Mockups of Villa kits made by Macron

OK I do love the speculation over possible new kits for Villa.

Like last season Luke Marshall has not let us down and done two Macron mock ups based on their current designs. see what you think of these, no doubt some of you will have negative reaction over them.

Macron has not been confirmed as the new kit supplier and designer but the club have not denied the Mail’s reporting and I am certain it is them.

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57 comments on “Mockups of Villa kits made by Macron

  1. Fair point V96!
    Nike let us down badly if you all remember, I would rather be treated as Macrons flagship team rather than one Nike couldn’t be arsed about, I would imagine that Macrons staff are as capable as Nike’s 8yr old Asians.

  2. I might consider a new profession if I had designed these- lazy, sad, and amateur come to mind.

  3. that home kit is nice wouldnt mind that one

  4. It looks too much like West Ham

  5. I’m a LION not an IRON. The Macron Muck-ups
    May be good for West Ham or Scunthorpe, but surly not Aston Villa!!!

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