Rebuttal to the Evening Mail – No Hoax Kit

I see the Evening Mail tonight have posted an article against the exclusive on kits I had last week.

My article can be seen HERE and I stand by everything on it. So I was unhappy to see the headline of the Evening Mail article HERE and very unhappy with the tone of it. Let me take it to task.

1) First it is good common courtesy on any article to acknowledge the source of what you are debating about. All we have is a really rough picture, which blurs out the copyright message. Come on Mail you are better than that and it does not harm you to acknowledge the source of your article.

2) In the headline you say it is an hoax. Actually in your comments from the club at no point do they say that. In fact I posted

The details have been sent to me as prototypes that are in discussion and may not be the final design at all

So when the club spokesman says

“a finalised stage regarding next season’s kit”.

In fact they are agreeing with my comments and not saying an hoax at all.

3) Of course they put the image up of a kit most have voted they did not like. Why not put up the home one where 60% like it and only 25% do not like it ? Could it not be that if they put up the home one and that is the one made it would prove my source right.

I suppose this is how the local press and club work together. However there is no hoax there and the club have had these designs put to them. If the home one is anything unlike the one I posted I will be shocked. Bear in mid they want the shirts for sale at the time of the launch (great) that the designs will be decided within weeks if not days.

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78 comments on “Rebuttal to the Evening Mail – No Hoax Kit

  1. Ive just readthe headline ; WHY DONT VILLA DO A CHELSEA ? well i dont want my team to lose another point . id like to think that even though we havent won shit for a long time never mind a game we still have a bigger club heritage than chelsea fcukin fc for fcuks sake eck isnt all the bother you know, let the man do hes job in peace as the players must be takin us all for a joke aswell, like damian and the usless gobshite dross spouted accross the net YOU ASSWIPE id love to be able to sit down with lerner and co. to show them whats the trouble with my team, we should be second next to man utd in terms of prem league status but our club as kept falling down into the shit and when i hear lets do a chelsea it just makes me heave we are aston villa i do not count people like them at the villa blog as fans they are just useless , hopless critics who have got too much time and equipment on there wanking hands just a pointless site with mongole editors who dream of suckin the players off yay! furthermore chelsea lost to west brom we have put three somtimes four past romans boys and took control of the game even under mcleish we played bloody good against them so i dont want my villa to lose to such a lesser club or play like one , com,e on villa odemwingie in maybe a quality rb so cuellar can play centre back get dunne out hes a nutter with no control hes cost us big time this season and he had plent to shout at G.H after a few beers so come on randy im here if you need some real advice il get rid of faulkner just send me a email we can meet up for lunch , utv! real villa fans needed at this time to stick by our club and save the season as we are the laughing stock and stupid comments about doing a chelsea is just bollox……. VILLA!!! VILLA !!! VILLA!!! VILLA!!! VILLA!!!

    • Bizarrely enough true Villan i agreed with most of what you wrote there for a change and you hardly threatened to chin anyone except faulkner and he doesn’t count.

      Spot on mate

      We are Villa and our history is a proud one.

  2. Lol, yea the boy good, real good, to be honest reading the “No Nonsense” posts from yesterday, well they just appeared to a little to Damianesque for my liking.

  3. rebuttal is a bit of a grandiose term.

  4. i love the kit by the way, inspired by a classic villa top!

  5. How can anyone get so excited over a kit design that may or may not be worn next season.

    What next ?

    Oh yeah, transfer speculation as to who may or may not be signing in the Summer.

    Get a life.

  6. I see Carlos has come out and said he has not been offered another contract, after the Mail specifically said he had.

    More smoke and mirrors, it would seem.
    I know who I believe and I think this stems back to what I said earlier about the Mail and the Villa’s relationship.

    My guess is that the mention of a new contract came about because Cuellar has easily been our best defender whenever he’s played, meaning of course we should get him signed up.
    Whereas, imo, we have no intention of re-signing him at all, because he’s quite simply too expensive.

    He won’t be going to Rangers though, with their money troubles, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens.

  7. Aw, this was a really nice post. In concept I want to put in writing like this moreover � taking time and precise effort to make a very good article� but what can I say� I procrastinate alot and on no account appear to get one thing done.

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