Verdict of the first 9 games – underwhelming

OK, I do not look at the tables until this point and on the surface it looks well it looks OK – 9th is where most of us will think we will finish.

Of course when assessing the first nine we have to be honest now on the quality of the teams we have played. With the exception of course of Man City lets face it and be honest we have played the poor to average teams in the division.

The two wins against Blackburn and Wigan are against teams we would expect to be in or close to the bottom 3. Also if people are honest you would recognise neither were that good a performance but we did enough to win. I guess I should wipe over the memories of Wolves and Newcastle and today, well, it has been said already.

Away of course we have failed to win and apart from 30/40 minutes against QPR did not look like winning any of them. Of course against Man City we got shown up big style and with the first home defeat I have to be honest I fear for the next nine games to take us up to half way……

You can spend endless time debating the attitude of the players, systems and styles but what I have seen so far is simply NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Yes we have had restrictions, yes we had to sell our best players for the last 3 years but where is the attitude, desire and determination ?

For all his faults, Mcleish should have brought that but without that his limited style will fail and fail badly. Just one stat for you ….

Before today’s game only Stoke and Swansea had less shots on goal, whats the betting that is now only Stoke, that is shocking


Going to be a long tough season and Mcleish has done NOTHING to prove any detractor wrong. the boring playing style, no width, questionable team choices, players out of position, unable to change a game.

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54 comments on “Verdict of the first 9 games – underwhelming

  1. Stop blaming the ref stop blaming the sending off, excuses excuses excuses! When teams with bottle go a man down when winning, they galvanise and win. West brom are crap and we still should of had a result. It’s time for the fans to make their voice heard, get mccleish out to fuck. Sadly it’s looking like randy must follow, he has done a lot for the club but this last year has been a shambles.

    • Agreed, either put pen to paper and buy some fucking players or fuck off, we are a football club not fucking tesco’s. You want success you have to pay for it in the modern game, sad but true fact, cant say it enough FUCK OFF MCCTWAT and Yanky Lerner, Yes Randy put money into the club and yes we nearly made it but we did not so the whole thing failed, sell up and get somebody in who will push the club on, and not have us RELEGATED.

      Forgot to add get rid of that fat useless twat Faulkner on honeymoon during the tranfer window what a useless bellend

  2. I’m feeling very down tonight, over the past nine games I’ve realised that I am beginning to fall out of love with football, and the club that has been a foundation of my entire life, the Villa. I followed them, obsessed like an exremist of the footballing religion, like everybody here I have claret and blue blood running through my veins. But now I feel the club has no purpose, identity or direction anymore, we seem to be drifting around just happy to exist in the Premier League, just window dressing for the Sky 5 to use to market their product.

    Randy is not the messiah, he does not have the solution. He’s out of his depth, much like Faulkner and McLeish. I want our club back from these fools.


  3. thanks for all your feedback guys, this is just the start and my mission is not yet complete, please be patient as someone very wise once told me that it’s a long long road, they’ll be joys and sorrows too.

    we are working hard in training and plan to entertain you better, watch out for some long raking midfield backpasses to complement our defensive displays.


  5. I am not a MON fan but when he went i said it was down to lerner and then i started to doubt myself and blame Mon,Now i look back at the last 15 months and the club as fallen and fallen both on the feild and of becuase we have clubs saying we can go to Villa and get some think from there,all this comes down to two things selling our best players and no real reinvestment in playing staff, ok Randy as made the traning ground world class but why there is only AVRAGE players using it, oh and yes randy as improved the food when you sit in a box with the suites,BUT took money away from where it matters,sorry MR Lerner but my faith in you not the club i love as now gone,WE ARE BACK TO WHERE WE WAS WHEN YOU TOOK OVER 2 MORE YEARS OF LERNER AND WE WILL GO DOWN.

  6. Has anyone noticed that a few months ago there would be a helluva lot more comments on a blog like this. Seems the idiot 3 have depressed us so much, we can’t even be bothered to debate anymore…
    Also, have u seen the Browns fans say exactly the same things we are saying? Lerner is a complete tool. He should sell both as he’s no footballing man, American or otherwise. Lerner – piss off and take the 2 ginger idiots with you now!

    • Good point on the number of postings Dave, because I have noticed the number of hits has gone down a hell of a lot from mid June, I wonder what happened then ??

  7. Relegation is on the cards & Lerner is about to lose millions of his $$$$$’s if he continues to back the useless piece of shit he has put in charge of OUR illustrious football club. I was at The City of Manchester stadium last week and heard the 1st McLeish OUT chant ! It wasn’t very long but fuck me we need all 30,000 to start screaming it and start protesting over the diabolical shit this scottish fuck is serving us up. Mr Relegation is on for his hat-trick of getting teams relegated.
    You useless piece of Shit McTurd go fuck off

  8. heres another one for you hitchens
    MCLEISH OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Why was there no McLeish or Lerner Out chants yesterday. Too many fucking cowards prepared to shit back and watch us fall in to oblivion.


  10. ………….. Man City are beating Utd 5-1 at Old Trafford by the way

  11. ………….. make that 6-1 …… are we really that bad ?

  12. I said this before and I said it again. McLeish needs time!

  13. Do you know what is fantastic? As a Birmingham fan watching all you scum hating McLeish, while were having an exciting season, playing proper football. Yes we are in the championship but we have players devoted the cause….oh yeah….

    and while were in Europe the city is yours😉


  14. If Alex McLeish and Randy Lerner what happens next?

    Are we just going to have the usual bullshit suggestions of Jose Mourinho and a saudi trillionaire or we actually going to finally accrpt that we have finally found our level.

  15. Dont worry, keep the faith, Big Eck will come good, im sure by xmas we will be at least having two shots per game, i feel our defence will be tightened up by putting Benty and Emule in at centre halves and putting Agbonglamong in goal, i just wish Eck wasnt so attack minded then maybe we could start picking up some points, he could use his famous Christmas Pudding formation 7-2-1- like he did at Blues, like i said keep the faith Eck is at least as good as Saunders, not Ron but the Colonel.

  16. as i blues fan i know what you villa fans are feeling with big eck he sets out to draw every game thats ok for team who are happy to be fighting at the bottom but not good for a team who think you should be in top half as for lerner he has spent good money at villa so i wouldnt try and push him out you could end up inthe same way we are with are board

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