History repeating itself but some improvement

OK so today was far short of being the poor displays we have seen under Mcleish.

Against a Sunderland side obviously short on confidence we started out very slowly and for the first 20 minutes they ran the game. However Petrov came up with another special, a lovely curling shot and this gave the team some confidence. However you always felt that there is a weakness at the heart of the team.

As Wickham’s goal showed and now I have seen their equaliser it is obvious where the weakness is. Whether it is because of the personnel or because of Mcleish or both the defence is now as poor under Mcleish as it was under Houllier. I mean when you think about set piece defending is what McLeish should be very good at coaching, so how come every time a ball comes in we look so nervous and likely to concede at any time.

So when QPR scored late you knew that in your heart they deserved that but today for an away team we played reasonably well and if we had won no one would have complained. That is what is most gutting about today, the failure cost us again and when you look at the fixtures it is a desperate two points to drop.

Because lets make no mistake about it, 6 draws in 10 is poor and when you measure it against the opposition it is very poor. Now if we get the same record in the next 10 that would be good given the teams but we have blown chances to progress.

That was better today in some areas, it looked better but if we do not fix the problems we are looking at a relegation scare again.

Is this history repeating itself (12 months on) but with worse players ?

(oh I forgot MOTM !!! for me it is a simple one – Chris Herd, did his job well, good tackles and got stuck in)

31 comments on “History repeating itself but some improvement

  1. Thing is Dunne and Collins are not good enough for a decent side, they cannot distribute nor produce their peak performance enough. Dunne always has at least one error in him, and can look immense at times, but a decent side has a far better defence than that.

    £21m for Davies, Collins and Dunne to replace Laursen, Mellberg and Cahill. And we are weaker for it.

    We cant defend we cant get points and so therefore i would expect us to at the very least flirt with relegation again. It breaks my heart to think that this is the best i can expect.

    • Lets kill the Cahill myth eh ?

      where did it grow that he is somehow this wonderful centre back, complete myth, watch his last lot of games for Bolton this and back end of last system, so totally out of position is painful.

      we have the answer in the current squad don;t we ?

      • nope there is no myth about cahill. He is decent, english, and has a more professional head on his shoulders. Im not saying anything about his level-you inferred that yourself, just that our squad is as weak defensively as i have ever seen it.

        • I disagree with that, I saw a defence with Steve sims and David Hunt in it

          also Norton, Ormsby and RIP, Bernie

          the players we have is fine, remember the last lot of games we were really good, it is the system employed

          • our lack of ability to defend is simple, and two fold: We hoof the ball up front, often loosing posession and putting un-needed pressure on ourselves as we have to try and survive wave after wave of attack; which very few teams in the world are set up to do. Also the aformentioned mistakes that Dunne and Collins, and to be fair Warnock, have in them means that even in games we do controll we are always liable to concede cheap goals and again watch ourselves crumble under pressure.

            It is possible that in time and with better role models that Clark could become a decent defender; but any of the others top 10 players? Well Hutton (as we havent seen enough yet) and Cuellar are the only two that would get into most of those teams.

          • Hutton ??

            we saw enough of him at Spurs, he is lucky to be playing in the PL only the desperate would have brought a non defending full back

          • Sums it up really – two of McLeish’s three signings [Hutton & N’Zog] have so far been a complete waste of money.

            Even if Lerner gives him more to spend in January [& I don’t see that happening] the omens are dire.

        • cahill is good defender but not special and allows his man to run off him too many times e.g macedonia’s 2nd goal not £20milllion worth and dunne and collins on there day are a good partnership! some defences go throught fazes where they leak goals from set peices down to our management to sort it

          • i dont disagree about cahil, but dunne has done this for the entire of a 12 year proffesional career; he wont just become consistent now.

      • no offence Ian but plenty of top managers rate the guy, Sid Cowans threatened to resign if Mon sold him and he did for a paltry sum. The guy is a talent as were several others of your idols sales,

  2. The stupid defensive errors annoy me (as they do everyone) but if we can get that sorted out and kick Heskey out the side we have the makings of a solid team.

  3. Herd is dire. He has little skill on the ball and is reckless in the tackle. He is a (proper) red card waiting to happen. We won’t win a thing with him starting in the midfield.

    • shit me, finally someone who i can agree with plus if he was a such a good player wouldnt he of broke through at age of 18 or younger:/

  4. When I used to watch Stelling and the boys and you would hear the shout, I always felt excited that it would be a Villa goal, now when I hear it I dread what they are going to say. The confidence is lacking I must say. But, that said, I still feel we are climbing from where we were this stage last season

  5. Inane waffle with a dig at Mcleish, almost disguised this time, but not quite. What exactly is your point? How might we have won this away fixture at a club who has invested far more in new signings recently than ourselves? Herd – man of the match? More blind loyalty to the average youth. What next? Bannan as ambassador to Birmingham schools?

  6. No way as herd MOTM!!! Very poor game and was rarely on the ball, Petrov who scored a cracker had a far better game then Herd and one of his best games this season. Hate to be slagging Heskey but he is so shit and useless to our team, gave away the ball for their 1st goal. Great to see Dunne on the scoresheet, we are improving in performances but desperately need to sort out set piece defending! It’s killed us in the last few games. C’mon The Villa.

  7. the quicker cueller is back in the back four the better hopefully for hutton . the midfield needs a revamp though, we have some good players but its just not strong enough we crumble too easy under pressure. gabby & bent show promise as a pair up front. .but bent needs to raise his game he has had bottled some easy chances which would have won us at least three games, six or seven points extra and we would be sitting pretty. a midfield player to boss the game rather than heskey & with a bit more confidence & ball retention who knows what might happen

  8. Our defence is fine. A couple of seasons ago our defence was the strongest in the prem, only 1 player has changed and thats Hutton in for King Carlos. It’s McLeish, he isn’t the man to take us forward i think everyone can see that, but i think instead of moaning about how our confidence is low, support the team and stop slagging them off.

  9. A slight improvement Ian, really on what? If you compare the first 10 games from last season to this its identical in terms of played 10 & 12 points, only of course we were still in the League Cup! The same problems from last season are still rearing there ugly head-we are crap.
    Poor players & a poor manager. We aren’t picking up enough points & that only means one thing-RELEGATION-1 win in our 9 says it all & we’ve only played one decent team in Man City, bring on December I say.
    McLeish OUT.

    • Its the lack of quality and depth at the club that petrifies me. The difference in pure technical ability between us and the rest of the league has been steadily growing untill we look like the dog and duck playing Man U. it hurts me to watch us look so out of our depth; see MON article for where it started going wrong

  10. I think we need to look at more managerial decisions for that game, lets be honest, if clark was on for dunne that second goal would most defently not of happened, and although he played well, heskey shouldnt of started and albrighton should of.

    Oh and some stats for you;

    The top 10 players to run the furthest distance;
    Top 7 where sunderland, bottom 3 where villa, and these 3 where gabby bent and heskey, all strikers.

    This shows the lack of effort put in by the midfield players and the defence, not good enough in my eyes

    • I saw something flash up at HT and I was surprised, 2nd half we had more possession but what it shows is a static team and I have to say the lack of pace is telling. How many counter attacks did we have that totally slowed up as the pace was not there. N’Zogbia for a wide player (NEVER a winger is shockingly slow)

  11. Andrew111 that is a really telling stat, modern football is all about power, pace and technique, if you are not competing in the crucial midfield areas there is no way you will win. The worry is that the better teams will beat us with power and skill, whilst the so called lesser teams will work harder than us and so continue to take points off us!

  12. We’ve dropped 18 points from 10 games against mainly average opposition, which fills me with dread at the thought of playing good sides.

    Poor tactics, poor team selection, poor defending, no real strength in depth, example: “Heskey is our man for any position” thanks for that Alex! It’s going to be a long season folks, and not one I’m relishing under a very poor manager.

  13. rest assured fellow villans mcshite will be gone by xmas .

  14. Interesting fall out from Houllier going. We missed out on the signing of Cabaye. So far this season he’s surely in the reckoning for Prem Team of the season and is clearly a cut above Collins and Dunne when it comes to putting the ball on the carpet and making plays and also occasionally joining the attack. Big reason the magpies are where they are. Houllier pissed us all off with some of the stupid things he did however surely his international scouting or just french scouting is miles ahead of McLeish who managed to bring in HUTTON?!?!??!?! for how much 5 million pounds, you must be joking! UTV

  15. Cracking atmosphere, great support once again.

    If Bent could have taken his one on one, which was a gift, and had we heeded McLeish’s frantic ‘do not give anything away’ instructions having gone ahead for a second time, we would have won.

    Bent needs a goal from open play desperately, he should have put us up against the Baggies before the penalty, and would have killed Sunderland off on Saturday.

    I think we’ll get a good result against Norwich. We need to.

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