Villa will dump NIKE and go for Macron

Mat Kendrick has just tweeted news that will not surprise regular readers of this blog.

Mat’s twitter link

Villa set to scrap Nike deal and sign agreement with a new kit manufacturer in next few months. See today’s Brum Mail

Mail Story

Of course this is only confirmation of what was already known anyway. We had come to the end of the five year contract (not three as stated in the article) and NIKE were treating us abysmally. I ran a story HERE that it would be Macron and this is now looking a good bet isn’t it ?

Mat has further confirmed this

For those who don’t already know, Macron is the name being mentioned to replace Nike as Villa’s kit manufacturer

Now I know some get uptight over who is the kit manufacturer, some do see it as a badge of honour that you have a Nike, Puma or Umbro. However the harsh reality is that clubs will go to who offers them the most (some PL clubs get nothing for kit deals) and we are not attractive to a big player to spend money on.

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23 comments on “Villa will dump NIKE and go for Macron

  1. Fuck me,I stumbled on this site after looking for Villa’s report on the match, and you lot sound just like us Toffee’s. De fucking pressed

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