13 comments on “Gabby and Bent, the best, Solid Given

  1. Yaaaaawwwwwwn!!!!!

  2. And if my Aunt was my Uncle!

  3. im not sure IAN mate if mr kinmartins data get us all EXCITED as villa fans LOL i mean im sure u work your ass off IAN MATE TO come up with this stuff but to be honest im not sure if it matters to most villa fans? — maybe im wrong an MAYBE IM A TWAT ? no as a matter of fact im sure im a twatttttttttttt BUT I STILL DONT LIKE MR kinmartins data mate he needs to get out for a walk i think bless him>>> utv

  4. Just read that the leading midfield interceptor this season in the PL is , wait for it STAN PETROV

  5. Get a life you pair
    Try these for stats;
    AM is the wrong man for the job 100%
    They will score 100%
    Villa bottom five by new year 100%
    Crowd average will keep on dropping 100%
    Lack of ambition by the board 100%
    My money stays in my pocket until it changes 100%

  6. villamaddad you are 100% with that comment.

  7. Dave67

    Hello mate
    I am getting fed up with all the retoric around the place. Plain english is required here. You can fire out all the stats you want but facts are facts,
    AM is seriously dragging us downwards and we need to let the board know we have had enough of him and them too.

  8. i totally agree with you stats mean nothing,everybody can see whats happening to the villa mcleish as his head up his ass, if we dont get him out soon we will be in trouble.we are playing crap no fight in us ,mcleish out thats plain english.villa fans here in ireland have enough.

  9. the only thing i can see from these stats is how many involve bannan compared to how much time he has had on the field!

  10. Benno

    Dont fall for it mate. They are only as good as the info put in.
    Times muscled off the ball?
    Times missed a tackle?
    Times out of position?

    You can do this crap all day long it’s easy.

  11. i think Kinmartin deos a decent job. Sifts through the stats and produces an informed look at a variety of different aspects of the game. By digging deeper he can reveal patterns that are not immediately obvious.

    My favourite was his analysis, after that fact of the first seven games, which one paper were the easiest in the league, before a ball was kicked. However, factoring a measurement of form it proved to be about a mid table start, which is where we ended up.

    To simply dismiss statistics as crap that can be manipulated is a lame argument. Sure they can be manipulated but used properly they can provide evidence for an opinion. That’s the point, an observation is little more than an opinion until there is proof. These stats from Kinmartin hardly provide proof as such but they do give a better indication than just some knob spouting biased crap.

    I appreciate his efforts as I can’t be arsed to wade through all the opta et al stuff

  12. Jon Law

    My Mrs reckons you two must be in a relationship of some sort!
    Utter tripe.
    Anyone could give a rough guess of who is at the top, middle or bottom end after a few games.

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