Banners not needed tonight, thanks

OK, everyone is entitled to their own views and in a free country showing them.

I do not deny the right of anyone tonight to boo or catcallsbefore the game starts or afterwards. However I reading of banners been made and hung tonight at Villa Park. This completes a circle we first saw with John Gregory and then O’Leary and both times I disagreed then as ot hid the real problems that fans felt, namely the Chairman.

Obviously this post is similar to the point I made about Blackburn last night. However a crucial difference is that tonight’s Villa team will contain a number of our younger players on which our future rests. To see the banners against the manager (maybe one they do not like) is hardly going to help confidence in a game with all those out that will be tough enough anyway. In the past protests and in particular the ‘£’ sign one that works are those that aim towards the owner and the £ sign one actually contained a positive message.

With banners up it could mean at the first goal that the atmosphere would turn sour, any chance we would have of getting something disappears at some point. Remember this banner ??

David O'Leary banner

Course you remember that one, it meant the use of the world ‘fickle’ would be used at every turn as a derogatory one. Well in reality what did it change ? Yes it helped to focus the anger, yes it gave a very popular message to the rest fo the fans and the press BUT it never changed a thing. DOL was still in position at the end of the season wasn’t he ?

So I ask the banner makers to ‘think of the kids’ to think of the lack of impact this will have but the hassle it could stir up and just think are they doing the best for the club ?

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135 comments on “Banners not needed tonight, thanks

  1. What about a banner for Henrik Larsson and Jimmy Johnstone. Both legends.

    • Absolute legends both of them. I agree. Pity Warnock was woeful tonight. Cmon the bloody Villians!

    • You been on lash and got AVFC confused with Celtic FC? Why the fuck would we want a banner of them down Villa park?

      • Do you not think that a banner of two legends like Larsson ans Jimmy Johnstone would not inspire Villa players? One of each player at both ends of the ground. Just a thought.

  2. I’d just like to say well done to MacLeish. his tactics and team selection were spot on.

    things we learnt tonight:
    nzogbia is better on the left
    gabby contributes more to the team playing lone striker than bent
    we need the steady defensive midfielder: herd or Clark
    we need the creative player just behind the striker: bannan or Ireland.

    let’s kick on from here

    • Well said. It’s taken AM rather too long to get to this point, however, but if it means that Villa’s season can now kick-on then can only be good.

      The problem mow may be that if no points are returned from their travels on the road in the next 2 games there may be a shortage of confidence. They need to get a point at Stoke to help keep their self-belief intact.

    • We lost SHEEP….Well done we lost again!!!! SHEEP!!!!!

    • Disagree about Gabby/Bent. I agree with Ian, we created a lot of chances and Bent would have been on the end of one of them and we could have won this match if he played.

      Gabby will never be a world class lone forward. He doesn’t have the off the ball movement and dribbling required but he seems to be a good inside forward where he can get behind defenses with his pace, cut inside and have a shot or cross.

  3. Mcleish was force into these changes so dont go saying he got his tacics spot on his a shit manager end of 2yrs ago look at his comments about villa and gabby you nymptes im fed up of losing and being lied to by the club, mcleish said i play attacking football he hasnt he sort defence he hasnt i take cups serious he hasnt we wont sell downing for 50million they did for 20million lies lies lies no wonder mon,barry, jimmey, downing, young left cause they were lied 2 u watch who nxt bent, gabby bannan, albrighton and being relpace with has beens

  4. If lerner wanted to just cut wage bill he could hav got rid of petev, dunne and co and kept minler, downing and young but no he want the money and still he wants to cut wage bill want does want a team of 16 players, what was the point of buying us if just to demantle us after a few years were 2 or 3 gd players from being a great side but lerner backed out why? He would have made more money with a full ground and us being successful thats the most evil you can do build fans hope then crush it and act like nothing wrong typical business man igorant to what is around him

  5. I thought we played quite well against the soles but no one there to get on the end of Alby’s very tasty crosses.
    They marked the fark out of Gabby……Why didnt Mc Feast get him to drop deep,to create space in behind for Zoggy and Alby.
    I think Gabby would do much better coming in from deep,at pace…..like Shreks love child does for utd.
    Somebody should teach him to circle, instead of running in straight lines all the time…..He makes it too easy for defenders to sit on him
    However ,overall a much improved performance…lets hope it continues.
    And please Santa….let Villa beat Chelsea…….O and Stoke

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