Mcleish’s massive dilemma (Herd out for two weeks)

Tonight’s game has given Mcleish some massive headaches for the Stoke game.

Because of the performance levels of many of the players and how well the system worked then when players return what does he do. The first major headache is that he has to decide who replaces the idiotic Hutton. If fit then Herd is the obvious one but if not, should we really play Cuellar there and bring either Collins back or play Clark there ? Given that Clark was great in DM and Herd if out means he is needed there then it can only mean Cuellar at RB ??

However the massive decision to be made is if Bent is fit. If he had played today he would have had goals, I am convinced of that. When balls came across Gabby was nowhere to be seen and it played straight into Bent’s terrority. However to fit in Bent and Gabby it is likely the fantastic Bannan would have to be dropped and he does not deserve that. It would also mean a change to a system that could work but has shown little signs of working.

I do therefore ask it is feasible of Bent is fit that either Gabby is dropped or Bent is left on the bench and the reaction to that ??

Do we play players to fit the system of fit the system to players ?

Oh and after tonight one thing for certain, HESKEY should NEVER start unless he is the last man standing, something I think we all can agree on.

UPDATE – It has been confirmed by Mcleish that Chris Herd is out for two weeks, so presume Cuellar at RB for Stoke and Collins back. Also Ireland has a calf strain so likely to be out as well.

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85 comments on “Mcleish’s massive dilemma (Herd out for two weeks)

  1. Realistically we need one good veteran player who is good in the locker room for a decent price. It will keep us positive and out of relegation. The relegation thing had better never happen. We know there is very little money for the January window so let’s get a player with character and team qualities.

  2. The problem is that when Houllier bought Bent, he had no real intention of playing Gabby in the same team. Bent and Gabby as a front two doesnt work and now seeing that we are playing well with two wide players-Nzog and Albrighton, that gives AM a major headache. Neither of them can play a deeper role in behind the striker-and to be honest, Bannan is great when he plays there. Who do you leave out- The £24m man or Gabby (our best player this season)? My bets is that he plays both and we play sh*t!!

  3. i would play gabby left albie right petrov and clark middle with nzogbia central behind bent

    • And leave bannan out Again ? the guy comes on plays well every time , always looks for the pass to open the defence, always creates passes for the forwards… i think he deserves a start tbh, he has earned it

      basically the porblem is we have Albrighton,n’zogbia and gabby that are all playing pretty well in their normal positions, the only way we can fit them in is we play 442 gabby up front or just behind bent, albrighton and n’zog on he wings, but then were do you play bannan? he deserves a start ahead of clark i feel..

      • I agree. This is exactly the dilemma…

        • you have to have your players that can unlock the opposition playing, we need bannan in the starting lineup, and he needs to be in the middle, Clark goes back into defence for Hutton, 442

          N’Zog Petrov Bannan Albrighton

          Warnock Dunne Collins Clark


          • yeah that could work, but clark is left footed, plus he will get beaten by most wingers, like he did against arsenal, but stoke are more physical, so clark could work their… deff agree with bannan needs to start he has a key attribute to unlock a defence.. i dont know why mcleish refuses to play him, enough is enough, start the lad he derserves a chance, bannan is a real talent, he can spot a pass

          • That’s what I’d do, but swap Clarke for Cuellar.

          • I’d do more 4-3-2-1 though, with N’zog coming in to join Gabby and supply for Bent…

  4. best we played all season ireland and inzogbia play well got to get hutton out the team he is crap the players we need are defoe and hoillet along with bent back in the team ,gardner is back from coventry and makoun back

    • Hutton is utter dog shit, he is way to rash, and to go and get yourself sent off when we are already low on players is complete stiidity,(even tough it does mean that he cant play the next game,Get in), Lerner wont give the funds to sign hoilett and defoe, no way, Garnder is back and a great prospect for the club, And makouns loan is till the end of the season with no recall option, which is stupid because we really could have done with him…. McLeish OUT

      • Hutton played well yesterday until his two harsh challanges. Yes, it was stupid, but he showed he was angry and couldn´t accept to be on the loosing side. But till this moment he was rock solid in defence, joined our attackers whenever he could, full of running and played good crosses in. What is said about him in this forum is totally unfair and incorrect. Or do you confuse him with Warnock, because he is really not up to the task. Horrible!

        • yeah agreed hutton played well before he did that, but 1 good game doesnt justify him to keep starting, we cant affor to have players being angry and getting red cards, when our squad is already dangerously thin on players, and this scottish thug goes and get himself sent off , yeah cheers hutton that helps the team, utter stupidity.. but will admit he did play well up until that point, but im not convinced on 1 good game , yeah warnock is fucking shit, he gets beaten every time by a winger, he needs to go, we need a LB a CB( even though ceullar was good) i still feel we need a CB, also ned a defensive midfielder that can win a ball, and incase herd gets injuredand deff loan delph out, and maybe a backup striker for when bent is injured because it was clear against arsenal, we struggled to score, but the service was their for gabby..

  5. Was good to see us actually have a go last night, and we were unlucky not to get anything out of the game.

    Play like that against teams around or below us and we’ll win more than we lose.

    Albrighton has looked sharp since his return, Dunne looked very solid and Cuellar came back in well also.

    N’Zogbia looked a player that could have a trick or two up his sleeve, and Bannan was as neat and tidy as ever when he made his bow.

    Have to say that Warnock is just not good enough, Hutton was having one of his better days until lost his head.

    Guzan made a couple of wonderful saves which will give him confidence ahead of Stoke.

    It must be Christmas, a positive post on this blog !!!

    All the best all, see you for Stoke.

    • Vaze, your player ratings are spot on. But Arsenal was a shadow of the past.
      Coqueline, Frimpong, Gervinho and even Arteta are not the usual Arsenal standard. We should have get something from this game. They were ready to beat them comprehensivly.

      • agreed arsenals team was far from what it used to be, the only reason they are keeping up its because of RVP, when he gets injured they will struggle.

  6. sooo, what are the chances we could somehow arrange for someone like Clint Dempsey to arrive this winter? He has experience, scores goals, creates chances and works for his wages. Why not give Fulham their pick of players; Petrov, Ireland, Hutton, Heskey, Collins, Warnock- any of the dead weight plus a few million. I’d love nothing more this Christmas than to see Heskey and Ireland go away (and AM, but that’s just not going to happen until the summer)

  7. Everybody got selective memory lose to how fucking shit we have been in 90% of the games this season.


  8. It is funny that if you watched the game yesterday, AM was on the touchline screaming at the players to slow things down and sit back about two minutes before the winning goal was scored. I’m just saying, it seems that the defensive approach just isn’t working- if he was smart he would realize we should stick to our strengths, quick counter-attack football until the very end

  9. That proves mcleish was playing for a draw when the game was there to be won we cant draw ourselves to safety eck out

    • You think he would of learned his lesson from last season wouldnt you?

      • Yup. One improved performance in a LOSS to a well below Arse team – at HOME, and look at the change in tone!!!!!
        Mental. Fucking mental.
        McTwat OUT!!!! And take Mutton with ya!

    • lol he had gabby our fastest player marking in the box on a corner ffs, he should have been on the half way line waiting to couter lol

  10. Same stage last year the scum had 18 points with 3 wins and scored 17 times

    Sound familiar?

    AM out

    • Hutton can go and tackle the traffic on the Aston expressway for all I care, shit defender, no better than any other full backs we have had. Well done Mcleish for picking us up a total retard

      Mcleish OUT


  11. Gooner here, don’t worry i’m not here to rub it in because we played s**t amd you guys deserved to get something out of the game. Who im here to talk about is Mcleish or as some of you call him “Mct**t”. I really hate him, not because he beat us in the cup final but beacause he is so defensive its unreal. When birmingham appointed him i knew he would do s**t. His defensive tactics of playing around 6/7 defenders per game and 1 up front(even at home) meant that birmingham would face a relegation battle. This was the key reason why they went down twice. Even when he left they said his tactics were dire,defensive and boring.And he’s even doing this at your club, the spurs game, when he played a load of defenders and one up front meant he wasn’t looking for a win at all. This backfired completely, he’s done this numerous times for you guys this season, e.g in the liverpool game and against us yesterday? He could have fielded a more attacking team in both games. Instead his continued stubborness of being defensive meant that you went on to lose both games at home. Now with two tough fixtures against stoke and chelsea away after the back of two home defeats will mean the pressure is on more than ever.I don’t think you will go down as you have a too good squad for this too happen and your players did show desire last night. I’m just saying that if Mcleish stops his naivety of not being attacking and throws away his defensive tactics you guys could do a hell of a lot better. But i doubt he will do that, as every club he goes to he plays the same sort of s**t defensive football. Which will mean you will face some sort of relegation battle this season and you will make little or if not no progress under Mcleish if he continueas as manager.

    • Chris 25, many of your points are correct. But you should turn your attention to your own team. In the past we saw Arsenal teams playing a fluent passing game, with tremendous individuals and a perfect system. Yesterday, they were rather ordinary and I think we should had win this, not because we were so superb but Gunners so bad.

      • Don’t be an asshole joty, the geezer was fair, and spot on. And repeats what most sensible bloggers are saying.
        McTwat OUT!

        • spot on the guy is right, but to be fair to joty, arsenal really didnt look like a team that can win the title, their players are just not good enough, apart from RVP

          • Yup, but he did say they were crap last night but we still handed them the victory…

          • we’re bad at the moment because wenger is too stubborn to spend big,(just like mcleish is too stubborn to change how tactics) this makes us look like a one man team, and a team which can’t challenge for the title

          • Chris you are right about most things there but there were several attacking players in the team last night. This resulted in a much better performance from us. Maybe McLeish is finally realising? Probably not, but last night we had Gabby, Nzog, Ireland and Albri all in the team. To me that’s quite attack minded, and like you said, we deserved something from the game.

          • True, but at home you would expect a managerto field an attacking team against side who had just lost a game, but towards the end he wad saying to his players to settle down and take the draw, this.proved hugely costly, but he always plays for a draw

          • Playing for a draw is unnacceptable and unforgivable; I agree with that. I just meant in terms of personel on the pitch, you couldn’t compare it to the Spurs game – the team for that game was a very bad joke.

            People talk about refunds from the Moscow game a few years back. If ever there was a game when refunds should have been handed out to Villa fans, it was that one.

          • And our 8-2 loss to man utd😦 which they did offer to refund

  12. Even other fans can see McTwat is rubbish !!! c`mon Lerner OPEN YOUR EYES !!!

  13. We want mcleish out we want mcleish out we want mcleish out

  14. one good preformance and fans are saying we turned a corner ,bollock arsenal were poor and we fucked up. yes we did fight last nite and it was great to see .it was one game.and i hope we keep it up. but under mcleish cant see it happing ,we are getting sucked down to the bottom mcleish has to go now.

  15. The fundamental fact is that this manager employs tactics that are not good enough for my /our club.
    This manager has an appalling track record, if we get sucked in, and we may well do, his “pedigree” will lead to the championship.
    Under GH we flirted, but even his biggest critics knew in their hearts that it would not happen, under this clown the stats say, without doubt, that it could happen.

  16. You lot on here are a so sad….One swallow and you think the Champions League is a certainty


    relegation is a real real threat with the jock twat in charge it’s odds on

    You really are a sad pathetic lot supporting this tosser

  17. We want mcleish out we want mcleish out we want mcleish out the dream is over with randy lerner and alex mcleish

  18. Why is this blog so sensationalist ?

    I think that most even minded Villans have suggested that the performance on Wednesday was a pleasant surprise after the run of poor games that we’ve had.

    Arsenal are fairly ordinary (not crap, Dave Scott, ordinary does not equate to crap in the English language) and we should have got something from the game.

    I was pleased to see some players lift themselves and put in reasonable performances (reasonable does not mean World Class) and I believe that we’ll beat enough sides around us to finish top half still. Relegation is not a concern. I don’t think that anyone has suggested we’ll make Champions League, unless I missed it.

    That said, top half is not really good enough for this club, but then until things change at other sides or we ourselves get a money is no concern Chairman, we’ll have to get used to it.

    Would I like McLeish out ? Yes, without a doubt. That won’t happen though, so I don’t see any point in disrupting the club and pouring negative scorn on their every action.

    Merry Christmas one and all.

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