Be grateful we have not kept Nike, European Cup for Macron

There has been an healthy debate about the new kit designers as against Nike.

Apart from the first design which was great I think Nike really let us down over the quality of the design and short material. Then look at the monstrosity Man Utd will have next season ?

Daily Mirror Link

Do you really want that for Villa, well Luke Marshall (twitter ID) has mocked up a Villa design based on this.

He thinks that the Mirror have highlighted the black in the Man U for effect so toned it down. Yes it does look like last season’s one just only that much worse. In fact did Nike copy our design for Man U ?

So with a new supplier and the near 30th anniversary of the European Cup win why can they not copy the design of that very famous shirt of that era which was worn 30 seasons ago now. so Luke has mocked up two kits based on this, first in that style we had by Le Coq Sportiff and then with all claret arms, think these look very good whilst preserving the history and tradition of our shirt.

And no collar versions

Can Luke and I have a commission fee ?

(Note if I see these designs on other sites I will ask for a credit, I know where they would have come from)

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27 comments on “Be grateful we have not kept Nike, European Cup for Macron

  1. i can’t see this and not think WEST HAM

  2. They do Napoli’s kit and that isn’t bad. Despite the colour.

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