The Transfer Window Closed, the non event and missed chances

The transfer window gently shuts on Villa and a series of missed chances.

I am angry as I write this. OK I expected little action but surely we could have afforded some decent young players with cheaper wages ? I know money on wages is tight but to see Marvin Sordell move from Watford to Bolton for just three million (when Bolton are in massive debt)just makes you wonder at the philosophy running this club.

In the summer many players on high wages will leave Aston Villa. This leaves a massive chance on the wage bill. If the money is really there for players, why not go for someone like Sordell now. The price for me is so cheap for a top quality prospect in British football. Unfortunately I do fear that 1) AM can not spot young players and 2) that frankly we have no cash available at all.

The future of the club is going to be based on quality younger players. We will not have the resources to do what happened under MON. To see prospects move for so little just gets a sigh and wonder what we are doing now. As I have said we have no real worry of relegation, the bottom 5 look pretty fixed to me. We could have taken gambles, looked around, wasn’t the scouting to have been improved ?

Where the hell is the proof of that ?

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70 comments on “The Transfer Window Closed, the non event and missed chances

  1. For all the people who kept saying ‘but its not his squad’ I would like to point something out… Warnock got nowhere near the first team last year under GH. This year he is a regular under Mctwatfacedloser. It was his choice to bring him back, it his choice to keep playing him. This is his team, he could quite easily have picked Clarke or even Licaj or Baker there but no… He didn’t!! Warnock and McLeish should both be fired after tonight!!!

  2. Ps watch if we end up losing how he will divert the blame else where and tell everyone how proud he is of the second half performance. First time that i have glad i broke my leg yesterday and am not having to watch this rubbish at VP!!

  3. Ok maybe a little hasty … Gone on the zog!!

    • not hasty at all mate, were still 2 down at home to QP fucking R and we aren’t going to beat them. Getting so fed up with this shit

  4. Good comeback but should have not let them get 2-0 up, warnock you are an f`ing disgrace, how many more chances do you want?? Nice to see N`zog wake up in the second half, but sorry not good enough McTwat


  5. I don’t get the constant crowing over not signing anyone in January. Bent is the only player of any quality we’ve signed in January in years, and the only reason he was signed was because we were going to get relegated without him. I agree that we’ve been terrible to watch this season, but we have been better lately, and pointswise we’re exactly where we were at this stage last year, except with a worse squad.
    No one signs anyone in January – there shouldn’t even by a transfer window this month, because it’s just set up for struggling clubs to spend exorbitant fees on mediocre players.
    And I don’t get complaining about signing mediocre players and then complaining we didn’t sign players like Gibson – he is marginally better than a Championship player, no matter how much he costs. Who would we bench for Gibson? Petrov? No. Clark? No. Herd or Gardner? No.

    • I don’t really care that we haven’t signed anyone in Jan, agree with your sentiments on the subject.

      What I am really pissed off with at this moment is the fact it takes us until we go 2-0 at home to a shit side before we actually go after a team….and we fucking dominate them!!

      Why can’t we go at sides from the 1st minute to last, especially at home……we try and play tight forgetting that we can’t defend and are going to gift goals and chances anyway!! If we could actually defend, then I could understand, not like it but there would at least be a point if it were a strength of ours.

      Our best Players, despite our defensive set up and play, are bloody attackers…….Bent is one of the best finishers in the business, we spent 20 odd million on the bloke and AM gives a shit about his increased work rate??? If we were more attack minded and created more for him he would get 20 plus a season and then I couldn’t care less if he sat down for 90 minutes.

      Keane can’t run about like a kid for 90 minutes but he still has quality on the ball and can make things happen if he is given the ball in the right areas. Gabby is attack minded, N’Zogbia is an attacking winger, Ireland an attacking midfielder, Albrighton, Bannan, Gardner……..all attack minded players.

      We can’t defend for shit, our midfield is lightweight and can’t shield them properly anyway so why doesn’t Mcleish do what any man with a set of eyes can notice and get us playing to our strengths……..fuck me, everything about the Villa this season is like pulling teeth!!

  6. Good game, wasn’t it?

    I’ll reserve judgement for the proper thread.

    But we should have won that.

  7. SOOOOO glad Habib has left the club.. that WAS the biggest waste of money ever!

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