All questions, no answers

At 2-0 down you feared the worse, at 2-2 you was pissed off that we drew yet another game, sums up the season.

At least by betting a draw every game I am up this season but this season is becoming a joke in many ways. Lets look at the defence. A total joke from all them and I do ask does Given communicate with them at all and would we be better with Guzan. Oh I can hear the howls of outrage as people read that but both goals were due to communication. Yes Dunne and Warnock were awful but defence starts at the keeper as well. ALL TO BLAME and Mcleish seems incapable of sorting it out.

However at times tonight we looked really good attacking wise. Keane was good but the MOTM for me was Ireland by a distance for the interplay and very good passing. The question in the forward play is one I have spoken about before,without Gabby are we actually a better attacking side ? Again the howls of outrage may be heard but I saw real positive signs today and that was because IMHO Gabby did not play.

The defence however is the major issue, Collins is not there and have we got worse ? Is Dunne the problem, is Warnock or the way we play at the back. Will Mcleish be brave and make wholesale changes at the back ? Clark in there ? Lichaj at Left back ?

The table is clear, we will not finish higher than 8th, we will not get relegated but 40% of the games are draws and this is what is costing us. So back to a post I made last week and should we gamble and drop the players with no future and start with players we may actually want to play next season ?

One final question, was there really more Villa fans there today than were against Everton ?

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91 comments on “All questions, no answers

  1. It is ironic that AMC has got the team attacking fairly well but defending like clowns. We have givem away 10 points this season to sloppy defensive errors players at this level should not be making.

  2. Both Hutton and Warnock are shocking! Arsenal game Hutton blew it away, yestarday was Warnocks turn to do the same.. i dread the St James fixture!


  3. QPR are a poor side, lets get that out the way first of all. We gave them too much respect by doing what this manager does, coming out not to lose, playing deep & narrow & passing sideways & backwards. As a result they pushed up & because of poor defending down the left AGAIN scored 2 goals.
    He has said time & again he will not tolerate poor form or mistakes, but persists with the same players week in week out.
    I don’t believe we can play Clark & Petrov together in midfield as it gives us “no legs”. As much as I rate Clark, he does not possess natural pace & is a centre back & Petrov although playing manfully, is at the end of his career & his legs go after 60 minutes.
    Bent gave us a lifeline with the goal before half time.
    Second half we came out, attacked & played probably the best football of the season, not because of the manager but in spite of him. It was a necessity to turn it round because of our awful home form & how poor QPR were.
    Ireland started to come off the wing (he is not a wide player) & pick up the ball, Keane began to pull the strings & Zoggy showed what he can do.
    We fully deserved the point & should have had 3 with the chances we created.
    It angers me to watch this man & his negative football, because we have some very good players, but he needs to be brave, drop those that are not performing & stick with a shape – not pick a system to accommodate people.

  4. lets face it my beloved villa are a nightmare at the back dunne isa dinosaur by pace and plodding and slow dirty late sliding on the floor like a school boy skidding on wet dirt,warnock haha well yeh hurry up and f-off m8 to the championship blues be good for you hutton why are you at villa not good enough cant pass streight or to feet hutton prefers to pass to the opposing team,collins can be good on his day solid but we deserve better lerner you got dosh and you swore to do us right resession or no ressesion fans pay there money we want more and deserve more give us back the glory days oneill forever was our light at the end of the tunnel why didnt you stay

    • oneil tht wasnt the glory days he almost gave us the glory days but he cudnt finnish above 6th! yes we did well under him but he fucked up our club! making beye our most played player! throwing his toys out the pram wen learner rightly said he had to clear out some of the dead wood that hed brought in didnt like and thrown in the reserves and forggoten about!!! MON fucked up the club behind tht scenes and messed up finances and then fucked us off and left us in a sorry state, less of the messiah more of a judas! still now excuse for learner to fuck about with a silly frenchman and then the most incompitant manager in the league! bad decision after bad decision!

  5. I must admit we do look better attacking without gabby and was thinking that before reading it on here. ireland keane nzogbia petrov and clarke all were passing forwards and moving for the next pass that system does look the way forward.with gabby and albrighton playing we are too rigid and players tend to stay in their positions from the start till the end off matches. also i think benty was holding up the ball better than usual but i suppose it helps having players close to him to pass to.

  6. The weak link is Warnock he gave away the ball for Cisse’s goal and scored the other one for them ….. Ashley Young used to cover some of his mistakes and now he doesn’t, he was dropped by Houllier because he was poor. Cuellar was stand out in defence last night and Hutton played much better for that. Dunne is slowing but wasn’t too bad either but as said above this was QPR not Man City / Utd / Spurs. Ireland should be captain now, Petrov/Warnock/Collins/Dunne/Beye/Heskey gone in the summer please. That must be close on £300k a week of the wage bill for better and younger players to come in.

    • Defence is No1 priority for the summer. Scott Dann and atleast a new left back. We also need a quality defensive midfielder. £20m on three strong additions in these positions and we will be in good shape.

      • Agreed defence has to be top priority. With a decent defence we could be challenging for 6th even under mcclown

  7. i think what we need to do in the summer is first off keep Bent two reasons why,number one he gets the goals,number two to show the fans we are moving forward sell bent and that is one big step backwards, after last summer the villa must show us they are looking up not down,then start again at the back 4 new faces there is a must we give to many goals away to easy and one strong in the midfeild player to hold play up and let irland have a free role to feed bent.

    • Bent scores more than his fair share of goals but if we keep (and I hope we do) we need to get someone like a Djibril Cissé who can hold the ball up otherwise when you knock the ball long you don’t have an outlet (Bent can’t hold up or win the ball) and you are just surrendering possession.

  8. here is an answer we have not won at home since novemeber 5th.. as much as i thought second half was good our defending is nothing short of comical and not even championship.. sorry guys liked some of the football we played but i must be honest dont change a thing for me been here time and time and again this season..

  9. Dunne, warnock have cost us 4 points against qpr fa cup 5th round tie thats just for starters

  10. I for one was so pleased to see charles on the score sheet,have been wishing one in for him for a long time and Stevie is like a new signing-nice passing ,Keane looks good and gets around and links up just fine pity he is only here for a short period.
    I wish we could play the full ninety minutes like we played the first 15 minutes of the second half.

  11. Habib Beye has gone… Thank fuck!! Just a year too late!!!!!!!

  12. Left by mutual consent.

    That means we’ve paid him off, as no way could Donny match his wages.

  13. Beye Beye Habib….

  14. 15 appearances and 3 substitutions at £40k a week. Who are the current free agents

  15. Evening Villans,

    Just to let you know you have made MatchPints selected games for the weekend!
    Have a goosey and see how we rate your chances against the Toon Army. Lets hope you fare better than you last visit to St James’s!



  16. Why the downer on Petrov all the time….it took him a good year and a half to two years to get going but has on the whole been great.
    He gives his all and get up down and everywhere in between.
    Charlie scored – but who did the run and picked him out…..and it was not just a cross he actually got his foot around the ball and laid it back spot on.
    And it’s not the only time this season he has done similar moves.A rarity this season – someone finding and moving into some space in a good attacking position.

    I give most of the players nick names and Warnock got his after only a short time and now every one has finally joined in.It is weakest link.

    A lot better performance last night but even then when we were on top a lot of moves ended in ovefrhit passes/crosses….it was like Downing and young were back…lol

  17. Actually I was pretty pleased we fought back to get a point and were unlucky not to get more…

    Eliminate the stupid errors and its a pretty handy team we’ve got. The problem is eliminating the stupid errors. The full backs are by far the chief culprits – the two worst full backs I have ever seen in professional football – but McLeish is unlikely to drop them.

    I would pick Lichaj and Baker/Stevens (leave Clark in midfield for now, we’ve got a good trio there short term. Besides he isn’t a full back anyway), but I think he will persist with Hutton and Warnock, try and build their confidence and form.

  18. I see the arsenal fans are protesting now after bad games and lowering gates, along with blackburn and everton cause their unhappy with broad, manager and team guess the villa fans are happy with everything cause they do nothing what a bunch of lifeless fans we have we dersevre nothing

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