Exclusive – New possible Villa shirts with Poll

Been working all night on kit mockups with Luke Marshall on information received.

I mentioned on twitter I had good news.

The details have been sent to me as prototypes that are in discussion and may not be the final design at all. However when you look at the home one is it not stunning.

However the away one is certainly one that will take all the debating points. It is a shirt designed to make a show because the away should not be conservative as often not worn.

Your views no doubt will be monitored by those that matter but how could you not like the home one, the new shirt HAS to be that !

I should mention the socks and shorts are generic, no real details on them. Also I should mention the material is supposed to be fantastic to wear but ‘tailored’ make see you get an extra size bigger !

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48 comments on “Exclusive – New possible Villa shirts with Poll

  1. The diamond pattern is awful so I hope to god they get rid of that. Other than that and the dodgy claret bit on the collar its a very nice shirt, a re-creation of the shirt worn in Rotterdam i presume?

    The away one will be worn just as much as the home one (19 games).. and that is atrocious. Marshall should send over some of his (very very good) designs as that.. thing. Is disgusting.

  2. On Sunday I will do my own yellow kit

  3. Its an improvement on this season kit but would like strips instead of diamounds

  4. Why the f*ck is it always claret body and blue sleeves? Don’t say tradition because look at the kits of the past when we had stripes. Besides that it looks too fussy and tacky.

    I’ve heard the macron kits are horrible to wear as well, stick to your skin, players hate wearing them.

  5. LOVE the home one! The away one I think would be cool, but maybe not white and yellow. Luke Marshall. Could you make the away one in Black and yellow? Think that could be cool:)

  6. And they are both better than this years kits, so I would be happy!

  7. Not to make this a full time job for you, Luke Marshall, but what do you think about the away kit in Black/Blue, Black/Red, Black/White or Black/Yellow?🙂

  8. Wouldn’t use that away kit as a duster, it’s fucking rank.

  9. The away one would be popular with grandad’s who like a round or two of golf. Home one isn’t bad but a bit generic.

  10. Blue socks does it for me. Away top should be all yellow or all White.

  11. those jerseys are straight ASS.

    so tacky, so cheap looking. Perfect for a team in 15th in the prem, with AMC at the helm.

    thanks Randy.

  12. Why didnt you fold????

  13. The choice of yellow for the away kit may well be down to the association with Genting. In Chinese culture yellow holds many significances including symbolising “good luck”.

  14. away shirt is a minger! would like 82 european cup final shirt replica.

  15. These shirts look totally championship, Nike might of treated us bad but what’s wrong with Adidas, puma any1 but macron, I was so pleased when we got Nike an got rid of te cowboy outfit hummel! we looked professional like one of the big boys, now we’re gonna do the same with macron! Great!

  16. Someone was on smack when they designed the away me thinks… Every design I see is crap recently, back to the 93/94 kits for me, can’t beat the green red and black number we had, LUSH

  17. Big Fat Phil – Just for you: http://www.classicfootballshirts.co.uk/premiership-clubs/aston-villa/1993-95-aston-villa-asics-waistcoat-l-74231.html

    I like the home one but no need for the “Pringle” effect. Are they presuming all football fans like golf!? Less said about the away shirt the better.

  18. Both horrendous & these are just fan imaginings. Wait until we get the real deal. Can see them looking worse in the flesh. Macron… I despair.

  19. Home = league 1 away = jockey!

  20. Are my eyes playing fucking tricks on me with the away one! Is it any coincidence that when Newcastle spent a year in the championship they had a mingin yellow kit..

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