Bent to be sold in the Winter ?

OK you may think woah Ian, you are really talking shite this time and maybe I am.

However this post on VT by Mukka_avfc certainly got me thinking

I dont know if this is true or if its already been posted but has anybody got infortmation on this?
I read on the SAFC board after the game saturday that it was common knowledge in the north east media that moves were being made for the sale of him but i just took that as them still being bitter but then today i was speaking to my mate at work whos brother has quite a few contacts in the midlands media through Uni and he was told today QPR have already made contact with Villa about Bent.
Apparently Bents been showing the signs in training that he did in his last days at Spurs & Sunderland.

Anyone got any knowledge with this? I hate to post such a negative thread but im just sick everyday of hearing negative things coming out of our club.

Well it is obvious to anyone watching us that Bent does not fit in with the Mcleish style at all. It is also known that Bent brought an house in Cambridge which is of course way outside the new 30 mile rule they have imposed. I have had discussions about Bent, some people are sure that he would be sold. I have said thought to sell him some team neads at least £20M and no team has that at all, is QPR one of them ?

Bent has come in for some criticism but we should always remember what he saved us from and what he does. For Mcleish to make him into anything other than a predator shows Mcleish shocking lack of knowledge of players. If Bent does not fit the Mcleish ‘style’ he should be dropped.

If better still realise in Bent we have a 20 goal a season forward and play to his strengths.

EDIT – Just found this thread on the Sunday ‘Ready to go’ forum saying the same thing

26 comments on “Bent to be sold in the Winter ?

  1. Usually I would be bothered by reading this. But it’s just so common for this to happen to our club that it really wouldn’t suprise me. To be fair to Bent, we bought him, then appointed a manager that nobody wanted and sold two of our best players who were his main supply. Can’t blame the lad if he’s already looking elsewhere.

  2. Well it’s a win win for us either way. If he’s staying for a season or two more yet (expected he will) then brilliant for us. If he wants out and someone makes an offer, then look at what happened with Barry, Milner, Ash and Downing; we won’t sell cheap.

    In total Villa signed Bent for £24M. £18M and £6M add-ons. I’ve no doubt that we’ve had to pay all of the £6M in add-ons after the form he’s been in for us since he joined. So QPR would have to pay enough to convince us to sell our star player this early, I would think £35M+ would be our asking price. I hope he doesn’t go but won’t be surprised if he does. If he doesn’t go this season then he will next season anyway.

    The sad thing is if he does go, I honestly won’t be shocked, not because Darren Bent is expected to leave us one season soon, but because this is what Aston Villa now do. West Ham were Chelsea’s feeder club, Aston Villa are now the feeder club for anyone with enough money.

    If he does go this year though, I pray it’s in the summer. If we sell him in January then I’ll be putting a hell of a lot of money on us to go down. We need Bent this year, he can’t be sold yet and I don’t see him being sold this early. Next season though, I think he’ll be off and I think Villa will want him to be off to make a profit.

    • Win/Win????? Stay he scores goals (fair enough), if we sell we win – you mean Lerner pockets the money???? That’s Win/Lose in my book…

      • Well it’s a win if we sell him for £35M+ and all of that money gets re-invested into the squad. But thinking about it, this is the Villa, so you’re probably right. But he will be off sometime in the next 18 months now. I don’t think anybody could be certain he won’t be.

        • Would you really want McLeish having 35m+ to reinvest with? Couldn’t imagine the shit he’d buy. Would probably try replacing Bent with Naismith.

  3. mindless speculation by doom and gloom merchants… OTSOTP

  4. Learner has sold off all our other top players so won’t surprise me if we sold bent ..but if we sold him for less then we paid that’s bad business . It’s not mcleish’s fault we have no attacking midfield . If randy isn’t ready to invest enough to make villa a competitive club then maybe he should sell up . To be a competitive team these days u need at least 20 top notch players villa have 5or6 . Lots of young talent but they have shown they are not quite ready yet

  5. Wouldn’t be suprised. Would be sad to see him go as he played to save us and keep us up last season. Now Ash and Judas are no more the bloke has no freaking supply!!!!!! McLoser has no idea, but will insist on playing him to at least keep him in the shop window. I’m starting to hate Randy Lerner.
    Nice new blog build by the way…

  6. He will no doubt be pushing for a move and dont blame him. The club is a disgrace.

    Relegation 2012 here we come!

  7. Bents body language shows that he has NO desire at all to play for The Villa or McDoom the useless piece of shite

  8. Only Villa could sign a quality striker that guarantees 20 goals a season then employ a fuckwit manager that has no idea how to play to his strenghts.

    McLeish Out

  9. well if mcleish put gabby right up top with bent instead of out on the wing it might take the pressure of bent a bit ? an free up some space for him an give the opposite defenders something else to think about we need gabby an bent in the box geting on the end of balls in to the box ?////// now heres the thing when s the last time we seen a good cross been delivered in to the box ? its been a while so we need to get albrighton out on the wing give the boy 4 or 5 games in a row its a shame he needs to get a fair crack of the whip he should get a chance he s a good young kid thats one wing sorted ? ……..an then on the other side WE need to stick with nzogbia for just a bit longer ? i seen him play he s best game for us in a while against sunderland so if mcleish has got the balls thats what we need to take a good look at {BENT} {GABBY} {JEANS} {petrov} {NZOGBIA} {albrighton }>>>>> positivity U T V

  10. can see this happening, as supply line isnt there anymore, aslong as we getting what we paid and more i will be happen, am sick of players just moving to improve themselves.gabby is one of the best and most loyal players Villa have

  11. i was told this in a pub in sunderland on saturday lunch time

  12. I’m minded to say you’re taking the piss in giving this any credence at all Ian.

    But it really wouldn’t surprise me if it happens.

    The only nagging doubt is that all this talk started in Mackem territory?
    When it comes to footy, I wouldn’t trust a Mackem or a Geordie, as far as I could throw ’em.

    If we let Bent go, well I won’t know what to say.

    Lerner will be totally alienated by even his greatest supporters (really not sure I see this).

    And the calls for big Feck’s head will be irresistable imo, hence he’ll have to go.
    (Or was that the plan all along?)

  13. the other is to cut the wage bill at Aston Villa to make money available for transfer funds to the manager

    This is the damming part, imo.

    We’d sell yet another one of our top players so big feck can buy more inadequate shit?

    You have to question what sort of idiot is in charge of the club, if this actually happens.

    But I still don’t see it.
    Not as it’s being portrayed in these rumours, put it that way.

  14. Bent’s price tag: we paid £18M rising to £24M dependant on appearances, which is a ceiing we’re yet to hit. Look at it this way – we ‘borrowed Bent’ knowing he wouldn’t stay after Ash/Judas left. Especially with the low quality of manager we were looking at, and not re-investing. Breach of contract etc… I’m betting Villa would let Bent go for less than we paid for him due to the money he saved the club by keeping us up – and his goals did just that. So if we’d saved £20M we (Lerner) could quite easily lose a few mill in the process, especially the way the club is being run down now. We’d be lucky therefore, to get our money back. The idea of making a tasty profit here is way off mark…
    Lerner OUT!
    McLoser OUT!

  15. If we get our money back and maybe a bit more then it’s ok if he goes if ya ask me

  16. he goes, we go down

    and it will be fully deserved

    • Nonsense.

      There are three teams in this division that will struggle to get the points we already have on the board.

      • 12? I seriously doubt that. Only one team as ever attained less than 12 points in a season in the history of the EPL (Derby), so statistically its very unlikely three will accrue less.

  17. Bent may independently say I am off no service no goals no England career?

  18. Absolute rubbish.

    “I have said thought to sell him some team neads at least £20M and no team has that at all, is QPR one of them ?”

    Only Chelsea and Citeh have that sort of cash and Bent is nowhere near good enough for either of them.

    He’ll hopefully get a goal or two against Norwich, and get his head up.

    He has had great chances in his last few games and not taken them, so to say that he is not getting any supply is wide of the mark.

    We didn’t ‘sell’ Barry, Young, Milner and Downing, they all refused to extend their contracts and therefore we took the money as any sensible club would. If any one of them had said give us four more years, we would have.

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