Mcleish all at sea “You don’t know what you are doing”

I have struggled to write this report to be honest as it fell on the back of the Chelsea game with just one change, so what went wrong.

When I saw the team selection I knew it was wrong. It was a team selected to fit in Bent and it showed from the first minute to last. So what went wrong ?

Well it is simple for me. Bent simply CAN NOT play up on his own, he is totally isolated and unlike Gabby can not run the line. I mention Gabby and there is another problem, he shows his feelings and totally obvious he was totally pissed off to be on the wing today. Is there a simple answer, well yes …

That answer is that unless it is 442 then Bent should be benched and if Bent has to play on his own then Gabby should be benched. to leave Albrighton out today was a total disgrace given most match reports from Saturday rated him higher than N’Zogbia. So now we must come to Mcleish for all this.

There is no POINT at all beating Chelsea then to lose the 4th game at home to Swansea with dies to respect to them who played very well, did their keeper make a save ? Mcleish to me only played Bent to quell the Bent on the move rumours and how wrong is that. To shove Gabby to the wing for this game was so wrong it beggars belief, why not 442 and rest Petrov ? Is football that difficult ?

When Mcleish subbed Ireland I could understand that as he played poorly but the shouts rang round VP showed what the fans thought didn’t it ? On Saturday Mcleish gave himself tons of breathing room and yet somehow we blew it today and in spectacular fashion. We never looked like we could win the game did we and Mcleish has to take a lot of the blame. However the biggest problem is that I really do not think he has a clue on the best formation.

I would hate Bent to be sold but actually it would solve a problem but Gabby has to look at his performance today and question his commitment as well. Mcleish has to look at playing the best formation for any given game and not the best players the try and fit in a formation. Two steps forward, two steps back. bad bad day !

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148 comments on “Mcleish all at sea “You don’t know what you are doing”

  1. Can anyone recall the last time we lost 4 home matches on the trot, i supported them since 1967 and don’t remember.

    McDuff F******* Now

  2. 1999 apparently

  3. Richard DUNNE: 2 backpasses in 2 weeks and 2 goals conceded…Bristol Rovers FFS

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