premier league and FA cup double but you,Mr Kinmartin,have saved me from making a right Charlie of myself.Thank you .Ps are we still in the champions league?

  6. The table might not lie, but it is very limited, I’m sure we could find some very impressive stats, If we only focused on young Austrians and goals scored with the head : )

  7. chest, foot etc : )

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