The Transfer Window Closed, the non event and missed chances

The transfer window gently shuts on Villa and a series of missed chances.

I am angry as I write this. OK I expected little action but surely we could have afforded some decent young players with cheaper wages ? I know money on wages is tight but to see Marvin Sordell move from Watford to Bolton for just three million (when Bolton are in massive debt)just makes you wonder at the philosophy running this club.

In the summer many players on high wages will leave Aston Villa. This leaves a massive chance on the wage bill. If the money is really there for players, why not go for someone like Sordell now. The price for me is so cheap for a top quality prospect in British football. Unfortunately I do fear that 1) AM can not spot young players and 2) that frankly we have no cash available at all.

The future of the club is going to be based on quality younger players. We will not have the resources to do what happened under MON. To see prospects move for so little just gets a sigh and wonder what we are doing now. As I have said we have no real worry of relegation, the bottom 5 look pretty fixed to me. We could have taken gambles, looked around, wasn’t the scouting to have been improved ?

Where the hell is the proof of that ?

70 comments on “The Transfer Window Closed, the non event and missed chances

  1. I know I’ll get flak for this but I think McLeish has been astute in the transfer window.

    The objective this season is to lower the wages and stay in the Premiership. The Club’s actions are consistent with that objective.

    The focus now moves to what AVFC do before the summer.

    What I’d like to see is McLeish announce that the coming months are about testing the younger players and giving them the required experience in the Premiership. The Fonz has to get goals in the Championship if he’s to demonstrate he’s Villa quality.

    The poster is right that Villa’s scouts haven’t been good enough. A case like Harry Forrester shows that our scouts buy the hype without establishing whether the player will perform. Alex McLeish has a hit and miss transfer record, it would be great if he would overhaul the club’s scouting network so we buy talented players before their clubs are able to
    justify exorbitant transfer fees. We need to aim for young players just showing their potential. For example, Chambers to Crystal Palace might have been the smartest piece of business yesterday.

    Finally the club needs to work with the fans. Three seasons ago the club was great at this. They need to listen to constructive feedback. They already give a lot to the city working within the community. However the gloom of recent months seem to have spread to these activities. I think making Randy Lerner realise the potential of Villa to help social change might reinvigorate his love of this club.

  2. No point in buying in january nothing will come of this season. Come the summer I think we have to see at least half a doze decent players come in an make our squad more dynamic. We need more options on all areas of the pitch i think a young lad next to bent as his apprentice almost would be brilliant! Some one like a Shane long or Sturidge. I solid creative midfield and defensive midfield. One consistent winger. A RB,LB and CB.

  3. I completely agree with Axl that McLeish has been rather astute.

    There were a lot of moanings and criticism of bringing back Keane, but after two games he looks a real coup, and must be passing on a lot of his experience to the lads he’s training with.

    If our defence could defend, he’d have paid for his brief stay after the Wolves and Arsenal matches.

    We need to clear the deadwood from ‘his’ era, and rebuild from the bottom up.

    At least we haven’t signed Wayne Bridge and Sotirios Kyrgiakos. Two very average players on high wages, sound familiar ?

    My first visit to this site for a while, moan moan, whinge and bitch.

    Support the team tonight, we need a win, and then get yourselves up to Newcastle, enjoy a decent day out, and get behind the lads again.

    That’s unlikely with the majority on here I suspect, watching on the internet and complaining that we haven’t bought anyone in the January transfer window.

    • Yeah brilliant. Let Mcleish rebuild the entire squad. We should be at,. what, Birmighams level then? Hey Mcleish coul;d get his wish of relegating both Birmingham based clubs then! Fantastic.

      Some people. Seriously. I can’t even be bothered to type about hurting the club by keepig shtum anymore. Just do as you please. Im out.

  4. Yeah thats right tonites about getting 3 points we havent won for 3 months at vp time to put that right up the villa i hope anyway

  5. Ian can we have some stats and what’s required to avoid relegation? Can we do that yet?

  6. Yesterday you wrote “Proud history, bright future” and you hailed our youngsters. Today you moan about our lack of transfers. Who can understand that?

  7. With the present situation we are Doomed,Doomed, now lets all be honest, will we beat QPR with what we have ? I don’t think so.. If I have you jumping up and down saying your a defeatist OK I am now, but tonight you will be saying the same things over and over again you don’t know what your talking about. if we win I will buy you all a drink in the Villa Tavern, and if we don’t? you buy me one….

  8. I see Leeds have sacked Grayson.
    I wonder where that leaves Delph?

  9. We should get greyson now and sack mcleish

  10. Spot on Ian,look at Darron Gibson a steal at £1m played well against us and you see his goal last night? Defected but a wonderful strike of the ball all the same. If we can’t afford a mil for a player we are in trouble.

  11. Mcleish has prosmied new faces and rebuilding in the summer we hav to hold on until then a very important summer coming up in the mean time hav to suppot what we hav even thou were crap, we need some new songs about our players gardner, albrighton, bent like we used to sing about carew, minler and co can u lot come up with some?

  12. Owner and manager out now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. What did I tell you, a disgrace to the City of Birmingham, That so called Yank is doing what they did in the war years rob us…… Yank go Home……..

  14. get them all out……..manager, chairman, players (none of them fit to wear the shirt, backroom staff, admin staff, the fucking tea lady the lot of them………fuck em all off and I don’t give a shit wear to. stick the u15’s out there, would have more balls and do a better job than this lot………the women’s team has more balls than this shower of shit!!!!

  15. Warnock u prick we need a new defence lerner out now

  16. I am gobsmacked

  17. if mctosser hadnt wasted 4m on hutton, we would have had money to spend in jan!

    • In fairness Hutton has just crossed the ball for Bent, Warnock is an absolute shower of shit, he is by far the worst footballer in the Prem this season an absolute disaster area

  18. There is money at villa how can they not be lerners a tight arse

  19. the only way we will get money for transfers is by selling the entire first team………..should leave us with about 30 quid

  20. Bet AM was telling them how well they did to get back into to it and how he believes in them and that they get turn this around if they try their hardest and believe in themselves……….the twat!!

    He should lock them in that changing room and beat the shit out of the lot of them

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