A certain draw, isn’t it, is Keane to start

OK, so we go to the custard bowl tomorrow in what us a run of good away form.

I will simply say that given the rather decent away form we change little. However the forked tongue of AM is about and Mat Kendrick is hinting at a 442 with Keane playing (well he denies a hint !). However for this game it is a MUST NOT LOSE game and a draw is certain isn’t it, given the records ?

So what will we see, well with everyone fit, why not the Chelsea team and formation, however I fear that Mcleish is going to try and fit everyone in and totally unbalance the team. I fear like Mat’s team that Clark will be moved LB leaving with Petrov as a defensive midfielder against Henry, difficult ! So what do I predict the team to be, this is the most difficult one, so this is what I would play

Given, Cuellar, Warnock, Dunne, Collins, Clark, Petrov, Albrighton, Ireland, Gabby, Keane

I think Mcleish will play

Given, Hutton, Dunne, Collins, Warnock, Petrov, Clark, Ireland, Gabby, Bent, Keane (a sort of 4-2-3-1) with no wingers of course.

What would really worry me tomorrow is we have against us Henry and Frimpong and we could be over run if we shift Clark to LB and just Petrov and Ireland. It could be a real crucial team selection tomorrow. I am not saying it could decide Mcleish’s future but he can simply not get it wrong.

We should remember of course Wolves last PL game was a very good result and Fletcher is on fire.

15 comments on “A certain draw, isn’t it, is Keane to start

  1. I will simply say that given the rather decent away form we change little

  2. totally agree but Hutton playing belies that …

  3. Agree about Fletcher he is a real threat to any team

  4. I think you are right about the likely team selection. You are also right about the threat from Henry and Frimpong in terms of strength in CM. We would need to be quick and mobile in order to play around or through them. It would be a positive team selection though so if he goes with it I hope it pays off

    • except they have nippy players on the wing of course

      real difficult one to call because I hate dropping Albrighton but just think he will

    • Fairplay DS I dont always agree with everything you say, but you stick to your guns have an optimistic outlook and at times can be objective, fairplay.


  5. Got 1.1 written all over it tomorrow. We rarely keep a clean as our defence usually gift wraps at least one goal per game dunne and warnock mainly responsible. And we rarely score more than 1 goal.

  6. If he plays the team you suggested he will, then we will definitely lose! Keane and Gabby playing in the wide roles! However, i agree with you that McTosser may well play that very team!

  7. He will play that team, and it will get run ragged. The bloke hasnt got a clue.

    Today is a MUST win game anyrhing other than that and surely even the deluded fools must call for his head.

  8. Breaking news!
    Stephen Ireland is injured and won’t be playing today!

  9. That’s bad news re Ireland.
    God knows what AM will decide to go with.
    Definitely has a draw written all over it, but for some reason I’m feeling slightly optimistic and think we could nick it.
    They’re really going to have to work for it though.

  10. Karl_Villa, where did you hear Ireland is injured?
    I’m not seeing it anywhere.

    Oh I forgot to say, I expect today’s game to be terrible😦

    • no stories of him out but appears Warnock may be according to Mat Kendrick so who plays then …

      never liked Clark at LB, could Stevens actually start, Clark out of midfield leaves that weak against Frimpong (who I do rate) and Henry (we know how tough he is)

      • Enda Stevens was apparently very good in the reserve match the other day, and if Ireland is out lets give Gardner a go as well

  11. Keane will get the Ireland role , Gabby and Bent up top , 1-4 on the cards …

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