Mcleish all at sea “You don’t know what you are doing”

I have struggled to write this report to be honest as it fell on the back of the Chelsea game with just one change, so what went wrong.

When I saw the team selection I knew it was wrong. It was a team selected to fit in Bent and it showed from the first minute to last. So what went wrong ?

Well it is simple for me. Bent simply CAN NOT play up on his own, he is totally isolated and unlike Gabby can not run the line. I mention Gabby and there is another problem, he shows his feelings and totally obvious he was totally pissed off to be on the wing today. Is there a simple answer, well yes …

That answer is that unless it is 442 then Bent should be benched and if Bent has to play on his own then Gabby should be benched. to leave Albrighton out today was a total disgrace given most match reports from Saturday rated him higher than N’Zogbia. So now we must come to Mcleish for all this.

There is no POINT at all beating Chelsea then to lose the 4th game at home to Swansea with dies to respect to them who played very well, did their keeper make a save ? Mcleish to me only played Bent to quell the Bent on the move rumours and how wrong is that. To shove Gabby to the wing for this game was so wrong it beggars belief, why not 442 and rest Petrov ? Is football that difficult ?

When Mcleish subbed Ireland I could understand that as he played poorly but the shouts rang round VP showed what the fans thought didn’t it ? On Saturday Mcleish gave himself tons of breathing room and yet somehow we blew it today and in spectacular fashion. We never looked like we could win the game did we and Mcleish has to take a lot of the blame. However the biggest problem is that I really do not think he has a clue on the best formation.

I would hate Bent to be sold but actually it would solve a problem but Gabby has to look at his performance today and question his commitment as well. Mcleish has to look at playing the best formation for any given game and not the best players the try and fit in a formation. Two steps forward, two steps back. bad bad day !

148 comments on “Mcleish all at sea “You don’t know what you are doing”

  1. My problem wasn’t the team selection but rather our two fullbacks. Warnock and Cuellar were terrible today. Cuellar rarely gets stick on the forums, but he was only marginally better than Warnock, who was as bad as I’ve seen him. Without the two defending, Swansea never would’ve scored. We’re still pretty toothless in attack, but we looked good until the second goal.

    • So instead of Cuellar, you’d have put Hutton on from the start?

      No way.
      Both lack pace, but at least Cuellar has some sense of defence, whereas Hutton is constantly caught miles out of position because of this stupid idea that FBs have to be better going forward.
      I could live with that if you have a top notch defence that’s firing on all cylinders, but we quite simply don’t atm, imo.

  2. Can’t believe anyone thinks bent should be sold. We’ve been waiting about 15 years for a good finisher and when we get one people want rid. Idiots.
    It’s the formation that let us down. It’s quite obvious, especially at home, Albrighton and nzog on the wings ( NOT gabby ), gabby and bent up front. If you want to play 1 up top away, then maybe bent has to sit on the bench.

    For me the big question is how long can warnock be allowed to play premier league football. For every mistake Dunne makes, warnock makes two – and I won’t even start on the number of silly free kicks he gives away. Waste of space ( though a whole new back four wouldn’t go amiss! )

    • I agree, why oh why dump the proven goalscorer. I see a lot of people complaining that we’re changing formation to please Bent, yep, and why not, he’s a goalscorer, if we give him the service he’ll score, what’s the issue???

  3. In all the 50 odd years i have been watching us,i can’t recall us ever having such 4 piss poor defenders in the team at the same time .Dunne,Collins,Hutton and Warnock,you just know there is a balls up waiting to happen.Anyone who thinks we have no chance of going down should look at the table and the results of the clubs below us recently,with our present defence there is every chance .Also don’t forget we have the relegation expert as our manager.


  5. Honestly Ian you’re so transparent!!.. firstly your line about Bent not being able to play on his own is utter garbage!!.. HE SCORED MOST OF HIS GOALS LAST SEASON PLAYING ON HIS OWN WITH ASH AND DOWNING BEHIND HIM, i guess you’ve forgotten those two crackers at Arsenal already? it’s the service into him that’s been poor, and Eck did the right thing yesterday because Gabby’s best performances this season have come when he’s played on the left wing, in that position he’s got 5 goals and 5 assists, most of those assists have been to set up Bent so why not try that again?

    The other day you claimed we “don’t need to buy anyone” and now you’re moaning? WHY? i thought you were happy with the status quo? the fact is under this board we’re heading nowhere but backwards, we’ll get the odd decent result like the chelsea one but in the main we’ll be average, and many people in the game feel sorry for Eck because the man is working with two hands behind his back right now and has been hung out to dry by Randy Lerner who’s only plan is to penny pinch from the club now.

    • Ian is not the only guilty one $1, there were plenty on here thinking that we’d turned the corner on NYE. The fact is McNob is scared of playing at home and thus the performances have been poor. How many shots on target have we averaged in the home games? Now the bbc are running the story about Robbie Keane, another goal poacher. We can’t get the ball to Bent so now they’ll be two strikers standing scratching their arses waiting for the ball.

      I’d love to see Eck go but I don’t think it will happen so plenty more days like yesterday to come

      • to $1 yes Bent in someways played on his own but because young and Downing were cutting in there was always support for him, under the Mcleish formation he is much more isolated as frankly N’Zog is well down on the qualiuty of those we let go of.

        As to Matt, I never said we had turned the corner but saw encouraging signs, away from home that is certainly true. The problem is similar to what MON had was that the system is easy to negate at home and espeically if the opposition closes down on the wings. The player I think that can change this at home is Bannan as he can spread the ball bbut it appears Ireland now has Bannan’s position.

        • One of the critisisms I had of MON was that our football was great against the better teams who allowed us to play but negative teams like stoke, Bolton and Blackburn bullied us even when we had attacking options. However, Swansea played football yesterday and we still couldn’t trouble their keeper and we never even tried to play against Man U or the Scousers. Just like the noses saw, he is too frightened to have a go at home. The other thing is, sadly it looks like Hutton’s time on the sidelines is over. One step forwards and three big jumps back. UTV

  6. Ian that summary was as clueless as the board and the manager’s selection. Could it be that we were beaten because we played a team whose manager believes in playing the game in the right way. Formation’s, player selection, and the type of football you play is all done on the training pitch. This manager needs to go, rather than us selling our best assets to accomadate a manager with such poor credentials.

  7. after enduring the game yesterday i watched highlights and it hsocked me even more piss poor wank inept our great club is going to be another leeds if randy dont pull not his finger but fucking faulkner from up his arse and get this lot sorted he should piss off to the national gallery and ask fir his million back and sack the ginger twats. i really have had as mucs as i can take with this lot… to loose is one thing but to loose playing how we do it is another.

  8. north stand adult upper season ticket for sale contact 07988408766

  9. Lerner wont get rid of eck now! He has spent too much money on compensation and nobody wants to come to Villa – LernerOut.com

  10. It was obvious

    Back 4 – ok – maybe drop Dunne for Cueller and start Hutton – but ok
    Midfield – Ireland/Petrov and N’Zog and Albrighton
    Strikers Gabi/Bent

    Questions – none

    Points – 3

    McLeish – Clown.

  11. What about the cheap option of John Robertson as our defensive coach and Ian ‘Nutter’ Holloway as attcking coach? LOL!
    I’d take Venglos back today over McUseless.

    Lerner OUT!
    McLeish OUT!

  12. Lerner out we want lerner out we want lerner out

  13. 17 hours on and even the TV pundits are bemused, But one thing they do agree on is Warnock he’s not good enough and some players are given in to easy..

    • Warnock was dropped by Houllier because he cost us 7, yes 7 goals at the start of last season, he is piss poor and shouldn’t be playing ……. so AM must take the blame for keep persisting with him.

  14. The players obviously are telling him something about how and where they want to play …… good on em. UTV

  15. I’m not a fan of either Houllier or McLeish, and beleive but especially McLeish, his selection and tactics are frustrating (that’s the polite version), I do however believe that the defence is O’Neills and whilst they played out of the skin for him on occasions, they don’t give two hoots about any other managers or the team.

    The senior players are a problem at Villa, and until a manager has the balls to boot them in to touch or give them a dressing down, that is the way it will stay…worrying times for our team, very worrying times.

  16. Makes you feel good to be a Villa fan doesn’t it when on all the radio stations you tune into today are none stop ridiculing our team our tactics our being completely overwhelmed by Swansea….

    Then apart from Villa fans moaning about McToss all the so called experts keep ramming it back at us that he is a great manager Doh!!!

    Experts my arse….

    I don’t know how Ian gets permission from other sites to re blog there work but there is a letter of epic proportions on vitalvilla that should be read by every Aston Villa fan.
    It is believe me an epic letter directed to Messrs Lerner & Faulkner, If that letter could get some kind of national publicity then I am sure some heads would turn.

    IR have you read it ??? It’s good !!

  17. I see there’s talk of Andy Carroll going back to Newcastle on loan.
    Looking more and more likely Bent is going, imo.

    • Anon3
      After seeing that Bannon touchline thing (which I’m amazed no-one’s commented on)

      What’s that all about?? Did I miss something???

  18. If Liverpool do want Bent screw them for 25 or 30 million and buy a centre forward who can hold the ball properly and buy a creative midfielder. Oh and give Hutton away to anyone who wants him

  19. Billy.
    Bannon was seen to shove Weimann (I think it was) just like Dunn shoved the Swansea player and it didn’t look like he was just messing about.
    Someone else mentioned it on Dugdale’s site too, but no-one else replied about it.

    I’m not sure what it was about, but it didn’t look good.

  20. Keane at the Villa ? after 3 times he past us by, he must have been given £80.000.
    anyone know where Andy Lockhead lives, bet he would play for us….

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