Villa players fail to stand up after game

After games we win it probably is impossible to stop the players from speaking.

All week we hear from them about how they are going to get up for the challenge and how motivated they are. So what do I read from Mat Kendrick ?

@MatKendrick: Once again #avfc players stand up to be counted after a defeat. A grand total of ZERO players doing post match press interviews #shocking


Tim Abraham also backed this up and you can tell from their words how angry they are

Not even Barry Bannan persuaded to speak to the press for #AVFC today. Three players stopped after Wigan win. #feasttofamine


Of course the players are really speaking to the fans and after the spin why not hear what they think. It is not like this game today was like the one in December. There was signs of a fight and bottle within the side and I do not understand why one could not speak.

I have followed Mat and Tim for a while now and even during the dark days of Houllier you never saw the kind of angry and bitter words you see now. It is not like (apart from a few) anyone expected anything other than a defeat and they could simply say the truth that they were outplayed by the next probable champions.

Very bad PR and show from villa and not right to treat two loyal local journo’s like that.

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86 comments on “Villa players fail to stand up after game

  1. So what’s the answer. There is such a gap now between us and top four it’s scary.

    • there is not one, to be the 6th best team is the best now. Long term it is as I laid out before, youth, youth and youth and go for the barca model

      direct money that way

      • Ian, that will never yield significant results. The way the game is structured by regulators, manipulated by the media, and controlled by those who can poach because they have the biggest wallets, they will always hold sway over our club until the game is restructed PROPERLY and FAIRLY. But quite simply, this will not happen. As long as Juve, Inter, AC, PSG, Bayern, Barca, Real, ManU, Chelsea, Ci£eh, are happy, the rest of us could close down and nobody would give a fuck from the higher eschelons.

        • it would because the thing with kids is that they are more loyal so cost far more than say a Downing who would get away at first chance.

          as for the rest they still need us as feeder clubs so we should use that

          • I’m sorry but disagree. The way things are they would fuck off at the first opportunity, as sad as that is. Look at Dwight, as good as plucked out of poverty by Villa, then off to ManU at the first, and his decision was justified in his CL winners medal…

      • Go for the Barca model?

        You suggest they’ve done it all on their own Ian and that’s having a laugh, to say the least.

        Yes, they might well bring kids through, but how much do they spend?
        It’s a bloody fortune.

        • the model not the cost !!

          they basically get every single decent player locally and build the barca model around at all levels

          remeber my post where I suggested we ‘take over’ local youth leagues, to mentor, sponsor and guide.

          • Ah, aplogies.
            I see what you mean and totally agree with the local youth league thing.

            Still think it takes way more than that though, to compete.

            And the Barca model means get the quality, let them go and buy them back at top dollar, it seems🙂

            It’s not the answer, is what I’m saying.

      • The problem with promoting youth is that you get scavengers like Man United and Arsenal picking off the best ones. Barry Bannan will be off next and maybe even Gabby.

        This will keep on happening until Villa make a proper resistance to it rather than pound signs appearing in the eyes.

        We are no better off now that Everton.

      • do wish you got your facts right Ian, Barca spend more on their kids than we now do on the first team players.

  2. Make Barry Bannan captain, thats the answer

  3. Problem is our kids arnt as good as we think and any that do make will be poached away from us so we will back to square 1 albeit with more money.

  4. The answer is get rid of that fucking ginger Blue nose and his mate and get a man in that we can all get behind…..I’ve got a season ticket but don’t go and it’s because of that fucking ginger loser we have had forced on us by Lerner and Faulkner.

    I will ride the storm and return to my seat when the blue nose has gone. It’s just so wrong & the fact that he’s a shit manager makes it totally strange they gave him the job. It’s as if they wanted to piss us off & wanted to be shit???? WTF!!!!

    • 100% agreeeeeee fuck off the ginger shit and alot of fans will come back, lerner and faulkner need to go aswell if that is the type of shit they want in charge of Villa

      • I bet they wouldn’t.
        Part of the failure for RL has been not convincing 40 k at every game, especially as that was a major part of the original plan
        Without them the Mon type expenditure is not justifiable, pity most fans can’t see it.

  5. They did not want to say anything because once again they (the senior players, Petrov; Dunne;Heskey to name a few) have let the team down. Funny though how the manager blamed the results on the youngsters, when we only started with 2 – Delph and Clark.

  6. Having been today, I expected exactly the responses made by the usual suspects.

    It’s amazing how you can have a chat with lads on the train who follow the club everywhere, and get a totally different perspective on the Villa than those that carp on all the time on here.

    Today wasn’t disastrous, at times we looked half decent and could/should have took the lead and what may have happened ?

    Citeh have spent millions upon millions and will continue to do so, they had two of our best players of recent seasons in their starting line up. Praise to Milner for not celebrating his goal, wonderful strike as it was.

    We need a result against the Albion, we got what was expected today.

    As for the idiots saying that we’re negative or fools for having expected to get a drubbing ? Do you go to games ? Do you understand that a team spending £350m+ is likely to have a better side than one that has to trade within it’s means.

    Some of the idiots posting drivel on here defy belief, go to a f’ing game or two and post your opinion. It may not be in line with most, but you’d be entitled to one.

    And for the ones that think that a dodgy internet feed gives them as good a feel for the game as having been at the ground, that tells me all I need to know.

    • The fool is you, that was there B team we played – thankfully – otherwise it may have been 6 or seven today.

      • said exactly the same thing and actually the internet feed I used today was so good I could put it on the TV and watch like any TV game.

        In fact Vaze only 1700 Villa fans there today as the club could not trust us to sell out the other 1300, that says a lot.

        I have read what those went have said and those like me who watched it and the views are pretty damm similar. what happened is not in dispute at allthe debate is really about whether we can do anything about it

      • Don’t be a prat, we were pleased to see that Silva was on the bench and that Aguero was still injured, but it was hardly their B team.

        If it were their second string, they’re still twice the price of our team.

        Balotelli is a brilliant player but a poor excuse for a man, and we took the game to them as well as we could.

        You say it may have been six or seven, you cuold argue that we should have got one or two more. That’s just semantics of the game.

        We got the first away goal at their place this season, shame we conceded four. Better teams than us will get turned over up there, and I think they have a very genuine opportunity of the title this season.

        Our attendance level has dropped for a number of reasons, but I did have to have a chuckle when my Man City mates drop in the ‘fickle’ line. Can’t really defend that one, can we ?

      • How many of that ‘B’ team would not be first picks in most other, including our side.

        they have unlimited financial resources and it showed, wake up and smell the coffee idiot.

  7. The problems are with the manager. The majority of us will never accept McLeish is good enough to manage our club
    & thats the crux of the matter. I’m sure we can all accept the financial side of things-we had it with Doug for years-but if we had a manager who can work to these restrictions & still make us competitive & attractive to watch then we would all be happy. McLeish is deadman walking, its only a matter of time before things turn nasty-he is totally out of his depth. With the obvious exception of Given his signings have been awful, £9.5m on N’Zogbia what a joke-he can’t even get in the team now! He would rather play Heskey out of position-that says it all really.
    Poor manager & poor tactics.
    McLeish OUT.

  8. I bet this made your day being a nose robothan

  9. Most of the teams in the Prem are now there to make up the numbers and we are included in that statistic.

    I dont watch CL football after the World Cup fiasco, but if more people followed suit the elistism in football would take some damage, the CL has ruined football throughout europe not just in England

    • I also do my best to avoid sponsors of the tournament as well

      • Not a bad idea Morgan, but when Man U have more fans in London than Arsenal, and with some estimates putting it at half a billion around the world, it won’t make much of a difference.

        If you enjoy a match and want to watch the Villa, carry on.

        We’re not likely to win things unfortunately. And that’s where we’ll lose a lot of ‘support’,

        • I deceided to do this after we lost the World Cup bid, FIFA are crooked and the whole world knows this, to stop what they are doing you have to boycott anything to do with them, I admit i find it hard to boycott England games, but if we want change the only way to do it is to avoid the sponsors of FIFA and tournaments organised by FIFA. Even if half the football supporters decided to do this in this country it would dent there pockets. There are a lot more supporters of other teams in this country that Man Utd and if everybody boycotted FORD, Addidas and Sony they would soon back out of advertising.

  10. Firstly we have an inept manager i say this not because he’s an ex bluenose but because he is a bad manager,he has one tatic and that’s defend defend defend.
    Defending is something we cant do very well,so the the alternative is to look how we can attack,having watched the man city game i dont think this ever occured to him,we were 2 nil down and he stood there rubbing his chin looking like a man without a clue,and the truth is he does’nt.

    Who’s to blame one person,and that’s Randy Learner,he bought him in against all common sense,because he wanted to make some money after the waste of MON and the Ginger one fitted the bill as a perfect puppet for him,lets face it after he relegated Birmingham for the second time and the financial state they were/are in he would have gone anywhere,Randy hinted at job vacancy and the Ginger one took the bait,and the rot started to set in big time.
    Some will say but we’ve only lost one game and that’s to the possible next champions, i say the clubs in turmoil and a mass exodus of players and fans is on the cards is Darren Bent going to stay with the sort of service he’s been getting ?, the future for Aston Villa is not good,and the only way to have some hope is for Randy to leave, along with the Ginger one,and for some new owners to come in, who have one thing at heart for Aston Villa FC and thats ambition,there is no reason going to foot of the mountain unless your going to try and climb it.

    There is a massive problem with football in general today,and the problems at Villa park are not totaly a seperate issue,but dont be fooled by hype that all our problems are caused by the greed and power of the big boys,because they are not,they are caused by those within the club who have decided that survival in the premier is all that matters.
    I have been a Villa fan all my life my Uncle played for them in fifties,i feel like my heart is being ripped out by the thigs that are going on and have been going on for some time now down Villa way,and if change is gonna come it needs to come soon.otherwise its R.I.P Aston Villa ,and the Sleeping giant will never get the chance to rise from its sleep.

  11. I couldn’t give a flying foot if the Villa players stop to talk to the press afterwards, their job is on the pitch and on the training ground, they are not entertainers, they’re athletes who are paid to stay fit and kick a ball.

    It’s the lack of fitness and ball kicking that’s the problem.

  12. man city are top in october- they are the champions elect; Arsenal were in it until april; and yet wer slated all last year.

    Shows what an effect a few numpties in the media have upon the public perception.

  13. Haven’t posted for a while due to some of the drivel from the armchair fans, but something are getting stupid.
    How can anyone moan about us losing to a team that has spent more in one transfer window than Leaner has been able to supply to us in 5 years.
    Sponsorship money within the game has gotten stupid with the top teams getting more in one year than all the sponsorship money for all the teams in the n-power leagues combined.
    You have to give credit to the people behind the scenes of these clubs for being able to pull off these deals and in the process ‘manipulate’ the supposed financial fair play rule but than it is still not fair in terms of spending power for teams and never will be until there are spending/salary caps put into place.
    Tottenham were the first to expose the sponsorship loophole and also rip off the fans last year with their foray in the CL. They had 3 different shirt sponsors, one for league, one for Europe and one for cups.
    This year Man U have managed to get DHL to pay them 10mill for a one year deal to their company on the front of their ‘Training’ kit.
    Then the worst one of all AbuDhabhiElSheikCit€h have managed to loophole the whole fair play thing by the Sheik paying himself 200mill to rename their own stadium and thus saying that was sponsor money which goes towards their transfer funding.
    Now by looking at this, how are clubs such as ourselves going to compete with this flamboyant disregard for financial fair play when we are happy with picking up probably just 4mill a year from Genting.
    Don’t get me wrong, I think they are great sponsors, anyone who follows them on Twitter and Facebook will see that as they always interact with us fans through social media and run competitions as well, but the funding is not the same.

    The Barca model is a great model but at the same time how much have they spent 40mill on Villa, 50mill plus Eto for Ibrahimovic (what a waste), 35mill Fabregas, 36mill Satchel. That is still over 150mill on players, which is still more than we could hope to spend.
    Yes they have brought through some fantastic youngsters but to make the team as great as it is they have spent a ‘lot’. But once again sponsorship money has helped them, the Qatar Foundation, how much exactly have they been given on top if the ridiculous amount of TV money they now get after naming their own rights.
    I hope that this TV rights debate goes the way if all teams get equal in this country or we will be looking at teams such as ourselves, Everton, Wonderland and the rest being there for numbers more than we already are

    • Sorry using a smartphone to type this…..
      Satchel = Sanchez
      Wonderland = Sunderland

    • when I refer to the Barca model I mean at the youth level ONLY !!

      but John if we do not invest heavily in the youth system, what can we do ? nothing ?

      • I am not saying don’t invest heavily in Academy….. I believe we should it the future. But not all of Barca team are academy produce (Fabregas yes but there mistake to let him go then moan about paying top money to get him back).
        The basis is already there for us to have this model, we have produced more kids that were/are still playing in the football league than any other team over the last 20s years.
        The problem we have is that not all these kids are good enough and the ones that are will ne taken from.is whether we like it or not.
        We also do not have the time to bed these kids into the team anymore. If we play with nothing but kids we run the risk of going down, but by not playing them we restrict their growth and they will move on to pastures new to play games (Cahill perfect example)
        End of day money talks and only certain teams can talk, other teams talk shite such as Liverpool (20mill each for DJ and Henderson, then 35 for Carroll hahahaha)

  14. The Barca model my arse. They let 14 year olds wonder off and sign for the likes of Arsenal then buy them back 8 years later for £40m. Sure Lerner’s gonna do that
    isn’t he.? What most sensible people cannot understand is how after selling half the England team ( before McLeish got here) Lerner remains almost bullet proof. Yet the only manager who seemingly wanted the job takes all the crap and has peanuts to spend. When Mcleish took the job I remember him facing the media like Billy No Mates where was Lerner or Faulkner. Whats happened to Krulak has he gone back
    to Vietnam?

  15. And thats my point McLeish was bought in as a puppet to deflect fan and media attention from from Lerner and Faulkner.

    Learner now thinks only about financial issues,and thats not in itself a bad thing,but ultimately we have to perform on the pitch,because thats the shop window if theres nothing in it who will want to look in ,you have to have your eye on both aspects,and Learner hasn’t,so he cant be good for Aston Villa if he’s simply content to just survive in the premier and collect the sky money.I am a realist were not going to win the title,but we should always have ambition,this i feel is not the case,Learner has given up on winning anything except a place somewhere in the premiership outsidet the bottom three,so whats the point in supporting him. I would rather an owner with limited funds but one who’s ideal would be to invest whenever possible on the playing side,rather than someone like Lerner who had a go got his fingers burned,and bottled out.
    Lerner go and go now and take the Ginger nut with you.

    • Honestly the blokes had 8 matches and he’s a total tosspot, and its all Lerners fault.

      If Mon was still in charge I bet you wouldn’t be crying sour milk. After Mons departure and the subsequent upheaval, followed by the problems Houllier and his illness caused the club needs to settle down, to get a grip to consolidate and AM is doing that and doing it well, like it or not 1 defeat so far.

      He certainly wouldn’t have been my choice but he’s doing just what is needed, its a pity so many fans can’t see it because they still live in the Mon dream world and are upset because their hero fcked off leaving us in the shit big time.

      Its not an overnight remedy but its one way towards creating a sound base from which to move on, and that oh wise Villa fans is what we need after the disruptions that have come our way by the Irish twat and the French loon

  16. Just for the record, Barcelona didn’t let Fabregas wander off, he was employed by Arsenal at the age of sixteen, Spanish law prohibited a contract until the age of eighteen.

    Some intelligent posts on the matter for a change.

    We should be looking to compete with Everton and Spurs, see if we can get above them on a consistent basis. Maybe Liverpool if they keep blowing money on the likes of Carroll and Downing.

    Looking higher than that is just not realistic.

  17. The fixture list in December looks a serious worry!!

  18. Yes, I’ll agree Totty have yoeugnr legs and more electricity. I don’t know if we were content w/ the draw as 2nd half we came out of our shell finally. I think we just didn’t take advantage of the opportunities that we had. I still feel that Gomez should have had a red for his tackle of Ramires, that was totally blatant, not going for the ball and basically doing a body check on him and he had no one backing him up in goal. But outside of that, it was a well played and ref’d game. We are not even at the mid break and I think we are still going to see a lot of shake ups in the rankings this year.

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