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51 comments on “Any point of an Academy

  1. If this is not a joke then someone has lost the plot. The only good thing about a club that can’t buy top players is the ability to grow our own. So what if they might go on somewhere else and help pay the bills? If we have good players and can’t win things good luck to them. It is amazing anyone thinks we should try to copy the clubs that have nothing at all to look forward to them.

    And maybe we will copy Barcelona. Without the superb academy we certainly aren’t going to in any other way.

    Are Villa fans determined to see negatives in any kind of positive? Misery loves company, but stay away from mine!

    I love the Academy, and let’s boost all the people who work there and do an absolutely superb job.

    Trevor Fisher

  2. plus good on em for smashing Man ure off the park…….could easily have been 5 or 6 tonight

  3. Any point in having a manager? Amy point in having a owner? Any point in watching matches? Any point in trying to win? To the person who wrote this piece. There is a name for people like you…………….. Twat!

  4. I see that on March 15th Anon 3 posted to admit his post was “crap”. To quote him directly, “In all honesty I didn’t expect the article to be printed because well, basically, its crap…. it is a stupid question and of course academies are a good thing. They give you a source of income and possibly some top drawer talent in the future”.

    Nuff said. But Ian, since the poster himself thought his post was crap, why waste everyone’s time posting it? If you don’t have anything that is relevant, why not a period of “silence is golden”?

    I took this post at face value, nonsense though it was. Now I realise it was never serious I have less incentive to spend time on stupid ideas. We need a forum for debate on how to improve the ways the club is run. This is not it.

    trevor fisher.

  5. My God, what utter tosh.

    Any point in not having an Academy tomorrow now is it ?

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