Under 30,000 Villans today tells the story

Well wasn’t that just plain boring.

Some Villa fans trying take positives from today and yes Ireland was OK and deserved MOTM but that probably says more about how poor the rest was. On that game then why was Cuellar in the bench ? Given is a good keeper and there are reasons why h should play above Guzan but HUTTON above Cuellar ??? Go on, someone try and explain that to me ??

The first half was as dire as it can be. Yes both keepers had to make good saves but I saw masses of people go at 30 mins to the beer bar because everyone else was asleep. Notice how quiet it is when the team now comes out, notice all the empty gaps, Mcleish has sucked the life force out of Villa.

The second half was better for the first 20 minutes, clearly the players had a bollocking. Bent scored well a Bent goal and it appeared for a few minutes we could get a win. However as usual the defence was all at sea and Everton for me got a deserved draw. I guess Mcleish stopped himself from going into the record books but once again he showed how much his ‘style’ of football is hated at Villa.

It has to be said , just one up front is a total farce at home for Villa. Anyone watching today will see how much out of position Gabby is on the left. Anyone watching today will see that Mcleish is trying to fit ‘stars’ into a system that does suit them. Until he grows a pair and realises that one of Gabby or Bent has to be dropped playing a negative formation then we will continue to struggle. The squad he has is more than capable of the entertaining football he claims he wants to play, but until he goes 442 then we will look the lifeless force we are.

We had under 30,000 fans today, can you imagine what a midweek attendance with QPR will be with only 1,000 of their fans if not less. We are seriously looking at less than 28,000 fir that game and the warning bells in the accounts must be ringing loud. I have tried to keep away from Mcleish Out shouts this season but as we saw from the atmosphere today (I heard just one song after we scored) then the club is slowly dying, does Randy really want that ?


Want to see a shocking picture ?

this was sent to me, if you are the owner let me know and will credit you

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68 comments on “Under 30,000 Villans today tells the story

  1. Is this the Everton forum? It fucking feels like it

  2. it was just under 32,000 to be exact. if all you wanna do is run this club down just fuck off and do your views on another team cause all of your views are negative and im sure most people are sick of it.


  4. no excitement, no atmosphere, no fun, no bright future.

    Its a day out with the lads, the only downside is the football, is awful…

  5. you need to no what time of game that was sent ian because i sit in lower holte lot of blue empty seats but i would say not like that maybe half time or just before halftime that was taken when few do leave for drinks etc

  6. is matt the brother of McCluless or something ?

  7. Yes ok we’re struggling and I hate to see Villa like this I really do but lets face it we will not be better off losing the manager half way through the season will we?

    Who would you bring in now?? Who, there is no decent free manager and so that means more compensation both for new managers club and to Mcleish and only 2 weeks for players?? Come on who is going to join us!! Especially the reception MCleish has got in half a season….and yes I know why but it will put off a few managers.

    Ireland is now playing football yeah it’s OK but he’s playing better then he has ever done.

    Young players are in the squad and the booing cannot help them either, we’re basically stuck with him until the end of the season, there is no way around it, so I say we may as well put up with it until the end of the season, nothing else we can do about it!!

    Lerner is silent and that is how it will stay!

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