Welcome to @No1shaygiven to twitter, list of other players

So shay Given joins a long list of Villa players on twitter.

Here is the full list of players and my ratings. Will not put direct links to them, if you know twitter you know how to find them !!

Shay Given – @No1shaygiven
Carlos Cuellar – @cuellar24 – Uses twitter in the right way, very good
Marc Albrighton – @MarcAlbrighton – His banter with the others is great
Charles N’Zogbia – @CharlesNzo – He mentions Villa more than …
Darren Bent – @DarrenBent – Does he play for Villa
Ciaran Clark – @CiaranClark_21
Brad Guzan – @bguzan
Chris Herd – @chrisherdy – Like Marc
Barry Bannan – @BBannan25 – always interesting to read and what may come out of his mouth
Jermain Jenas – @jjenas8 – Still a Villan
Andreas Weimann – @andiweimann – As Marc
Enda Stevens – @Estevens1990
Eric Lichaj – @EricLichaj
Nathan Baker – @Bakesy23
Gary Gardner – @Gards38
Derick Williams – @DerickWilliams_
Ebby Nelson-Abby – @ebbz10
Samir Carruthers – @SamirCarruthers
Mikey Drennan – @mikeydrennan
Jack Grealish – @JackGrealish1
Callum Robinson – @CallumRobinson7

Paul Faulkner – @Networkvilla – Paul uses this account

and last but not least old favourites

Ian Taylor – @IanTaylor7
Paul McGrath – @Paulmcgrath5

Of course it is not bog and wise to give these players stick directly, I doubt a couple even read it. However from Wolves fans Marc took a great lot of stick and dealt with it perfectly.

A new era, you can not imagine the difference twitter has brought to the ways players interact and it does make for better dialogue. However some of it has to be said is likely to be done by PR agencies.

6 comments on “Welcome to @No1shaygiven to twitter, list of other players

  1. I wonder if AM has clocked this ready for Sunday;


    Should be a piece of piss, we love a long ball don’t we?

    Sorry, if it’s the wrong place Ian, but I doubt it’ll get read on the 5 reasons thread.


  2. right, that video links to a wankfest over Bale🙂

    just did the match preview piece !

  3. Haha

    Ooh, you crafty scrote🙂

    Fair enough mate🙂

  4. The CEO…is he on “Twatter?”

  5. 12,599 followers in 5 hours, not bad Shay.

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