Football Bubble has burst – No transfers

When you look at this window do you notice something obvious ?

Yep you guessed it there has been no real moves at all for any clubs. Ignoring loans then the following clubs have not made any cash incoming deals as yet

Arsenal, Blackburn, Bolton, Man City, Man U, QPR, Stoke, Sunderland, Wigan

Of the rest then the only significant deals were

Cahill – Chelsea
Gibson – Everton
Cisse – Newcastle (biggest deal)
Howson – Norwich

Of which the total is a combined reported £21M

It is really pitiful and whilst we may see some last minute moves (Sunderland anyone !!) this could be the lowest winter window since it was introduced. Is this a sign of the bubble bursting, a sign of the true economic times ?

Yes I think it is. The empty plastic seats at many grounds tells it’s own story. We saw falsified attendance figures and actually clubs inflate by including those not there but brought a ticket. In fact if the figures were actually announced for people actually attending, just how low would some attendances have been ?

Of course what keeps the PL afloat is Sky and they are benefiting. As the squeeze hits more and more of us then it is becoming much cheaper to pay for Sky and they are seeing subscriptions still rise. So in fact are we seeing the steady emptying of our grounds and will this force prices on the gate down (at last) ?

I would conclude that the bubble has burst, with the obvious exception of say Man City then wages are coming down at a lot of the clubs. Two out of three of the promoted clubs have strict wage limits and scales imposed. Of course at Villa the wage issue has dominated since March 2010 and we are doing the right thing in my view.

I think for clubs making the right calls now they will survive for clubs not making the right calls will we finally see a PL club go into administration ?

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67 comments on “Football Bubble has burst – No transfers

  1. There should be a transfer cap and a wage cap throughout Europe not just EPL, Man City have forked out close on a Billion in three years on the club whilst Everton are skint and have no money to spend, How can this be fair ??? what’s the point of having a league ??? If it were a boxing match or most sports it wouldn’t be allowed. Sponsors are not coming forward with big money, seats are empty, players earning £100k + a week whilst the average guy is finding it tight ??? … whilst I agree SKY is to blame, so are us for buying it and putting up with it …… ticket prices have more than quadrupled since 1990 yet the average wage hasn’t ….. time to rid the sport of its money motivation and get back to being the working mans game.

    • Ticket prices have gone up by 700-900% since the Taylor report (1990) in the same time inflation as risen by only 70%, if in line with inflation the average price would be about £7-8 per game but that was the standing price.

  2. How much do you need to earn playing a game you love ??? why £100k a week ???

  3. “Football bubble has burst” is a little bit over the top. There are signs, yes, everybody can see it. We have to wait till last day of the window because many deals are done lately. But it looks that there is a decline. Could help us all. I think the game will change – we will see standing terraces once again, we will see the introduction of more youth players and less big-money transfers. Look at the problem in selling Tevez. It will be a slowly process but a positive one, especially for our club.

  4. I don’t think you can blame Sky or ESPN. Yes they pay huge amounts of money to show the Premier League, but isn’t that money paid directly to the Barclays Premier League itself? Surely, it then becomes the decision of Richard Scudamore et al to distribute that money among the clubs.

    Could that not be invested in different ways (e.g. schemes for young offenders, more work with charities, improving facilities, enhancing women’s football and even helping clubs like Darlington?). You could still give money to the teams and maintain the prize-money for league placings, but it may have some impact on the extravangent spending of the big teams – although admittedly it might be too late for that.

    I think it’s this mega-money distribution from the top not the TV companies themselve.

    And I agree with the transfer cap idea. It may be effective, but my only reservation would be whether it made the transfer market totally redundant?

    • How about a wage cap? The Bundesliga sort of imposes one on itself whereas they any club can only pay 50% of its revenue on players wages.

      • It’s another thing I would fully support. It’s something that the MLS have done as well and I like their idea of allowing one players wages to exceed the cap. I still leaves room for each club to make one marquee signing.

        The main problem with that is it would need to be universally applied. If it were just England it could have a big impact on the league. I don’t know how it has affected the Bundesliga in terms of the players they can attract – do you?

        There are so many ideas you could encourage. Maybe say that X amount of homegrown players must be included in your matchday sqaud?

        But if any of this were to ever happen, you wouldn’t see any immediate impacts. In fact, it probably wouldn’t be truly visible until the next generation of players came through.

        • Don’t quote me on this but I think something like 6 different teams have won the title in the past 10 years so its hardly been detrimental, follow this link its an interesting read:

          • That is an interesting article, but I can alreayd see problems.

            Reading that, Christian Seifert evidently wants to focus solely on the domestic league with little interest for the Champions League or the Europa League, which from his position is correct – he works for the Bundesliga, not UEFA of FIFA. Can you imagine how United, City, Chelsea and Arsenal would react?!

            It also seems a little too late for the Premier League to follow their example. It sounds like they grabbed the bull by the horns well in advance to prevent money taking over. With freeview happening early, the big brand media outlets weren’t going to bid huge money because at least half the population didn’t need or want digital, something that is way beyond rescuing here.

            The ownership ruling is the only one I could possibly see happening, but I could see it preventing any overseas interest in English clubs – not that it would be a bad thing. Again that would need to be universally applied. Plus, it would only take 11 clubs to oppose it realistically and I could easily see that happening.

            As for the season ticket example, I wonder how Villa fans would feel if they were told that only 10,000 could have season tickets? Probably a few people would say right now they couldn’t give a f*ck, but two or three seasons ago there would have been uproar.

            I found myself reading that with a sense of look-at-what-could-have-been.

          • You’re probably right Sammy a case of horses bolting and stable doors left open and as you say what could have been. But you have to give the Germans they had the foresight to keep their league competitive and as a result keeping the interest of the punters, you have to wonder if the EPL is danger of becoming a Scottish or Spanish type league well that’s if we haven’t already. As Sepp Herberger the coach of the West German team that won the 1954 World Cup said at the end of the article: “You know why people go to the stadium? Because they don’t know how it ends.”

          • Absolutely – I admire the German league’s structure. They’ve gone about things in the right manner and kept their feet firmly on the ground from the get go.

            I started following football in 1994 and often to say to people that I wish I’d been following it in the 60s or 70s when things were more competitive and money hadn’t taken over.

            Right now there are four teams who can realistically win the league, but look at the gulf that has appeared between sixth and seventh. Give it three or four seasons and I can see a similar gap settling between second and third.

            It’s down to people further up the heirarchy thinking of money over the sport itself. I bet when Jimmy Hill and co successfully won the player’s rights to increased salaries, they couldn’t have seen it escalating to this level.

          • Wow, Brad I HAVE to try that out! Although my frioavte is my Mums, but I am sure yours is amazing!🙂 This post made me smile!🙂

      • the thing is that in GErmany the revenues of clubs are much more aligned (with the exception of Bayern, so with a cap the clubs are much closer to each other and it is competitive.

        Over here a cap would mean Man U’s wages could be £160M, Arse’s £100M, Chelsea’s £100M, Liverpool’s and Man City’s £90M,. Spurs, £65M, Villa and Everton £45M


        so the status quo is maintained, the only a cap can work is to have a flat top level of say £80M and imagine all the loop holes then …

        remember for any rule to be implemented you need 14 clubs voting for it, so a flat top level is poissble if the smaller clubs are brave and ignore breakaway threats

  5. This is another good read about the rise in ticket prices, a piece by David Conn in The Guardian: http://www.guardian.co.uk/sport/david-conn-inside-sport-blog/2011/aug/16/premier-league-football-ticket-prices

  6. then you have this from UEFA warning over losses


    there is no way at all if the rules are applied fairly and strict that Man City, Chelsea and Liverpool can play in Europe

    • Yes your right Ian the only problem being there are more holes in the Fair Play rules than a colander, Man City for example have found one by their stadium sponsorship deal, who sponsored them? Etihad. And who owns Etihad? Sheikh Hamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan or better known to the Man City Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan as Dad, it stinks.

      • it does Billy but the rules state all sposnsorships must be ‘market value’ AND can not be family members.

        IT is clear on that and City have employed ex UEFA lawyers to get around it, says it all. City know what they are trying to do and UEFA do. UEFA stands firms against their wealth City can not play.

        This is UEFA’s biggest test to prove money does not rule. None of this BTW is testable in a EU court as it is a private rule.

  7. We should scrap the CL too and the Europa league ….. bring back the European Cup and the UEFA Cup for 1st and 2nd ….. the ‘Top Four’ syndrome would be gone and all the wasted money trying to compete with Barca and Milan etc… ploughed back int youth development …. with a wage cap at 50% of revenue, transfer prices capped such as proven top flight players graded from performance 1-10 ie: Hutton, Warnock, Dunne, Collins (1) … £1,000,000 to Tevez (10) £10,000,000 …. then we would have a fair football system, with no club ripping another off………… I can dream !!!

  8. Sport is meant to be fair but in football we have heavyweights and lightweights in the same league. There needs to be a money league for all the elite clubs of europe, if they can afford to pay players 100k plus per week then travelling should’nt be a problem, nor could their players moan earning that sort of money

  9. Anyone know the Next Gen final score?

  10. GG scored in the last min, from what I can gather to take it to extra time.

    seems we should have won the game though😦

  11. The CL has a lot to answer for, the big four mentality is causing massive problems for the game, winning the championship is not the aim of any club its now a bonus of getting into the top 4 and qualifying for this elitist cup, and its massive payouts.

  12. Amazon is alwyas my first stop! We've already started here as well and I hope to be completely done by the first week in DEcember!!

  13. There is certainly a lot to find out about this topic. I like all the points you made.

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