Speculation : Danny Guthrie

Tell you what is the window opening any time soon.

Well it appears we are getting more links now but it is not surprising that they are at the cheaper end. The Daily mail have linked is with Clyne and Zaha (LINK) which are not bad options at all. However the Sun surely are taking the proverbial by linking us with Danny Guthrie


I know we are struggling for a tackling central midfielder but Guthrie, please NO !!!!

Of course the post I did a couple of days will come true soon enough as Martin O’Neil may get the Sunderland job. Come April 21st a fair number of fans will let off steam towards him, some will regret his passing. However I have never seen any former manager of any club create the passion of debate he now does.

41 comments on “Speculation : Danny Guthrie

  1. MON will get similar treatment to Downing from me! Both could not give a flying fuck about AVFC’s supporters and both deserve the stick they’ll get….no doubt you’ll be buying a ticket Ian next to the Sunderland dugout so you can your tounge closer to MON’s ass than you’ve managed for a while

    • x2. And i ain’t talking about shoving my tongue up his ass when Ian as had his fill.

      (Sorry Ian, couldn’t resist)

      • O’Neill should get the most hostile recpetion ever received at Villa Park, the vile little scum bag.

        I thought he was after a top job, or his he realised that he will never get a job as big as the one he left last August.

        Wish him nothing but failure.


        • Bollocks to all of you. How short sighted can u get to see Lerner forced him out witha complete reversal of club policy. Don’t be fucking stupid.
          MON wasn’t perfect, but he was the best Manager we’ve had since Ron Suanders or Atkinson.
          He was to proud to leave us in the manner he did unless Lerner was sticking a fat finger up his arse. MON loved it here…

  2. So you say boycott the notw and sky but you take links from the sun? Sill girl

  3. Hopefully your going to support Blunderland now your hero has gone there?

  4. Will you get your cock out when O’Neill returns and masturbate?

  5. Back to the topic in has, Clyne and Zaha are 2 very good and promising young English players, would be very good purchase for the club. Ohh and Clyne is at lest 100000 time better that Alan Sh**ton

  6. I think most Villa fans have mixed feelings towards MON, on the one hand a very charismatic manager that delivered some great times and performances, on the other an egotistic one trick pony who never actually achieved and never really had the nous to match and better the big guns. But saying that I’d have him back tomorrow, at least we thought we had a fighting chance against Man U and the likes!

    • “on the other an egotistic one trick pony who never actually achieved and never really had the nous to match and better the big guns.”

      Spot on.

  7. If Brian Little had been backed with the funds that MON received in transfer fees and wage ceiling we’d have challenged for the title, enough said.

    I would not put it past Sunderland going down this season, and MON leaving in a huff.

    I should imagine that the delay in appointing him is sorting out just how much of a pool of money is available.

    You’d think that Sunderland would have learnt a lesson from us.

    So long as he buys Beye, Collins, Dunne, Cuellar, Heskey & Warnock for inflated fees I’ll be happy.

    • i still think the guys a good manager vaze an we will find out just how good he is now with no money to spent and a poor team? — as for mon an some off he s buys collins dunne they did not cost us a lot of money an im happy that they where the villa shirt an not SFC —- as for the others MATE heskey beye warnock cuellar i think u may have a point there mate ? mind u i feel sorry for cuellar never really had much of a chance at the club to be fair but i take your point mate >>>>utv

      • Ellis Short will provide more ammunition than this waste of space Lerner.

        • Will he ?

          Will he really give MON approximately £130m over the next four years and a wage ceiling of 90% of the clubs revenue ?

          If Ellis Short is so much better than ‘this waste of space Lerner’ how come Darren Bent will be wearing claret and blue this afternoon ?

  8. I would like Clyne and Zaha but never Guthrie. Now that MON has gone to Sunderland, let us all pray that he’ll come back for Heskey, Warnock, Dunne and Collins. Sunderland fans gave us all a top tip on how to get rid of a manager…..support the team but not the manager.
    The only reason I liked MON was that under him the team had passion and fight. Under AML it has neither plus an alarming lack of skill (such as tackling fairly, keeping the ball, utilising your major goalscorer correctly etc). If we go for a Spurs approach a hammering will result. Last season at VP against Man U was a great performance with kids. the only way to play Man U is to attack them. I’d like to see Bannan from the start, Bent and Gabby upfront and central, N’Zog on the left and Albrighton on the right. Oh, and Hutton on the bench.

  9. i really enjoy ed out time under mon some great times i still think hes a top manager an if he was to come back to villa as manager of Sfc then i would not boo him IM NOT THAT KIND OF FAN ARE PERSON ?— but on the otherhand i 100% would understand if every other villa fan boo ed him for the full 90 mins because the way he left us in the end WAS a bit of a let down lets be FAIR an a KICK IN THE teeth to all the villa fans of this great club ? —- just 1 more thing dont anyone try an tell me that sunderland is a bigger club then villa hahaha no chance I MEAN WHEN MON WALKED OUT ON US im sure he was thinking that a LIVERPOOL MAN CITY CHELSEA etc would come calling im 100 % sure about that so i believe that mon thought that the job he did at villa was good enough to get him a top 4 job wooooooooooooow thats was a big mistake? — I THINK WEST HAM OFFERED HIM A JOB IN DIV 1 AN NOW SUNDERLAND LOL ? all i can say to that is if mon NEW WHAT WAS TO COME HE WOULD OF STAYED AT VILLA im sure he would of ? when u spent over a 100 MILLION on players an it return the club gets a top 6 finish gets to a cup final an to a cup sf i mean is it all that good really ?EVERTON AN DAVID MOYES HAVE done as well if not better on a shoestring budget lets be fair IF MON WON A CUP ARE GOT US IN THE top 4 THEN MAYBE a top club would of came calling but the facts are he did not —— SO ALL IN ALL id just like to add that i think mon got to big for hes own boots an to see him go to a club like sunderland after walking out on villa the way he did because in his mind if not in hes own words we had lost are ambition as a football club? LOL WHILE IM NOT GOING TO SLAG OF MON ONE THING I WILL SAY IS THIS —->>> MY GOODNESS MON U COULD OF AT LEAST STUCK TO YOUR GUNS I MEAN SUNDERLAND FC? HAVE THEY COULD MORE AMBITION THEN VILLA ARE YOU JOKEING DONT THINK SO MATE SORRY BUT IT DOES NOT MAKE SENCE TO ME ? 3 WORDS for u MON >>>embarrassing stuff mate — UTV

  10. I wish to see Hutton rightback…..AT HOME! 1-0 Win to the villa with the one an only Charles N’Zogbia to score a curler!


  11. All this Mon sacrilege on ian’s site dear me.

    I think you’ll find Sunderlands board have much more clue about things football.
    I believe hew as so desperate for a job, he accepted much tougher restrictions in his contract than Randy wanted to put him under. I also believe they have put several restriction clauses to cover any eventuality like his exit from Villa to ensure he doesn’t hit them with a claim.
    Interesting to read Pat Murphy wanking himself lyrical on the appointment, biased bastard should never be allowed in VP again.
    That aside I wish him luck, even if its just to give the likes of Ian the chance to say I told you so.
    Be interesting if he doesn’t though.

  12. Average footballer, limited technique, worse than what we already have, LOVES kicking people (Caleb Folan broken leg from a petulant swipe out anyone?).

    Sounds like exactly what McLeish would go for.

  13. If AM stays at Villa, in a couple of years time a name like Guthrie will feel like signing Ronaldo and Messi.
    Get that clown out and quick before we end up like the SMA up the road.
    How it changes in a year eh boys, Benzema-Guthrie who next then? I have heard there is a hot shot called Bosco Balaban!!!!

    Are you ok son? no swearing? it’s as if the poetry has gone from these pages.

  14. Would have MON back in a flash. When some of you children on here grow up and learn a little about football (and I’d suggest life), you may be able to string two or more words together without being vile, immature idiots.
    For the record Sunderland are a big club, with better, more loyal supporters than AVFC (and they don’t moan nearly as much either).
    Good luck to MON if he does get the job.

  15. I miss MON the best manager we have had for along time

    • In your opinion.

      Mine differs.

      I agree with most that his transfer signings, most always last minute deadline day stuff, were pretty poor.

      Stiliyan Petrov Celtic £6,500,000 30 Aug, 2006
      Didier Agathe Celtic Signed 12 Sep, 2006
      Chris Sutton Birmingham Free 03 Oct, 2006
      John Carew Lyon Swap 22 Jan, 2007
      Ashley Young Watford £9,650,000 23 Jan, 2007
      Shaun Maloney Celtic £1,000,000 31 Jan, 2007
      Nigel Reo-Coker West Ham £7,500,000 05 Jul, 2007
      Marlon Harewood West Ham £4,000,000 17 Jul, 2007
      Zat Knight Fulham £3,500,000 29 Aug, 2007
      Moustapha Salifou Stade Brest Nominal 31 Aug, 2007
      Wayne Routledge Tottenham £1,250,000 30 Jan, 2008
      Curtis Davies West Brom £8,000,000 03 Jul, 2008
      Steven Sidwell Chelsea £5,000,000 10 Jul, 2008
      Brad Friedel Blackburn £2,000,000 26 Jul, 2008
      Brad Guzan Chivas £600,000 01 Aug, 2008
      Nicky Shorey Reading Signed 07 Aug, 2008
      Luke Young Middlesbro £5,000,000 08 Aug, 2008
      Carlos Cuellar Rangers £7,800,000 12 Aug, 2008
      James Milner Newcastle Signed 30 Aug, 2008
      Emile Heskey Wigan £3,500,000 23 Jan, 2009
      Stewart Downing Middlesbro £12,000,000 16 Jul, 2009
      Fabian Delph Leeds Signed 04 Aug, 2009
      Habib Beye Newcastle Signed 07 Aug, 2009
      Stephen Warnock Blackburn Signed 27 Aug, 2009
      James Collins West Ham £5,000,000 01 Sep, 2009
      Richard Dunne Man City £5,000,000 01 Sep, 2009

      Of that lot, Ashley Young and James Milner are about the only two that worked out well, and both of those were linked with the club before MON, Ashley Young was tipped up by GT and we’d had Milner on loan and D’OL was particularly keen to bring him in.

      It actually reads worse than I remember it. Over £7.5m each on NRC, Curtis Davies, Cuellar and Downing. At least we somwhow got our money back and more on Downing.

      There isn’t another player that springs to mind that you think, great player at a good price. Add to that, most of those were signed on hugely inflated wages to what their actual worth to teh club was/is.

      MON is hailed as a great man manager. He’s certainly no tactician or transfer market whizz.

  16. I has to laugh at the sub heading in Pat Murphys article “transfer acumen”

    Is he taking the piss? I would say O’Neill is 70% a good gaffer then 30% shite and its that 30%(majority of his transfers, inability to use a squad, only being able to manage a team til Feb) and his deluded belief that he is the new brian clough is the reason he will never manage a truly BIG club

  17. Anybody who claims O’Neill to have been a better Villa gaffer than Little, Big Ron, GT part 1 and Gregory is a NOB, even O’Leary finished as high as the “messiah” did

  18. JPA

    Well said mate. I remember them all and the buzz we had as a club.
    Best for me was the night big Ron walked the touchline to the dugout. Never heard a noise like it since at VP
    Not sure unless we get bougt by a sheik those days will EVER come back in my lifetime.

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