£48 for one game – Football gone mad

For Liverpool game I had a great trip planned and alas no longer.

Yep it is going to be a Saturday 3PM Kick off and more important it is just after my 40th birthday. So obviously a big trip up to scouse land was planned, pubs were found, eateries lined up, train fares sorted. all I had to do was to wait for the ticket news and surely that was going to be easy.

So the new comes out today about the cost of the ticket, I was expecting up to £40 and just how much is it ???

YES it is believe or not £48, it is a disgrace that it is this much and there is no way I am prepared to pay anywhere near £50 for a football game, no way. I do believe it is time for football fans to say enough is enough and boycott clubs who basically rip us off at this obscene level.

31 comments on “£48 for one game – Football gone mad

  1. Dont blame you £48 to watch us at our best under MON would be bad enough never mind this pish

  2. wigan on saturday was £20 adult & £15 child, some say we had close to 6,000 there, don’t know if anyone can confirm that but right price people will buy, that was wigans biggest gate of the season which includes liverpoo,spuds,chelski & arsenil, brilliant support totally ignored by the club.

  3. Been to anfield last three years last year it was 42 or44 hey they want some downing money back. it horrible and cramped to.. can’t sit straight football has gone crazy

  4. ,,, is that standard entry price at Anfield or just away fans price?

    Out of interest, do we rip off away fans at Villa Park, do you know?

  5. God, I love football but there is so much not to like these days (let alone the shambles at Villa Park). There is part of me would love to see football implode and the game to return to something more financial balanced like it was in 80s (and is now in Germany?). Pipe dream, I suppose.

    • I’m with you – and I think that the EPL as we know it is actually already a slow-mo car crash:
      Manure are now far behind the biggest power-teams in Europe.
      No English teams in the last 8 of the CL for the first time in what – 15 years?
      Arseholes and even Chelsea in financial panic because they can’t guarantee a CL place next season..
      Arseenal fans ready to boycott the Emirates if van Persie leaves this summer..
      United playing Giggs and Scholes almost into their 40’s ‘coz they can’t afford or attract replacements..

      All the symptoms are already there, and it’ll only take a few more little things before the whole edifice crumbles.

      • don’t forget people not wanting to go to games any more from your list……

        • Dave – noted!
          I’m so used to thinking that it’s just VP that is half-empty this season, but there have been several stories in the news during this season that suggest that many clubs are ’embellishing’ their actual match-day attendances.

          • Yep falling everywhere. Maybe it’s just because money is tight but actually I think that may just turn out to be the catalyst for a watershed moment. Personally. I want the game back and I just hope that at some point this crazy financial mismatch of the clubs across the league has to end.

          • yeh and then keown says villa fans are fickle and need to lower their expectations, and that villa park has always been hard to fill! rediculous, everywhere is struggling and these clubs do nothing to help the average man!

  6. If you look on it as pounds per goal you might feel better about the extortionate price. Now let’s see that’s £48 divided by zero, well what a bargain, an infinite number of pounds per goal. Cracking value.

    PS. Happy birthday!

  7. Ian for £48 do u actually get a game for that!! We could do with a striker and decent left back so if u go bring your boots…you never know lol.

    • Don’t go (our team won’t)Up the villa

      • Ian they should pay u £48 as compensation having to go and watch that shit every week. Wonder what compensation u can get nowadays for misrepresentation of being a premier league club and the stress suffered having to watch it.

  8. How can you possibly write a blog blaming football clubs who are as a whole losing money hand over fist. It is greedy bastard footballers who are ruining football for fans. Look at what has happened to rangers/Portsmouth/Leeds. Clubs are under horrendous pressure from us fans to buy big players, but if they do, they pay big wages – therefore, ticket prices explode. Until something is done about wages, football clubs will be lumbered with overpaid players who don’t give a toss about the fans who make them millionaires ( downing anyone! ).

    • Yes, but surely that’s as much due to poor management at the top of the game? Clubs received a billion or two over the last 20 years, and allowed players and agents to grab the majority of it and take it out. Where were the FA’s, UEFA, FIFA when the tail started wagging the dog?

      • the clubs will not do it because one will always break any agreement or rules. that are all stuck in the circle and maybe a few may break it. However if we do you have to except we may not be competitive for top6 for a while.

        • Agree with you on that point. We are taking a stand because we have to, whilst man city continue to make the problem worse and worse. And so the divide between top and bottom grows. Undoubtedly clubs should do something about it, but I still blame the greedy players. To ms they are the same as bankers taking huge bonuses, whilst all the time knowing that the people who have funded you are suffering big time – ie the working man. I’m sure it’s easy to accept high wages, but do u really need to desert a loyal fan base to earn say 80k a week instead of 60k a week. No names mentioned Stewart, but what more can you buy that you don’t already have!?

  9. You’re starting to see it as I did a long while back Ian.
    It’s quite simply taking the piss.
    How does your working class man on say £300 a week in his mitt, take his kid to an away game at those prices?

    Answer? He doesn’t.

    This will eventually kill our game in the way we know it, of that I have no doubt.

    It actually feels like the whole aim is to have no away fans at the ground at all.
    Anyone want to take a bet that any crowds will be computer generated in the future?

    • A couple of things here

      1) There have been strong rumours Sky now play in false crowd noise to try and pretend there is atmosphere. This is especially true at the likes of the emirates and OT where there is literally no noise now

      2) added to this that there is an artificial raising of the crowd figures. Yes we know people who pay and do not attend are counted, but 30K for QPR, Really ?

      The money will kill the game which is why I have no problem with what Randy is doing but it is the lack of communication that is the issue.

      • Those are partly the reasons for saying what I said above.
        Imagine the savings on policing if you deter the away fans, for example.
        The atmosphere is pathetic now unless you’re an away fan, imo.

        I don’t believe some of the attendances either.

  10. why dont you ask for an extra 8 quid for your birthday? you were willing to pay £40 but not £48? has it got that bad that 8 quid is going to ruin your bday or as i suspect you werent really going to be going and just use the price as another reason to have a pop at something. i’m also glad you arent shutting this blog, robothan diva tantrum take 78

    • actually I was going to go but I refuse on princple to pay above £40 for a PL game and did not go to Blues and West Brom for that reason for example. You may want to be a little sheep and pay the horrendous prices and let the clubs think they have won and conned the fans but I am not.

      At vilal we get tremondous value for our ST at just £25 a game in the lower Holte, there is no justification at all for prices to be damm so high to play players 50k a week.

  11. Hmph. I paid about that to sit at Stamford Bridge and watch us get beat 7-1.

  12. I have a season ticket for the Mestalla to watch Valencia it cost 300 euros for the season , although it was bought at a discounted rate as it is in the section of the ground the ultras stand (in Spain ultras are given cheaper tickets and priority for home and away games as they create the atmosphere and therefore looked after by the club’s hierarchy , also if it is a big away game for example travel and free tickets are laid on foe the ultras to go and support the team.).The season ticket also includes all champions league games and now all the europa games for FREE up until the semi final. So for 4 away games in England i could watch a season’s worth of footy plus away games and european football. It still doesn’t make up for not watching the Villa but it does soften the blow a bit. But it does highlight the difference in the way fans are treated throughout europe with the premier league fleecing people more than ever.

  13. I paid £48 to go to St Andrews. that;s the worst ground in the football league.

    It was worth it when we beat them again though!🙂


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