Fans and team united and benefits, divided we fall

Well I was vindicated tonight, I walked away from Villa Park with hope and not doom and gloom.

Yes we lost but playing the home grown players, those who want to play for the shirt and the fans responded. We saw a team wanting to get stuck in, one not willing to let better players play around us. It was clearly the best performance of the season and in the Holte for the first time this season I and many others sung, GREAT TO SEE.

I thought until the injury Ireland showed he wanted to play for this and was on course for MOTM. Cuellar at the back showed the foolishness of not starting and Clark cool in midfield and I know he conceded the pen but he showed quality. Petrov was all over the place and Albrighton putting quality crosses in that Bent would have loved to swallow up. Even N’Zog showed he has the quality. This was a performance that many players can not allow to go below that level.

MOTM is dead easy and that was Albrighton by a distance, a Villa fan living the dream, playing in the right position with the ability to put in fantastic crosses. How cool and brilliant was his finish ?

The negatives were Hutton, total idiot and hope Chris Herd is fit and takes that place for the season. Unfortunately the other one was Gabby, his body language was so poor, something was up and he got shown up by the effort of others. Was his mind elsewhere is my real worry.

So for the season some easy lessons for Mcleish

– positive football AT ALL TIMES

– Bannan to START

– Albrighton to START (fantastic finish and celebration)

– Cuellar to START and do NOT SELL HIM

For the fans on easy lesson, GET BEHIND the team, no banners, no negativity during the game, stick with them even when times are hard. We are THAT vital, show it to all.

(will not mention corners tonight)

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61 comments on “Fans and team united and benefits, divided we fall

  1. Don’t get me wrong lads, I still want big Feck out atm.

    But my pov says you have to look at both sides of the argument.

    If he’s changed his way of thinking, I’ll back him, even though I can’t stand the bloke and the shit he talks.

    But by the same token, if he hasn’t and reverts to that shit we’ve seen previously, I’ll go back to calling for his head.

    Probably, but it’s all about results.

    We’ll probably lose to Stoke and Chelsea.
    But was it really any different on the whole under MON (who I loved)?

    I don’t think so.

    It’s the way we lose that is the most important thing.
    Hence tonight was an honourable defeat, to my mind.

    But that said, I can agree with you who’ll be saying we’re just buying him more time.

    I just want us to win every game we play😦

  2. how sad that as soon as everyone is fit Cuellar will be dropped for collins. hutton will be back in and heskey will somehow mannage to command a place in the starting xi. really enjoyed tonight, but as i’ve read else where this team was forced on mcleish.

  3. All some of us want happened tonight, heart ,passion and commitment and some half decent football. Give us a little hope and lose, win or draw we’ll pay our money cheer all day, go to the pub and fuckoff home pissed, happy and content .

  4. I want trophies loats of them and before any says suppot man u instead then i want villa to be number 1 winning loads of trophies

    • Me to, but with the diet of bum fruit football we’ve been feasting on thus far this season this was fucking michelin star!

  5. Well pleased with that…..fight, passion and attacking! Don’t think it’s all rosie now or anything but if we continue to play like that and McFuckstick allows us to, we stand a chance. Well done lads, that’s what we want. Can’t remember feeling so positive after a defeat! Suppose that’s how desperate we have become but glimmer of hope.

  6. It was better than Liverpool, but big fucking deal!

    We are still shit and doomed under McTwat.

    I feel sorry for anybody that is pleased after watching that, Losers

    • I wasn’t please with the Result, but at least the players showed some ‘fight’ and Determination, we havent seen that this season, we play like that every game and we will improve, but in reality i know Mcleish will revert back to his shitty style off football,

  7. O’Leary was right FICKLE

  8. Read through your posts after the Man United game and now after last night. You change your mind more than a split arse

  9. The dream is over with randy lerner and alex mcleish

  10. OK better effort from the team, Hutton a big let down to the team, still he’s not good enough anyway, did you see him standing and watching with the second goal? and Clark what was he thinking, that’s now a major crime in the game of football should have known better. Still someone or somebody said something to the club, its now a talking point in the papers and TV forums hope the change will continue for the sake of the club. And please McLeish don’t go looking for players north of the boarder, Please.

  11. Hope?
    Football is a results driven business-period.
    4 out of 5 defeats at home
    Top 6 = played 5 lost 5
    Defence, what defence?

    We are dropping faster than the proverbial stone off a cliff.
    AM out

    • Totally agree, we are in shocking form, and i dont think its going to get any better in our next 2 matches, Stoke and chelsea, Not gonna go into 2012 with much hope tbh, Get mcleish out, he is destroying football.

  12. Anyone see wigan yesturday aswell, Looked very very good under martinez challenged liverpool all the way ( more than we did at VP), be intersting to see what martinez could do with a better set of players, wish he was out manager, off topic sorry..

  13. Thats what ive been saying the other clubs around us are fighting exp blackburn and fulhum we are in def trouble big time stoke will beat us so will chelski and swanasa then we get dump out cup by the rovers us fans have done nothing were 5points from the drop blackpool played with heart but still went down its a results business mcleish is failling 2 wins out of ten relgation beckens when were in champioship nxt year you look at this moment and say i wish i done more dont let lerner get away with it americans dont understand football end of, what was lerners 5yr plan false hope feed fans bullshit deley relegation for 5yrs we would hav gone down with ellis

  14. Villa 1996

    Take a breath matey, use the odd full stop and spell check, but understand what you are saying,

  15. Lads stop being so far up your own holes, we haven’t a great side we know that. Arsenal are brilliant away from home as are liverpool. No complaints losing to man utd, spurs or man city either!! We have to pick and choose games we can realistically win, starting with stoke on monday. Very tough game but we nearly beat them last year until a terrible end so don’t see why we can’t this year. We’ll get a nice run of winnable games after chelsea. KEEP THE FAITH!! UTV

    • Love your optimism, but dont agree at all.
      With the correct tactical nouse and using the correct players for the job,we should always be realistically going into games against who ever to win.
      Chalking off 10-12 games a year is footballing suicide.
      To do that we need AM to be gone and sharpish and employ a manager who at least has a clue?

  16. Sorry villamaddad i was in a rant lol. i remember a steward at a game the one time he said theirs nothing worst than a losing villa fan, does this make us the most passiont fans?

  17. A bit of a laugh villas season in music mjackson they dont care about us status quo down down britney opps i did it again

  18. Have a read of this, quite funny.
    A Letter To Santa From Graham

  19. That was a gd read i suggest all villa fans read it lmao

  20. I agree with a lot of what you say here except for the “better players” bit. Who says Arsenal have better players than Villa – not me. Our young lads, when sent out with confidence and belief are a match for anyone out there. Albrighton on song is a million times better than anything Arsenal have to offer, for example. I’d go so far as to say he’s better than Ashley Young and Stewart Downing, too. The way he took his goal and his crossing in general underlines his class. Don’t pay too much heed to the London media bigging up Arsenal. Aside from Van Persie they are not all that at all.

    Clark, Albrighton, Bannan are top, top young talents who were outshining the likes of Smalling, Jones and every other media darling kid at reserve and youth level not so long ago. This should not be forgotten in the midst of the doom and gloom.

    If McLeish can replace some of the older lads with young quality players we have the makings of a very fine side. The Arsenal performance did not surprise me and sums up why this has been a frustrating season so far. We do have the players within our ranks to get us challenging at the top end of the table. Hopefully McLeish has now learnt that negativity is not what we expect at Villa Park.

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