Brett Holman to Join Villa

The bosman signing has just been announced as Brett Holman.

Once again Karl on this site has proved to the very very best ITK around and got the name at least two hours ago, well done Karl.

Brett is a 27 year old support forward playing for Az in Holland with average career stats. He is listed as a second/support forward and with Ireland linked to Red Bull in the States then I think this is Ireland’s replacement in many ways. Of course it is also that he would replace Heskey but this is the kind of forward you need for a one man up front Mcleish style.


Some youtube entries

Holman was linked a while back and is the sign of what to expect this summer in transfers. Lets not kid ourselves that the signings will be in this range. Not saying he is bad or a poor player but he is cheap and that is what will count.

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101 comments on “Brett Holman to Join Villa

  1. I would be happy if villa didnt hav mcleish as manager and at least try and go for 3 points and not seat back all the time barring the odd game with hav 3 tough games coming up lets go for it please eck ive decide to end my boycott and give my suppot to the team and the team only

  2. i remember holman playing in the last world cup and to me he looked decent player his energy levels were brilliant at the time i thought who be ideal player to have in any side the australians are great competitors in most sports and play to win so i think he will be a great asset to the side thats if given chance ,over the years i have seen lots of ups and downs at villa park but at the moment supporting villa this his one of my most depressing time not because i do not see a future in the club i do but negativity we are getting from certain groups of supporters there as been a great upheaval in the club and there has to be new foundations laid ,unfortunately football is more business like these days and that has to be addressed first before the fan wishes which goes against the grain i know thats life remember united we stand divided we fall utv

  3. Holman won’t be a bad signing – and as he didn’t cost anything I don’t think we can complain too much. More quality transfers this summer PLEASE.

  4. Junior holliet would be nice his on free this summer

  5. HAHAHA, I watched the Holman vs Holland video on youtube the other day. He hardly looks impressive (I know it’s only one game), every time you see him he’s bumbling around in the middle waiting for the ball to come to him and when he does get the ball he losses it any time he’s closed down in the slightest. It immediately corroded any optimism I had about this signing. But maybe he’ll turn out alright.

    Still, at least he’s free.

  6. W.T.F
    just heard McTwat linked with Andrew Johnson on a free and faulkner thinks we are moving in the right direction. it gets better & better

    • KBP;
      Looking on the bright side, there’s also a whisper that we’re after Danny Guthrie, so things aren’t all bad……………………………………….

      (lets out delayed groan)

  7. Brilliant article here lads;


    The shocking part to me is how Stoke have a bigger net spend than Villa and Wolves are just behind us in the last 4 years, yet we’re running losses that are miles bigger????

    How does that work?????

    • they have been very good with the money, banked a lot from being in the PL and spent little until now, not a single penny of borrowing and wages all affordable

      • Yes, but some people praise Lerner because of the money he’s put in.
        Yet Stoke have spent more on players?
        Who have they sold for good profit?

        A net spend is still a net spend and they’ve spent more, simple as.
        I must be missing something.

        • £40M a year from sky, full houses, low wage base, a rich owner who knows what he is doing

          pretty simple really

          • a rich owner who knows what he is doing

            No comment.

            Very good article though, I thought.
            Written by a chap named Dan.
            Any link to Aston Villa Central, I wonder?

          • maybe but he said he was stepping away for good, I miss him😦

            tell you what have no creative juices at the moment !!

            need some articles please !!

            politics for the local elections will take importance now as especially we are 100% safe

          • I miss AVC too mate.

            As for the juices, no worries and not surprising really.
            You could only post 100% negative stuff when it comes to some of the players we’re being linked to.

            No doubt it’ll come to you when something arises mate.

            I’m glad you haven’t given up the blog, fwiw.
            You have a very unique way of winding people up/getting debate going, that’s very good:-)

            As for the politics, I’ve given up on that load of tosh, bigger load of balls than appointing AM, imo and a totally lost cause.
            But I digress….

  8. Actually Ian, I was contemplating contributing something about our latest signing, regarding a less than complimentary blog about him.
    I bottled it though, as I don’t see what good it would do when 99.9% of us have probably never seen him play.

    • I’ve put something up for you to look at Ian.
      Pretty crap, as I’m better at responding to questions as opposed to asking them:-)

      • I know, posted it and it does pose an interesting question. We do create talent, most is good for league football. But look at Cahill, what good does it do him sitting on Chelsea bench, when Terry went off he never came on.

        you mentioned west Ham but we have not created a Gerrard, Lampard, etc.

        GArdner is the one I suspect all our hopes are for a top top class star

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